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Best kids’ mattresses in 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Because children are lighter than adults, buying a kid's mattress is a bit different. Mattresses for minors don't is essential to expensive, but some can be safer and more pleasant. The Nest BKB is our top collect because of its support and ventilation.

Choosing a kid's mattress are distinct from select one for an adult. Because children weigh less, they're less likely to suffer from aches and soreness as a result of a mattress that's extremely firm or too soft, said Daniel Ganjian, MD, a pediatrician at Providence Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Craig Canapari, MD, the director of the pediatric Sleep Medicine Program at Yale Medicine, agrees. Because babies don't positioned as much pressure on a bunked, most won't need a high-priced mattress. "For a child, unless they are complaining that they are painful or that their braces hurt, I would not waste a good deal of fund on a children's mattress, " Canapari said.

In addition to speaking with three professionals, I experimented critiques, including Insider's mattress guidebooks. The mattresses in this guide are supportive and cozy but still affordable.

NOTE: This guidebook is envisaged for mattresses to childhood and teenages , not newborns. Espousing a mattress for babes is quite different due to the risk of SIDs. For more information about safe infant sleep, trip the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Here are our top selects for very good mattress for kidsBest mattress for girls overall: Nest My BKB Big Kids BedBest minors' recall foam mattress: Nectar OriginalBest house mattress for teenagers: Novaform ComfortGrandeBest cool mattress for babies: Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive HybridBest mattress for teens: Casper Element

Research approach

To find the best mattresses for boys, I spoke with three professionals to figure out what a child needs to sleep comfortably. Daniel Ganjian, MD, a pediatrician at Providence Saint John's Health Center; Craig Canapari, MD, the director of the pediatric Sleep Medicine Program at Yale Medicine; and Lisa Klaus, DC, a department clinician at Palmer Chiropractic Clinics, all offered advice on how to choose a good mattress for kids.

Based on their input, I experimented recollects to find mattresses kids and mothers will both like. I also consulted Insider Reviews' rigorously experimented mattress templates to find reliable labels that make comfortable, supportive commodities.

Because of kids' size and resilience, most of our mattress picks are priced under $500.

The best kids' mattress overall

image of child holding dog on Nest My BKB best kids mattress 2021

Made for teenagers break away from a toddler bed, the Nest My BKB Big Kids Bed expends a safe, comfy, supportive foam.

Best for: All sleep forms; children under 120 poundsAvailable sizes: Twin, twin XL, fullMattress type: FoamTrial span: 100 nightsWarranty: LifetimeWeight: 30 pounds( twin) Thickness: 7 inches CertiPUR-US guaranteed: Yes

Pros: Supportive, good fringe supporter, inexpensive, ventilated sud design

Cons: Weight limit is 120 pounds

Foam-based mattresses intimidate prancing on the bed, but they can sink in too much for small bodies. That's not the case with the Nest My BKB. Rather than buying an adult mattress in a twin length, the Big Kids Bed is prepared solely "for childrens". The mattress is a bit on the firmer feature, which is ideal for girls graduating from a toddler bed and older children who are more likely sleep on their areas or back.

Foam mattresses tend to sleep a bit red-hot, nonetheless. Nest worked to alleviate that issue by using a breathable Energex foam. While that may not allow as much air movement as a coil-based mattress, reviewers had pointed out that the berthed doesn't sleep too hot. Foam mattresses too tend to lack support towards the edge, which could make it easier for kids to roll out of bunked. However, the My BKB has an border that's more supportive than most sud mattresses.

Another downside of sud mattresses is that they typically have a smell to them and require airing out for a few dates -- a process announced off-gassing. Nest off-gasses the sud in the factory. Many parents say that the BKB doesn't have the usual strong odor that you get with a sud mattress. Nest says that the mattress exploits a natural ardour impediment rather than chemicals.

The best kids' memory foam mattress

image of nectar mattress in bedroom best kids mattress 2021

The Nectar Original is a reasonably priced cache sud mattress that conforms to the hips and shoulders of back sleepers and reduces gesture transfer.

Best for: Side sleepersAvailable lengths: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California kingMattress type: Memory foamTrial period: 365 nightsWarranty: LifetimeWeight: 40 pounds( twin) Thickness: 12 inches CertiPUR-US showed: Yes

Pros: Soft memory foam, good edge corroborate, increases motion transmit

Cons: Heavier babies may sink in too much

Memory foam conforms to the body, fixing it a good fit for teenagers who tend to sleep on their sides. The Nectar Original is a reasonably priced storage sud mattress, selling for under $400 for a twin. But the mattress is also thicker than many budget options.

The medium firmness likewise helps girls from subsiding in too much and avoids the edge from crumbling too easily. Wirecutter aware of the fact that the Original feels cushiony without too much sink. The mattress is constructed with a quilted top coating designed for cooling. While this isn't going to be as cool as an innerspring mattress, it may help compared to foam mattresses without a breathable bed.

Because this mattress is induced for adults, it should still work well for kids as they become girls.

The cons to the Nectar Original are the cons to every foam mattress and bed-in-a-box. The mattress will off-gas and should be aired out for two to three days. After being in a container, the mattress will also need that time to fully expand.

The best conglomerate mattress for minors

image of woman sleeping on novafoam comfortgrande best kids mattress 2021

The Novaform ComfortGrande is a denser, firmer storage sud that helps prevent back and stomach sleepers from capsizing too much.

Best for: Back and belly sleepersAvailable sizes: Twin, full, queen, king, California kingMattress type: Memory foamTrial period: NoneWarranty: 20 yearsWeight: 49.7 pounds( twin) Thickness: 14 inchesCertiPUR-US verified: Yes

Pros: Dense memory foam, 14 inches thick

Cons: Inclines to sleep hot , no trial period

The natural sag that comes with memory foam isn't always best for those who sleep on their back and tummy. The Novaform ComfortGrande is a firmer remembering foam mattress that doesn't settle so much better. Wirecutter recommends the mattress for back and stomach sleepers who weigh under 200 pounds.

The top layer is built with a cooling retention foam designed to also wick sweat and sits underneath a quilted deal. Despite its $400 overhead for a twinned, the mattress is still 14 cm thick. Available from Costco, it's made from denser foam not often determined with fund mattresses.

The downsides to the Novaform ComfortGrande are those common among every memory foam mattress: heat. Memory foam traps heat more than a mattress with springs, so it may not be the right choice for boys who sleep sweaty or have a hard time falling asleep on warm dates. Some are also welcome to find the mattress too conglomerate, so it's not standard for area sleepers and kids who conversion sleep castes often.

One major detriment is that you can't test this mattress like you can with the others on our list.

The best cooling mattress for teenagers

image of zinus copper adaptive in bedroom best kids mattress 2021

The Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid mixes foam and springs for a caring sleep with more airflow than all-foam beds.

Best for: Hot sleepersAvailable widths: Twin, full, queen, kingMattress type: HybridTrial span: 100 nightsWarranty: 10 yearsWeight: 62.79 or 68.4 pounds( twinned, depending on thickness) Thickness: 10 or 12 inchesCertiPUR-US licensed: Yes

Pros: Hybrid mattress sleeps cooler, springtimes render more support, alternative of thickness

Cons: Hybrid design may feed more prancing than all foam

Even remember foam mattresses with cooling beds tend to sleep hotter than the options obligated with ringlets. The Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid mattress is manufactured with both an innerspring locate and a storage foam top. That allows for more airflow than chill stratum sud. A similar Zinus Cooling Gel Memory foam mattress originated our top option for the best budget mattress on our overall mattress leader.

The foam-with-coil construction offers a mix of firmness with a little of ricochet. Wirecutter's pick for a fund mattress , the Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive is versatile fairly for any sleeping position. The 12 -inch copy is made from a 3-inch copper-infused reminiscence sud bed, an inch of high-density foam, 7.5 inches of pocket curl springtimes, and a final 0.5 -inch high-density foam layer.

As a hybrid mattress, however, it's going to have more leaping than an all-foam option. Bouncier mattresses are more tempting to jump on than sud. It's too going to need to be off-gassed.

For children who sleep hot, as well as stomach sleepers and heavier girls that need more carry, the composite design may be well worth considering.

The best mattress for teens

image of a couple on Casper Element best kids mattress 2021

The Casper Element is a firm, cheap mattress that should last until your teen moves out.

Best for: Back and tummy sleepersAvailable sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California kingMattress type: FoamTrial date: 100 nightsWarranty: 10 yearsWeight: 41 pounds( twinned) Thickness: 10 inches CertiPUR-US verified: Yes

Pros: More encouraging for large-hearted kids, ventilated foam, restriction flow transfer, zip-off cover

Cons: Not as pleasant for slope sleepers, bad heat dissipation

Weight plays a major role in how a mattress feels. Bigger kids and adolescents will sink into a berthed more than younger or lighter children. That meant that a bed that feels medium-firm to a lightweight child may feel too soft for a teen. The Casper Element is an inexpensive all-foam mattress that offerings a good balance of support and softness for heavier children and teenagers.

The Element is made from a top bed that's speck with tiny faults to allow heat to escape and a basi sud blanket. Nonetheless, Insider Reviews' James Brains found that the heat dissipation was pretty poor. The designing does minimize action delivery, which would make it a great choice for boys who share a bed.

The top includes a zip-off cover for easier laundering. As a mattress that's manufactured for adults, the Element could last some boys into young adulthood. Like other foam mattresses, expect to let the mattress off-gas for a few days.

Brains has experimented every Casper mattress and recommends the Nova Hybrid as his top pick, especially for side sleepers. It's far pricier than the Element but could be worth the speculation if your teen is looking for something softer.

Read our full review of the Casper Element.

What else we believe are

A couple of firebrands we recommend originate mattresses for boys 😛 TAGEND

Saatva Youth Mattress: Saatva induces our favorite outpouring mattress. The kids' version comes in twin, twinned XL, and full and is flippable. One area is geared towards three-to-seven-year-olds and the other is for minors who are between eight and 12.

Purple Kid Mattress: With many of the same boasts as its mattresses for adults, Purple lent a washable cover for the kids' model. We like the Premier Hybrid's pressure-relieving grid, which is great for all sleeping categories. This is pricier than any of the mattresses on our inventory, but Purple claims it will previous 14 years.

Here are some prototypes we recommend for adults that you may want to consider for older children and teens 😛 TAGEND

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress: This is our pick for the best mattress overall. It has an average firmness that's appealing for most sleeping styles. Along with its good motion quarantine and border supporter, it's great at dissipating heat.

Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress: From the same company as our chill collect above, this simulation has a gel memory foam and is our reviewer's pick for the best budget mattress. The twin doesn't come in as numerous thicknesses as the other lengths, but it's a sub- $300 mattress that has a lot to offer.

Nest Bedding Flip Hybrid Mattress: Our recommendation for side sleepers on a fund, Nest's hybrid mattress has two firmness based on which back you throw up. That does it huge for all sleeping modes, plus it gives you some versatility if their own children abruptly favor a softer or firmer mattress.

Tuft& Needle Original: If your adolescent prefers a conglomerate mattress, we like Tuft& Needle's original mattress. It's more suited to stomach and back sleepers than line-up sleepers, though.


What is the best type of mattress for a child?

Because children weigh less than adults, a mattress will feel different to a child than it does to young adults. A parent may settle more far into a mattress, while a child may find that same mattress has the excellent feel. That can make it difficult for mothers to pick out the relevant mattress for their children.

Parents shouldn't stress too much about mattress pick because girls tend to be more comfortable sleeping on a variety of different skin-deeps. "Kids are lighter than adults, " said Canapari, " ... they are super comfortable on anything." Parents shouldn't feel that they need to spend a lot of coin on a kid's mattress, he said. Other points are more important than a fancy mattress.

"Thinking about your child's sleep is an important and valuable thing to do as a parent, " said Capanari. "Ensure your kid has a quiet, dark sleeping locality[ and] consistent bedtime habits, and if you have any concerns, talk to your child's pediatrician."

How often should a kid's mattress replacing the words?

Ganjian says that kids' mattresses generally need to be replaced every 5 to seven years. But some will wear out sooner while others will retain their shape longer. Lay down on the mattress and feel for any immerses and scrutinize the top for indents that remain after the child has descended out of bed.

Should parents use a cover for a kid's mattress?

Canapari says that changing the mattress doesn't normally solve issues that he looks in his sleep clinic. One of the things that he often recommends, however, is a mattress cover designed to prevent dust mites.

However, these spreads are often either pricey or extremely plastic feeling, so he mostly recommends the envelops for children who have tested positive for certain allergies such as dust mites. Besides allergies, mattress moves can continue mattresses fresh longer, particularly for children prone to bedwetting or sweating.( You can predict more about them in our guidebook to best mattress protectors .)

Should a kid's mattress is firmly or soft?

The heavier the person sleeping on the mattress is, the firmer the mattress should be, said Lisa Klaus, DC, a module clinician at Palmer Chiropractic Clinics. That means young kids will typically prefer a softer mattress, while older minors and teenagers may crave a firmer mattress with more reinforcement.( The same is not true to say for newborns, nonetheless. Due to the risk of SIDs, babes need to sleep on a conglomerate mattress that's specially designed for newborns .)

Kids who sleep on their side will typically want something a little softer. "Memory foam is the best choice for feature sleepers because it offers support but likewise cushions areas of pressure degrees like shoulders, hips, and ankles, " said Klaus.

She too added that memory foam is great for restless sleepers. Memory foam doesn't bounce like a traditional mattress, which can help babies from waking themselves up when they roll over.

What type of mattress is best for kids?

Like in the nursery rhyme about monkeys, Ganjian receives a good deal of summons from parents about boys getting disabled prancing on the bunked. He said that foam mattresses are his favorite because they absorb the movement, intimidating minors from returning.

On the flipside, sud mattresses tend to sleep hot and aren't ideal for adolescents that is often used to wake sweaty.

The different types of mattresses all have their pros and cons. When it comes to kids, consider what each type has to offer 😛 TAGENDInnerspring. Innerspring mattresses are the more traditional mattress with, as the word recommends, springtimes inside. These mattresses are often more economical. Because of the space between loops, they too tend to be more breathable, which is great for those who tend to sleep hot. The springtimes don't reduce motion transfer when flinging and turning, however.Memory foam. A mattress procreated with reminiscence sud or other types of foam tends to conform to the body more than a mattress with springs. That can help reduce pressure on the body and deter motion to a minimum, Klaus said. On the downside, the sud doesn't breathe as well as springtimes and retains more heat. These bunks can also be more expensive.Hybrid: A hybrid mattress has both coils and sud. That pattern sees this type better for more sleep plights, with more reinforce, better breathability, and often more durability, Klaus said. The downside is that they're heavy and expensive.What immensity is a kid's bunked?

In the US, mattresses fall into the sizes in the chart below. We haven't included any toddler mattresses in this guide. Most children will exclusively sleep in them for a few years, generally between the ages of two and five.

Twin-sized couches can work for minors until they leave home, but older children and teens may favor a full- or queen-sized mattress.

Toddler: 28 x 52 inches

Twin: 38 x 75 inches

Twin XL: 38 x 80 inches

Full/ doubled: 54 x 75 inches

Queen: 60 x 80 inches

King: 76 x 80 inches

California king: 72 x 84 inches

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Asus VivoBook Flip 14 (2021) review: Ambitious ultraportable with some flaws

The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is a bit of an odd man out in the VivoBook lineup. It's a premium offering in a lineup full of low-key-looking home and position laptops. It is pretty much the top-of-the-line laptop you can get under the VivoBook brand. Asus has a few Flip simulates in its lineup, but the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 are more cheap one of the mas that runs Windows. You get the 2-in-1 layout, which means a touchscreen and a 360 -degree hinge that "Flips" the screen back to let you use it in tablet procedure.

Buying guide: Asus laptop lineup justified

Now refreshed with AMD Ryzen 5000 lines processors, the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 introduces even more performance in the same thin-and-light chassis, constituting it a really spry little machine. Asus hasn't played around with the formula, hindering the same design, and simply bumping up the internals. On paper, it looks great, play-act well, and promises incredible ethic for money.

The question is -- should be used devote your coin on one? Let's dive into Android Authority’s Asus VivoBook Flip 14( 2021) review.


. 99

Asus VivoBook Flip 14( 2021)

Buy it Now

Asus VivoBook Flip 14( 2021)

Buy it Now


. 99

About this Asus VivoBook Flip 14 recollect: I measured the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420( AMD Ryzen 5 5500 U simulation) during a period of 14 daytimes. The unit was provided to Android Authority by Asus for this review.

What you need to know about the Asus VivoBook Flip 14

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 2021 review photo showing the laptop closed, sitting on a yellow wall.

Credit: Palash Volvoikar/ Android Authority

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420( AMD Ryzen 5000 successions ): Premiums commencing from $599/ Rs. 59,990

The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 has three AMD Ryzen 5000 serials CPU alternatives: the 5300 U( in some sells ), the 5500 U, and the 5700 U. Asus has just one color option now -- Bespoke Black. The Flip form factor implies this laptop has a touchscreen, and the Asus Pen stylus comes in the box. You can either kick back the hinge to do the laptop stand up, or fold it all the way and use it as a tablet.

The lid of the laptop is made out of metal, while the base gets the plastic treatment. Notable optional features include a backlit keyboard, a virtual Numpad integrated into the touchpad, and a fingerprint sensor for Windows Hello biometric login. You get all the important ports, with Ethernet being the only exception.

There's a microSD card reader on board, and we likewise get Harman/ Kardon stereo loudspeakers. The laptop weighs in at 3.31 lbs( 1.50 kg ).

Prices start at $599/ Rs. 59,990, and the laptop is now available in the USA and India, as well as other regions where Asus has a presence.

How is the design?

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 2021 review photo showing the laptop sitting on a blue table

Credit: Palash Volvoikar/ Android Authority

With the Asus VivoBook Flip 14, there's no denying the design is the most important factor. The lightweight chassis definitely complements the 360 -degree hinge. Even in the amply folded tablet state, it's surprisingly wrist-friendly. The prime publication with this mode is that the eyelid has sharp regions, which means you can only grab the laptop by its features -- a considerable design oversight.

Those sharp edges are also a part of what hands this laptop its clean gaze, though. The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is rather pleasant to look at, be it the screen, the subdued chassis intend, or the keyboard that proceeds along with it. It also feels very balanced, with solid weight delivery backed by a sturdy hinge.

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However, good looks aren't everything. The design oversights in this model don't end with sharp-worded areas. The hinge, while sturdy, can realise the lid a sting to open. The recess provided for opening the lid simply slips away from you, leaving you to use your fingernails to get the eyelid open.

The base chassis is plastic with simply the lid being metal. I faced a singular question with the plastic part of the framework. A market sticker on the right palm rest, foreground features of the laptop, rind away during my usage, leaving some annoying adhesive residue and a stain that seems moderately permanent. I have never seen this issue before on any laptop I've ever expended, and this could be an issue limited to the review unit I received. Regardless, the staining collects some concerns about how the plastic person will handle palm grease and other points of contact over time.

How is the screen?

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 2021 review photo showing the laptop in tablet mode sitting on a yellow wall.

Credit: Palash Volvoikar/ Android Authority

The Flip form factor of the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 settles the screen at the center of this manoeuvre. Nonetheless, the screen often fails to impress. It's a Full HD panel, uttering it pretty crisp for the 14 -inch size. My issue with the panel was more with the shade. It exclusively shields 45% of the NTSC color gamut, determining it rather dull for a laptop that has enormous media consumption promise.

What's even worse here is that the display only hits 250 nits of brightness. I didn't face any issues with the brightness and gloss while indoors. Nonetheless, this manoeuvre has some serious limitations when it comes to outdoor use.

The glossy glass combined with poor brightness levels meant that this laptop was just usable outdoors, even when the condition was rather cloudy.

Coming to the touchscreen and stylus event, it was acceptable. The style accuracy is solid, and the bundled Asus Pen are very pleased to use. Windows 10 still isn't immense with touch, and the in-built tablet mode doesn't do any spares for usability. The Asus Pen come here for a clever minuscule sleeve with a magnet, which you can use to attach the write to the metal lid of the laptop. While I'm not a touchscreen user when I'm on a laptop, I especially enjoyed this attachment solution from Asus. It almost realise me want to use the write more.

How is the battery life?

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 2021 review photo showing the laptop flipped back on a bllue table

Credit: Palash Volvoikar/ Android Authority

This is where the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 stamps. My workload is rather light, and the Flip 14 managed to give me a battery life of between eight to 10 hours, consistently. This included one tonne of open browser invoices in the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, with a solid part of Full HD video playback on YouTube going on from time to time.

Even when I tried to push the Flip 14, it was better got very close to the eight-hour mark. Unless you're doing some ponderous handiwork like video editing, the battery should last you for a full working day.

See likewise: The best laptop slews

Even if your workload arises in less-than-stellar battery life, fast blaming should help make up for it. Asus predicts a 60% indictment from a" low-pitched battery" in 49 minutes. In my testing, the laptop started from under 10% to full in about an hour and 15 minutes.

The battery life and quick top-up certainly give this laptop a few brownie points.

How powerful is it?

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 2021 review photo showing the laptop sitting on a yellow wall.

Credit: Palash Volvoikar/ Android Authority

The Ryzen 5 5500 U that I researched is the last from AMD, sitting in the low-power mobile chip series. It has ample performance on board, and for general-purpose usage, you're unlikely to hit any snags.

However, there's an issue with AMD's chippings that seems to considerably water down the performance when on artillery. I noticed between a 40 -5 0% drop in performance when benchmarked on artillery vs AC power. SSD accelerates fallen a bit as well. Although that was the client, I didn't notice any carry-on drops-off with my workload.

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Note that this is not quite an issue with the laptop itself, but instead with the practice AMD configures its processors. Asus has performance profiles in its MyAsus app that let you wring out some additional recital from this chip.

The port selection is good. The inclusion of a microSD 4.0 poster book is a nice touch. The only major omission here is an Ethernet port. I would have expected to see at least a collapsible copy of it. The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 does come with a Wi-Fi 6 network card which rather induces up for the lack of Ethernet.

Anything else?

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 2021 review photo showing a finger reaching for the fingerprint sensor embedded in the touchpad.

Credit: Palash Volvoikar/ Android Authority

Biometrics: The fingerprint sensor is great, waking Windows 10 from Sleep mode in less than a second most of the time. Keyboard: The keyboard is not too bad, but the 1.35 mm pas leaves you demanding, and there's way too much deck flex, although it's not too much of an issue while typing. Speakers: The Harman/ Kardon orators are better than the average laptop loudspeakers, but not so good at the lows. Webcam: The 720 p camera is not the worst you can get at this premium, but the epitome glances dull and smoothened. Space 10: You get the usual Windows 10 Pro with the MyAsus app, MS Office 2019 Home& Student edition, and a subscription to McAfee LiveSafe for a year.

Asus VivoBook Flip 14( 2021) specs

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420( 2021)

Display1 4-inch IPS-level LED-backlit LCD 1,920 x 1,080 answer 45% NTSC color gamut 250 nits pinnacle brightness Contact support with Asus Pen included

CPUAMD Ryzen 3 5300 U - 4 cores/ 8 yarns, 2.6 GHz base clock, 3.8 GHz boost( hand-picked business) AMD Ryzen 5 5500 U - 6 cores/ 12 strands, 2.1 GHz base clock, 4.0 GHz boost AMD Ryzen 7 5700 U - 8 cores/ 16 strands, 1.8 GHz base clock, 4.3 GHz boost

GPUAMD Radeon Graphics

RAMUp to 8GB DDR4 on board, up to 8GB DDR4 SO-DIMM,( 16 GB max)

StorageUp to 512 GB/ 1TB PCIe 3.0 SSD( depending on busines)

Battery4 2Wh Lithium-ion

Charging6 5W via AC adapter

Camera7 20 p HD

ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac/ ax( dual-band Wi-Fi 6)

BiometricsFingerprint scanner embedded into touchpad

Ports1x USB 2.0 Type-A 1 x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A 1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C 1 x HDMI 1.4 3.5mm Audio Jack Combo MicroSD Card Reader

Dimensions and weight3 24 mm x 220 mm x 18.2 mm 1.50kg ColorsBespoke Black

Value and competitor

Asus VivoBook Flip 14( 2021)

Asus VivoBook Flip 14( 2021) introduces freshened AMD Ryzen 5000 lines processors while keeping the thin-and-light body. The 2-in-1 designing contributes in a tablet procedure, with an Asus Pen stylus included.

$599.99 at Amazon

Rs. 59990 at Amazon India

With tolls starting at $599/ Rs. 59,990, the Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is not quite a unique offering. While it stands out when compared to other VivoBook laptops, it comes short-lived when compared to its competitor. This segment is quite bundled, so you have a ton of options, which is a good thing given the shortcomings of this laptop.

Competitors include the Acer Spin 3( $552 ), the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5( $519 ), and HP's Pavilion x360 14( $749 ). The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14 is the best alternative you can get to the Flip 14. It has also been freshened with Ryzen 5000 processors and offers same weight and dimensions.

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If you are to buy this laptop, it would make sense to pick the cheapest configuration accessible as it provides the best value. The locate example will get you the Ryzen 5 5500 U processor. Some sells too have configurations with Ryzen 3 5300 U available. The cheapest modeling will restraint the onboard storage. Nonetheless, you will be able to find it for cheaper than the starting price tag of $599.99, performing it the best value among all the refreshed Flip 14 models.

The costlier prototypes come with higher storage options and a processor upgrade to the Ryzen 5 5700 U. There's definitely a act improve that comes with those refurbishes. However, the cost for fund thins out given the drawbacks of this laptop, peculiarly the dim expose. So if you're set on the Asus VivoBook Flip 14, looking after for the cheapest Ryzen 5000 serials processor-equipped configuration you can find.

The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is not atrocious importance for the expenditure. In expressions of value, it gets it all right on paper. However, a few key issues with the laptop keep it from being the home run touched that it is possible to, especially in a segment that is very competitive.

Asus VivoBook Flip 14( 2021) inspect: The verdict

Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420 2021 review photo showing the keyboard of the laptop.

Credit: Palash Volvoikar/ Android Authority

The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is a premium-looking offering from Asus. As we have come to expect from Asus laptops, it play-act quite well and ogles the duty. However, it has a few glaring issues that become harder to ignore the more "youre using" it.

The chassis doesn't feel inexpensive at first, however hints that it won't hold up very well over time. The species factor promises huge media consumption functionality, but the exhibition fails to deliver. It's just usable outdoors -- despite the fact that a laptop like this attracts folks that it was necessary to a strong laptop that can be used on the go.

The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 needs to offer a more well-rounded experience, and give a few issues that hold back the otherwise huge design.

The battery life is impressive, and this laptop can comfortably manage home and role workloads. At the end of the day, this form factor truly deserves a better screen and to have fewer issues with the structure. The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is bound to get your work done, but its rougher borders make it tough to recommend over the competition.

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Why Google Maps Presents a Great Opportunity for Hotels

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app, with a 67% market share. When travelers are on the road, they often turn to Google Maps to find regional pulls, restaurants and, yes, hotels. Google Maps has grown over the years to include information that helps tourists make decisions about where to expend their coin based on feedback from both other tourists and the business itself. Given its market share and place in the traveler’s journey, we think that Google Maps presents an excellent opportunity for hotels to drive awareness, reflection, bookings and love. Here are four channels that hoteliers can take advantage of such opportunities 😛 TAGEND Drive Reviews to Google

We have been talking a lot about Google lately since we are watch the impact that it is fabrication, and will continue to constitute, on the hospitality industry. As we discussed in our 2019 Reputation Benchmark Report, Google is now the largest hotel review aggregator in the world, with 31.7% of all inspects. This massive cache of recalls is visible in both Google Search and Google Maps. As we know, "its important" to booking decisions; Patrons want to read current, positive examines before booking a room.

Revinate establishes it easy to increase your review volume on Google by allowing you to publish your post-stay inspections instantly to Google. With the click of a button, you can drive fresh, positive evaluates to Google, which will help your overall inspect score and apply travelers the confidence to stay with you.

Use Evaluations to Improve the Guest Experience

Given the high publication of online assess on Google, analyzing each and every one and attaining structures would be too time-consuming and labor-intensive for the average, hectic hotelier. Revinate Reputation allows you to aggregate and analyze your online scrutinizes to understand what’s operating and what needs to be improved. With accurate data and sentiment analysis, it’s easy to see where you need to focus so that you can enhance the guest experience.

Show Potential Guests That You Care About the Guest Experience

We have written at length over its first year about the importance of responding to reviews to show guests that you pay attention to guest feedback and are always looking to improve. Guest need promise that you’re listening and that you care. Revinate Reputation allows you to publicly respond to reviews, including Google, through the Revinate portal, saving epoch and endeavour because you can respond to all your reviews from one dashboard.

Drive New Business With Ads

As Skift reported last week, Google is starting to focus on monetizing Google Maps. In addition to regional ads, new ad formats are being tested, such as Promoted Plaza and Place Page ads. With booking windows decreasing and traffic to Google Maps increasing, promote on Google Maps offers an opportunity to drive beings already in your orbit, to book with you.

We will continue to keep our see on Google Maps and revise you as Alphabet constitutes mutates that create opportunities for hoteliers. In the meantime, to learn more about to maximize your opportunities on Google Maps, satisfy reach out. We would love to chat.

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Theaster Gates Finds Community in Labor

CHICAGO -- A sizable wood-fired vase harbouring a spraying of luminous heydays accosts you when you walk into How to Sell Hardware, Theaster Gates’s installation at Chicago’s Gray Warehouse. It’s a piece Gates acquired, and it’s a warmly welcoming gesture to onlookers stepping into the austere gallery opening. It likewise performs as a reference to the artist’s early vocation as a ceramicist: Entrances civilized as a potter, and for 15 years wood-fired bowls and other ceramic patches were his primary means of imaginative look. The works in his new installation, composed of the contents of a defunct hardware storage, seem at first to have little in common with such a traditional ceramic form. But in a sense the vessel offers a key into the themes of the display. Firing a grove kiln is a communal, intensely laborious exertion, sometimes involving forces of potters inclining the ardor together for periods on end -- and How to Sell Hardware, despite the refer, is less concerned with commerce than it is with the intersection of labor and community.

These themes have been central to Gates’s work for many years. “Yukata”( 2010 ), for example, consists of a shoeshine chair made of salvaged lumber, metal, and leather. The chair rises like a throne above onlookers, who are invited to see themselves in the position of the shoe shiner, bending over the iron foot stands that elevate the customer’s feet. Like barber shops, shoe sheen stands are most often functioned as places of community interaction; and, like barbers, countless shoe shiners make great pride in their work, an struggle that is both functional and aesthetic. But their physical post, lean over the shoe of an promoted patron, cannot eschewed implications of slavery. It should also be noted that in the United State many shoe shiners -- who, regardless of age, were for several years referred to as “shoe shine boys” -- have been African American. “Yukata” carries solidarity with a community of Black works whose dignity in their work sat side by side with their physical and at times social subordination.

Theaster Gates, "Retaining Wall"( 2021 ), 25 custom-made steel gabions and hardware place inventorying. Approximate overall install: 178 x 39 1/4 x 696 inches( kindnes Gray Chicago/ New York.( c) Theaster Gates Studio)

More recently, Gates has created a series of tar paints, like “Top Heavy”( 2020 ), that evoke Abstract Expressionism but likewise, via their medium, point to his father’s work as a roofer in Chicago. These toils persuasion the gallery-goer with visual desires and prowes historic references, before opening out onto ideas of work, community, and race.

How to Sell Hardware is Gates’s second evidence consisting of representatives of artifacts from Chicago’s Halsted True Value Hardware, which he acquired in 2014 after it closed due to the fiscal lessen of its vicinity and race from big casket retailers. The first, 2016 ’s True Value, crowded Milan’s Fondazione Prada with store stock-take arrayed in color-coded rows, aestheticizing objects that were once utilitarian. How to Sell Hardware is both more ambitious and more thoroughly archival: the show includes what appears to be the entire content of the storage, from its broth of nuts and bolts to its presentation racks and igniting fixtures.

Simply listing the immense contents demonstrates the wide range of activity that took place in the once-prosperous area: PVC and metal pipings, buns of duct tape, containers of clamps, sanding regions, plumbing fixtures, shovel holds, a large air pump. Spools of wire sit next to rosters of contact paper whose loose ends flutter in the gale of the store’s box fan. The accumulated objectives elicit the sweat, science, and self-reliant pride involved in maintaining and improving one’s home, as well as the labor of militaries of contractors and tradesman like Gates’s father. Gardening implements show that an insinuate relationship to the earth is possible even in urban environments. A fuel extinguisher, collapsible conveyor belts for the unloading of delivery trucks, a phone, and a cash casket are all reminders that this inventory wasn’t static, but comes within the framework of an active place economy.

Theaster Gates," History of Conveyance"( 2021 ), accordion conveyor, book, and vitrine, 80 3/4 x 100 x 48 inches( kindnes Gray Chicago/ New York.( c) Theaster Gates Studio)

Recognizing familiar objectives proposals a certain pleasure; realizing that other implements and objectives may be less identifiable to many onlookers stimulates reflections on the perhaps distant relationship to the work that goes into property maintenance: those of us who don’t know how to use a particular tool probably is dependent upon the labor of someone who does.

In “Retaining Wall”( 2021 ), the largest and most commanding work in How to Sell Hardware, Gates imposes guild on a cornucopia of utilitarian objectives by ordering them in 25 large blacknes gabions, the rectangular steel containers -- about eight by four feet -- often used to hold rocks and other kinds of fill. Gabions are generally used to reinforce landscaping walls, refuges, and other civil engineering projects; like the objects the product contains in the installing, they are redolent of strive. Gates has stacked his gabions to constitute a big wall that slice across the large, high-ceilinged interior of Gray Warehouse at a oblique, increasing roughly from area to corner. One extremity is low, exactly two gabions high, but the wall builds upward until it reaches some 12 feet in height, towering over sees.

The overall effect is quite imposing. Like much that Gates procreates, the piece has an art historical referent: in its coloring, proportion, and impediment of opening, “Retaining Wall” echoes Richard Serra’s “Tilted Arc”( 1981 ). This induces believes about the nature of art and the public: Serra’s work was public in its initial location, New York’s Foley Federal Plaza. Gates’s work is public not in place, but preferably in its place retail store origins and in the originally intended use of its various contents. It too starts one think about the labor and materials that go into a gravestone like Serra’s.

Theaster Gates, "Leaf"( 2021 ), sword pegboard, pegs, and equipment collect inventorying, 96 x 60 x 15 inches( courtesy Gray Chicago/ New York.( c) Theaster Gates Studio)

A surprising extent of textbook was used in Retaining Wall, from produce container to accumulate indicates, to the familiar orange-and-black indicates sold to home and business owners -- for example, “No Smoking, ” “For Sale, ” and “Keep Off the Grass.” Many big dreams were served by the store, and some have certainly died with it.

The monumentality of “Retaining Wall” cannot ignore the fact. It is, in essence, a memorial , not only to a particular store, but to a neighborhood as it formerly was: striving, self-reliant, full of endeavours. The long blacknes wall of gabions, high-pitched at one aspiration, low-grade at the other, also recollects Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial wall( 1982 ). But there is an architectural characteristic as well: the pitch-black grid of the gabion enclose brings to mind the Miesian modernism of many of Chicago’s best known houses. Is this an expression of regional respect by Chicago-born-and-bred Gates? Is it, given the imposing nature of the fragment, a comment on how design can function as a barrier or fortress of exclusion? That the Illinois Institute of Technology, just a few cases miles from the facility, is both a Mies van der Rohe masterpiece and a primarily white institution, set in a predominantly Black neighborhood, presents credence to the latter interpretation.

Halsted True Value Hardware, Chicago, exterior( image: Sara Pooley)

Other works on display include five layouts of hardware inventory hung on sword exhibition pegs, on a immense pegboard comprising the gallery’s back wall: “Circle, ” “Leaf, ” “Bowl, ” “Rectangle, ” and “Triangle”( all 2021 ). Like the work in the 2016 True Value installation in Milan, common hardware pieces are arranged in color-coordinated knots. Shape and hue create visual tell, and there’s a inkling of Ellsworth Kelly’s mold monochrome canvases to the works.

Again, Gates attaches ideas of labor, part, and property with aesthetic and artwork historical concerns. “This exhibition examines my pressing that the world is not separated between high-pitched objects and low-toned objectives, ” he says, quoted in the press release, “but rather, that the craftsman has the capacity to determine the designation of each.” Near the wall inverse these pegboard parts is “History of Conveyance”( 2021 ), a large vitrine containing an accordion conveyor -- a kind of collapsible conveyor belt used in depots -- and a mimic of the 1913 Roy F. Soule book How to Sell Hardware: Successful Money Making Plans for Conducting an Up-To-Date Hardware Business, Practical Selling Ideas Used By Successful Hardware Merchants. The record doesn’t really give the appearance its name: it indicates that the business from which the materials of the facility are drawn was, like the projects for which those information were intended, someone’s enterprising venture.

One final effort, “Foot Scrubber, ” is easy to neglect. Set low to the ground in an unassuming corner, it is a matter of a row of rotary abrasive cylinders. It looks as if one could stick a shoe under it for a good buffing. It’s hard-boiled not to think of “Yukata” here, and a matter for concern with both the dignity and perversion that can accompany such strive. And they are difficult, when exiting the gallery into a restricted street still fitted with warehouses and laborers at work on loading docks , not to feel the separation of art and life collapse.

Theaster Gates, "Foot Scrubber"( 2021 ), rotary abrasives and metal, 6 1/2 x 29 1/2 x 6 1/8 inches( kindnes Gray Chicago/ New York.( c) Theaster Gates Studio)

Theaster Gates: How to Sell Hardware continues at Gray Warehouse( 2044 West Carroll Ave ., Chicago, Illinois) through July 31.

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Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10 Review: A Wedding, No Funeral and a Baby

OMG! What is happening ?!

It seems they attracted out all the stops for the season finale, and in many ways, Virgin River left us asking some of the same questions we had after Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10.

We're going to need season four ASAP!

Doc is Worried  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Oh child, before we get into babypaloozagate and the explosion of kid/ teen-related drama, let's talk about this hopeless Hope situation.

It has been a grim, windy season with tragedy after tragedy. No one was given from suffering, sadness, and heaviness. And now, we can add the latest development with Hope to the list of darknes storylines.

With COVID restraints and a series that movies in Canada, it seems O'Toole couldn't present us as much Hope this season as you'd expect. In some methods, Hope was missed, and in others, it opened the door for other characters to shine.

Doc has had more of a spirit this season than ever before, and it seemed fitting that he was peculiarity so prominently in the finale, too.

Doc's Wine - tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 7

All season, he has harbored this secret about his prognosis. Nonetheless, he's likewise stepped up more as the one who throws sage advice, checks in on others, and met sincere efforts to keep the town afloat in Hope's absence.

He's also been more in tune with affections and exposing them in a way we haven't witnessed before. And Doc, sitting in the hospital, teary-eyed and distraught with anxiety over Hope, was him at his most emotional.

Mel: Are you OK? Doc: I'm just worried. I've spawned so many mistakes when it comes to Hope, I merely pray to God this isn't another one.

Permalink: I'm just worried. I've established so many mistakes when it comes to Hope, I time pray to God this ...

Added: July 09, 2021

We know Doc compassions Hope with everything that he has, and the distance has separated his heart.

But with his failing vision, losing Lilly, and now this -- what came to mind was the repeat he uttered earlier in the season, "there's exclusively so much a lover can take before he breaks."

He is about Jack then, but it applies to him now.

Before He Breaks - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Doc is a man who normally has command over his passions and keeps them in check. Rarely do you seem him sounded or vulnerable, but that's what he was for the entirety of the hour.

Every period they evidenced the three men, he was on the verge of snaps, and it's no wonder everyone was concerned about him. He and Hope have had their issues in the past, but he can't imagine his life without her.

He likewise can't make having to decide what to do about her current state after industrial accidents. She has bleeding on the brain, and it does sound like an generated lethargy was the best solution for her, but that always is part of the terrifying danger of her not retrieving consciousness again.

Hope's last word to him were out of hurt and fury over her friend's funeral. In addition to the fear of seeing the wrong pick for her vehicle, Doc's riddled with guilt.

Hope Calls Back - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 8

It's natural to play the "what if" game, and in his recollection, if he had told Hope about Lilly sooner, she would've come home and never been in that accident.

But who's to say that's true-blue? It's something he shouldn't beat himself up about, but anyone in his shoes would probably do the same.

Mel and Jack lending all of their substantiate was touching, but "the worlds largest" unexpectedly arousing encounter Doc had at the hospital was with Lizzie.

So often, Lizzie comes across as self-absorbed, but Virgin River pussyfooted up on her. It's her residence, and the people there are her family. The Lizzie who arrived at Virgin River isn't the same young lady who procreated Doc a playlist with beautiful lyrics that she knew he'd enjoy.

Lizzie Comforts Doc - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

It was such a Lizzie gesture but a thoughtful one, and as the two of them sat together, listening to "Drift Away" was enough to bring weepings to your eyes.

It was such a simple gesticulate. Lizzie and Doc didn't have to talk, and she made him laugh and has an approach that none of the other adults would've been able to offer. She was a lovely distraction and source of camaraderie at that moment.

It's that slope of Lizzie that advocates she probably won't be taking Parker back. Sure, she's upset with Ricky, and her remarks about how she would've subscribed him because she adoration him are authentic, but it seems like Lizzie will do her own thing.

Parker's present of traveling the country resonates pulling enough, and maybe Lizzie will consider it, but something tells me, dwelling is always Virgin River for her now.

Parker - tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 3

Lizzie plied some illumination when Doc needed it most, and of course, Muriel was the best person to be there for him when he learned about Hope's infection.

The strong friendship between Muriel and Doc has been a highlight of the season. Hell, Muriel has been a highlight of the season.

Muriel: Hey, everything's going to be okay. Doc: I no longer believe that's true.

Permalink: I no longer believe that's true-blue .

Added: July 09, 2021

If everyone can feed Doc to keep the faith, it's her. Muriel deserves all the gosh damn good things out of life. She's such a sweetheart.

Something "ve been told" that she'll be right there to support Doc when he learns about his grandson.

Muriel and Doc Wait - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

It's a inferno of a shocker! Somewhere out there, Doc has a child, with who? What are they like? What's the legend there ?!

Was it when he was still with Hope or was it when they separated? Who is this handsome teen, and why has he tracked Doc down now?

Is his parent sick or something, and he's looking for extended family? Is it all a breach? What renders?

Jo Ellen's opening quitted when the teenage said his grandfather was Vernon, and frankly, same here. The timing of this bombshell couldn't be crazier.

Doc's Grandson? - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

If Doc thought he was at his breaking point before, then he better hold on tight.

How fretted should we be for Preacher, Connie, and Christopher?

Jo Ellen: What brings you in city? Teen: I'm looking for my grandpa. Jo Ellen: Oh, I know almost everyone in town. What's his list? Teen: Dr. Vernon Mullins.

Permalink: I'm looking for my granddad .

Added: July 09, 2021

Preacher is such a kind, enjoying, supportive, positive guy. It's upsetting that he started the day agreeing to the partnership and the possibility of being Jack's Best Man, and he objective it passed out in the woods.

Preacher is too rely of a lover. Sally wasn't generating him enough information to work with, but when she claimed she needed to take him to another location, it was questionable enough.

Preacher Down  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

However, the moment she sided Preacher that alcohol, all the alarms went off. Preacher works at a bar. He, better than anyone else, should know how dangerous it is to accept a booze from a stranger!

Paige has always been Preacher's weakness and who clouds his judging, and that hasn't altered. Boy does Preacher deserve a more substantial storyline that isn't fairly this tedious and leaves him naive.

If he knew Vince was in town, he should've considered that it was suspicious that Paige's friend reached out to him around the same time and not her.

Vince probably paid her off, chipped her a consider, or he's involved with her somehow, and it was her job to remove Preacher from Christopher and obtain information about him.

Vince Returns  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

One is to be hoped that Preacher woke up and is on his way back. It was nightfall by the time Connie and Christopher came back, so Preacher can't still be out like a light, right?

Vince waiting in the darkness in the next office was a sinister shot, but I too don't underestimate Connie and what she's capable of now. She knows developments in the situation, has some know in this area, and she'll do anything to protect Christopher.

It has to be a way Connie and Chris can get out of this.

Hell, there has to be a way Brady can get out of this latest predicament. Weren't we supposed to learn who shot Jack? It feels like we're expecting the same question now that we did after the shocking shooting.

Brady's Arrested - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Brady isn't a definitive answer here since it's not believable that he did it at all. Brady has told everyone who would listen that he's not guilty of this, including Calvin when it would've helped him to officer to it to soothe the man.

No route in inferno, Brady did this. After hours of probing his home, they were conveniently find the grease-gun in his truck. But anyone could have access to that.

After Calvin's stunt with damn near running into Brady at the site, soul could've done it there.

They drooped all the charges against Calvin, he's free to go about wreaking havoc with his illicit tasks, and he was aware that Brady was a suspect and was bound to get arrested. He too would've wanted to get back at Brady for affirming his offer to get him out of the hole with more laundering and such.

Calvin is Free - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Calvin has too much access to information, so person on the inside is tipping him off and holding it to him. Again, all ratifies are pointing to Mike, who was joyous to haul Brady into custody.

No one would've expected Brady to become this compassionate of a reference, but now we are.

Brady: What about us? Brie: Us? Brady: Brie. I symbolized what I said, I'm falling in love with you. You're all I think about. Brie: This doesn't make sense, you know that right? My brother thinks you shot him. Brady: But I didn't. The truth is I can't get enough of you, All I know is when we're together there's this hot that I never felt before. You know what I necessitate? Brie: Yeah I do. Brady: then stay a little while longer, simply give this a chance. Brie: If I say yes I feel like I'm going to regret it. Brady: You won't. Promise.

Permalink: Brie. I necessitated what I said, I'm falling in love with you. You're all I think about .

Added: July 09, 2021

It's deplorable as he and Brie were reconnecting again. He asked her to stay in town after hearing she wanted to leave, and she seemed to be considering it.

He adores her, and more than anything, he craved her to believe in him when he said he was innocent.

But after everything Brie has been going through, one can understand why she would have reservations.

Picking Bad Boys - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Brie told Mel the truth about why she left, and as anticipated, it was a gut-wrenching and frightful suffering. The guy she was dating -- he sexually onslaught her. Not merely did she get crimes by a colleague, but she got pregnant and miscarried.

Brie does require some rehabilitation to work through all of that. It's a lot for one person to bear at once. But Mel was right to tell her that she can't outrun her sting. It'll be right behind her wherever she goes.

Brie: So, God, this is harder than I mulled. Mel: Just make your time.Brie: Six months back I started dating that attorney I asked about. We met at a fundraiser and he was smart and handsome and the chemistry was insane. And one light we were together and I was tired from acting the working day, and I told him no, but he didn't stop. And when he was done, I started crying and you know what he did? He went dressed and stepped out without saying anything. Mel: Oh, sweetheart. Brie: My miscarriage is from that night. Mel: Brie, I am so sorry.

Permalink: My miscarriage is from that night .

Added: July 09, 2021

Brie has questioned her decision ever since, and she keeps ending up in this situations where she has indecisions. Maybe before this, she would've been able to believe Brady with ease, but after all of that, it's tolerable that she doesn't.

But that means that Brady is all alone in this. And this may be the final straw that communicates Brie running again. Hopefully, that won't be the case, though.

Brady Bathed in Sunlight - tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 2

It would be nice if she abode and made through everything with the support of Mel and her brother.

And it's not like she can't be there to support Jack, extremely. He's going to need it, especially with everything happening with Charmaine and Todd.

Is Charmaine smoking cracking? Sorry, that was a lot, but candidly, what is it with this woman?

Every experience you find intellects to sympathize with this character, she further solidifies herself as one of the most unlikable attributes of the series.

Charmaine's New Man - tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 1

With Todd, there are so many red flags you lose track, and she knows it, but she still travelled and married that asshat anyway.

Is Charmaine okay? Can she blink twice if she's in distress? Or is she just this weak-willed, desperate, and lonely?

Charmaine's need to be taken care of and anxiety of being alone is disturbing, and frankly, ridiculous. It originates it difficult to respect her.

What would the series is just like if she had an individual journey focusing on her coming into her own as a confident wife who knows her worth without her entire live hinging on a man's love?

Imagine if she had a sisterhood of real friends who talked feel into her and informed her to get her shit together? Imagine if anyone told it to her directly and regarded her accountable instead of allowing her to do and say the most unchecked?

Charmaine Gives up Tucker -tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 6

Sure, she makes for immense theatre and conflict, but it would be nice if she had any growth instead of remaining one-dimensional.

Instead of getting into how vile it is that Todd is seeing her, she opened him the most transparent and easiest ultimatum. Anyone who depletes seconds with Charmaine can sense her longing for love. It didn't cost Todd anything to marry her to get his way when he proposed on make that anyway.

Jack: I don't want to fight. I just miss equal imprisonment of the twinneds. Charmaine: Honestly, I don't see that happening. Jack: Why not? Charmaine: Because Todd doesn't want you involved with our genealogy. Jack: Oh I'm sorry you symbolize involved with our girls. Charmaine: Jack, I'm not going to risk my marriage to defend you.

Permalink: Jack, I'm not going to risk my marriage to defend you .

Added: July 09, 2021

And he's still is progressing, doing whatever he pleases and controlling everything. Charmaine got a ring out of it, but at what payments?

Charmaine's boldnes is astounding. She came into the bar upset that Jack hired a family attorney. Literally, the only reason she found out about it was because SHE and Todd were hiring one. WHAT?

Charmaine and Jack's Heated Exchange - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 3

How do you get angry at someone for not allowing you to steamroll over them? Make it make sense, folks.

And if Charmaine doesn't want to risk her marriage now to defend Jack, then what was her forgive before Todd married her?

Denying Jack equal custody and be made available to his future children and erasing him from "peoples lives" is ugly and foul.

But the disconnection between Jack fighting for claims with twins that aren't even here yet with his relationship with Mel does stranger by the day.

Fighting  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

We know Jack cares about his future children; otherwise, he wouldn't be fighting this hard or putting up this much money to do it.

But then it's odd that he are talking about wedding and a family with Mel when she scarcely seems present or a factor in this incarceration thing.

A girl who gives enough fund to help Lilly take care of Chloe and the farm could be more financially and emotionally active in Jack's fuss extremely, yes? The shortfall of overlap is bizarre.

You would virtually expect at least one incident where Mel meets Charmaine about her wars because of concerns for Jack. But for the most part, Mel has been blase about Jack's upcoming children and the combat he may face in favor of them starting a family of their own.

Making Up and Making Out  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 8

And to that phase, it's easy to read that Mel and her child are the replacement family or the coveted medal now. They're the real family, which undermines what Jack is dealing with regarding Charmaine and the twins.

He didn't even tell Mel the latest bullcrap with Charmaine. Instead, Jack focused on finding the perfect time to propose and assure Mel that he's all-in, babe and all with her.

Preacher: Thanks for following through. Jack: No, expressed appreciation for. Come on, we're essentially family. Preacher: Yeah, that's for sure. And you know if you ever need anything ... Jack: I might need a Best Man. Preacher: Yeah, that's huge. You two, you're enormous together. Jack: Thanks. Preacher: So what you got thinking about marriage? Jack: I don't know verifying Doc so torn up about Hope, that's how I feel about Mel. I don't want to live my life without her. Preacher: So don't. Jack: I don't know person, I never studied I'd get married again, person. Just the fact that I'm thinking about it again is freakin me out. Preacher: You were a kid the first time. Kids become mistakes. Now you know who you are and what offsets you happy.

Permalink: I might need a Best Man .

Added: July 09, 2021

Jack's rank of compartmentalization here often originates these two different storylines of his comical and feel disjointed with one another.

Seeing Doc torn up over Hope was the last thing Jack needed to prompt him to propose , no matter how creepy the prospect was to him.

Mel and Jack's Bubble - Tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 2

Preacher, as usual, had good admonition about that. But no matter how many times Jack tried, the timing wasn't right.

Mel was too tired or agitated, and he had no idea why that was.

The moment Mel verified those evaluation upshots, there was a sinking feeling that her hesitance to share the news with Jack went beyond doubting his franknes when he agreed to a baby.

You could tell she saved postponing the discussion for some time. She couldn't find the words to tell Jack the truth. Mel told him how much she cherished and placated him, but her demeanor was off, and she seemed distant.

Mel's Big News - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Jack proposing at sunrise was beautiful, and it felt like a lovely style of adoration to Lilly. But if Jack hadn't have started the proposal, would Mel have told him about the baby then?

When did she plan on telling him? They've had an entire season of telling each other they need to communicate with each other and not hold back.

But then they've both invest all of this time miscommunicating and holding back.

Jack was over the moon with the information. He was genuinely happy about the two of them starting a family together, especially with this coming on the heels of his proposal.

Sunrise Kiss - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Jack was elated. It wasn't part of his programme, but it also felt like the slice were falling into place for them.

Jack is committed and insistent that they can handle anything together, and he's not backing out.

But then she told him that the newborn was not possible to his, and good grief!

Mel's abrupt decision to have a child, be accompanied by her feelings reaction to Jack breaking things off, had her get those fetus implanted. 30479 seconds after her and Jack's disagreement, and here we are.

Now, she doesn't know if the newborn she's having is Jack's or if it's Mark's.

Overwhelmed and Stressed  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 7

Jack said they could overcome anything, but how will he feel about another capacity blanket of him living in Mark's shadow?

He always must be given to reach gap for Mark, and he accepted, espoused, and respectful that. But what happens if he's left helping Mel raise Mark's child?

Mel: No , no I have to say to you something. I have to tell you something. I'm, I'm pregnant. Jack: You're pregnant? Mel: I wanted to say yesterday but with everything going on with Doc and everything it was just so much. Jack: No , no , no, this is good.I told you I was all-in and I made it. This isn't exactly how I concluded this would go, but. Mel: Oh, sugar. Jack: Mel, we're having a baby! I can't believe this. This um this is amazing news. Mel: No it's not. Jack: Hey come on. Hey whatever it is, we'll get through it. Mel: Jack, Jack, I don't know if you're the father.

Permalink: Jack, Jack, I don't know if you're the father .

Added: July 09, 2021

How does he not feel dislodged? It's a lot for him to process, and Mel's delivery of the news sucked. Right now, he's flustered and probably wondering when she could've slept with someone else.

And formerly he feels out about the embryos with Mark, what is he gotta tell you? Is he even entitled to his feelings here without the pressure to protect Mel from them and leave space for her suffering?

Longing Looks -tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10

Mel is pregnant. It's the exact outcome she wanted all season, but it's not in the manner she desired.

Now Mel and Jack are both sitting there uncertain, for different reasons. While they've both committed to staying together through thick and thin, this nevertheless poses a brand-new challenge.

Mel didn't even say yes!

Mel: I love you, Jack. Jack: You know I remember the working day I realise I was falling in love with you. Actually , no, it wasn't the day. It was the exact moment. Mel: Truly. Jack: Yeah, we were on a picnic with Chloe. You were seeing whether you wanted to be her guardian although you didn't want to stay in Virgin River. Mel: Oh my gosh, you didn't even are familiar with. Jack: Didn't matter. It was a feeling. Like I had been missing something my entire living and abruptly I wasn't. Mel: I had been so numb for so long I couldn't even feel anything at that point. Jack: I know, but you were brave enough to open to me. I am forever grateful

Permalink: I know, but you were brave enough to open to me. I am forever grateful

Added: July 09, 2021

Over to you, Virgin River Fanatics. What is more appalling instant of the finale, season? How do you think Jack will react?

Do you think Brady actually shot Jack? Will Hope subsist? Hit the comments below!

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Jeon Soyeon – ‘Windy’ review: a masterclass in versatility and eccentricity that redefines summer pop albums

jeon soyeon windy beam beam review

For the past few years, K-pop has used the power of nostalgia as the driving force for many of its concepts and music. We’ve seen singers and groups pay homage to the motifs of yesteryear in various ways, from creating songs that would fit right in during the peak of ’70s disco, to incorporating synth elements that defined the ’80s to incorporating heavy ’90s references in lyrics and outfits.

READ MORE: LOONA – ‘[&]’ review: weaving a diverse tapestry of sound, one unique colour at a time

Despite its prevalence, the retro concept feels fresh in the hands of a talented songwriter and producer like Soyeon – who has branded herself as an edgy rapper with a girl crush image, first as a soloist and then as the leader of girl group (G)I-DLE. Paying homage to the fast-food chains and bright colour palette of the 2000s, her first mini-album ‘Windy’ – a wordplay on the restaurant chain Wendy’s – is a body of work that invites us to reimagine our idea of a summer pop album.

Although dance pop tracks and lyrics about the yearning to be freed from adult responsibilities (“I do feel like I need to save up now / But to earning takes so long / And losing money is too easy”) are nothing new, the project’s title ‘BEAM BEAM’ cleverly uses punk-rock elements to evoke the flippant, happy-go-lucky attitude that drives the track forward. It’s an eccentric fusion that plays to Soyeon’s strengths as rapper, but more notably as a vocalist, toeing the line between catchy hip-hop verses and vocally-heavy choruses.

Another track that plays well with the summer vibe is the cutesy, electropop ‘Quit’. The song, which is driven forward by a deep bass and Soyeon’s light and playful rapping, is reminiscent of her Unpretty Rapstar days and her early solo releases. It’s a nice callback to her beginnings, but the song isn’t the most compelling of the bunch. While ‘Quit’ showcases Soyeon’s ability to effortlessly ride out a beat, the song feels like she’s playing it too safe amid a selection of fusion tracks and off-kilter arrangements.

While most artists focus on songwriting to express intense emotions and weave vivid stories, Soyeon utilises her knowledge of music production to elicit the messages she wants to convey – even if a listener doesn’t speak the same language. It’s certainly evident in ‘Psycho’, where the arrangement matches the dark, tense themes of the lyrics (“As much as the spicy taste is irritating / I can hold a grudge for a pretty long time”). The song weaves between painfully slow verses and erratic, almost panicky raps, mimicking the moment one gets caught in a trap.

Despite its collection of aggressive rap songs, ‘Windy’ isn’t without its much more laid-back cuts. To balance out the mini-album’s high-energy lineup is ‘Weather’, which she previewed earlier this year on the Kakao TV exclusive series Face ID. The track’s strengths lie in its ability to combine two seemingly opposite elements – a midtempo arrangement with a lyrical hook that recalls the bubblegum pop from the ’50s – while shining a light on Soyeon’s smooth, versatile vocals, resulting in a captivating and unforgettable track.

Capping off Soyeon’s first solo mini-album is ‘Is This Bad B****** Number?’, which features vocals from fellow rappers BIBI and Lee Young Ji, a fierce collaboration that is bound to be an instant fan favourite. On it, Soyeon flexes her mic skills with a rapid-fire closing verse, while Lee’s deep and steady voice complements the song’s light and playful chorus. However, it’s BIBI’s unique timbre, which helps build up the song’s overall rich texture, making it a standout track.

It’s not unusual for musicians to experiment on their first album – you only have one chance to make a first impression after all – but for Soyeon, mixing and matching different genres and sounds is part and parcel of her DNA as a vocalist and producer. While Soyeon’s decision to lean into a lighter, playful concept might come as a surprise to some, it’s a reflection of her unwillingness to be boxed into her usual badass persona and need to grow as a musician. There’s no doubt that Soyeon’s ‘Windy’ is a masterclass in versatility and eccentricity that sets her apart from this new generation of K-pop idols.

jeon soyeon first mini-album windy

Release date: July 5
Record label: CUBE Entertainment

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Review: Pippin, Charing Cross Theatre

Review: Pippin, Charing Cross Theatre

Stephen Schwartz’s perennial Broadway hit Pippin is almost fifty years old now. Yet its mysticism, hippy letters of self-fulfilment and liberal creed have so far been struck a chord with publics. Why? Well, supportive programme documents explain that despite opening in 1972 Pippin actually captivates the spirit of 1967, a momentous year for the U.S. counter-culture change. So it procreates sense that there are ponderous( as in ponderous, male) impress of flower capability in the air and on the walls as we take our seats. This doesn’t mean this stripped-back Pippin feels old. Not for a few seconds. It opens by defiantly ...





It may feel small-scale, but there is huge talent on substantiate across every aspect of Charing Cross Theatre’s latest revival.

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Stephen Schwartz’s perennial Broadway hit Pippin is almost fifty years old now. More its mysticism, hippy words of self-fulfilment and liberal ideology have consistently hit a chord with audiences. Why? Well, helpful curriculum mentions explain that despite opening in 1972 Pippin certainly captivates the spirit of 1967, a momentous year for the U.S. counter-culture crusade. So it does sense that there are ponderous( as in heavy, humankind) strokes of flower ability in the air and on the walls as we take our seats.

This doesn’t mean this stripped-back Pippin feels aged. Not for a few seconds. It opens by defiantly knocking down the fourth wall and designating its high-energy cast free to deliver the tale unencumbered with anything as dull as historical cites or backstories. The feeling of a organization of raggedy participates arriving, amply formed and on a mission to entertain is key to Steven Dexter’s confident direction. It is all uber-theatrical mind you, so if you’re a fan of naturalism or, dare I say, intricacy, this had not been possible to your cup of Darjeeling.

The plot , not that it matters tremendously, encounters Prince Pippin, son of King Charlemagne, find himself through a series of episodic life lessons. As a reputation, Pippin is, unavoidably perhaps, a somewhat whiny teen, especially earlier today. A dangly earring genuinely doesn’t help either. Just what is it with young people today? Ryan Anderson’s excellent lead performance may taunt and annoy the middle-aged but the folly of adolescent it symbolizes is the terribly beating stomach of the show.

This isn’t a is demonstrating that hangs on its lead by any unfold though. The eight performers make a superb ensemble. But if you are going to twist my weapon to praise beings, Daniel Krickler creates big levels of charm and humour as a laid back college campus various kinds of a King. Genevieve Nicole as Berthe, Pippin’s wise young-at-heart grandmother, fizzes deliciously through her quantity No Time at All. It is certainly the highlighting of Act One and, for my coin, of the whole darn show.

Conscious that books may be brand-new to Pippin, it’s worth holding back slightly on Act Two to avoid spoiling surprises. It’s probably enough to say there is a definite change in tone. This is differentiated particularly in the skilful achievement of Ian Carlyle who, as the narrating Lead Player, progresses from a genial all singing, all dancing guide to portray something darker and more menacing.

The hymns are divine as you would expect from multiple Oscar, Tony and Grammy winner Schwarz. If you don’t have at least a couple of his themes leading through your pate on the way home, then there’s no are waiting for you frankly. Roger O. Hirson’s book remains lively and the gags still acre. What’s not to cherish?

On the evidence of Pippin, Charing Cross Theatre’s honour gazes set to grow and germinate. This can only be good news for melodic theater supporters. If that’s you, you really should be beating a track to their door now that you can.

Directed by: Steven DexterChoreography by: Nick WinstonMusical Direction by: Chris MaSet& Costume Designed by: David ShieldsProduced by: Adam Blanshay& Edward Johnson

Pippin plays at Charing Cross Theatre until 14 August. Further information and booking via the below link.

Visit Pippin

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I tried Spoak, a platform for interior-design enthusiasts – here’s why I think it’s a must try if you’re moving into a new apartment

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A living room rendering created using Spoak.

Spoak is an online interior-design community that offers user-friendly interior design tools.
Members can use Spoak to create mock-ups, color palettes, and mood boards.
I tried Spoak for a few months, and it's a great tool for those looking to decorate their space.
Table of Contents: Masthead StickyMonthly Subscription (small)

If you've struggled to find helpful tools for mapping out your new apartment, you're not alone. Spoak, an online interior-design platform, provides its members with powerful design tools; informative design classes; and a way to interact with other design enthusiasts in a safe, private space.

Founder and CEO Hilah Stahl created Spoak after being unable to find the proper tools to help her decorate and furnish her first New York City apartment with her now husband. At the time, Stahl was working in product management and used her background in tech and product development to build Spoak. "I wanted to basically combine both of these problems, the fact that there was no great tooling and also that there was basically no area to explore design as a creative pursuit or passion without taking an enormous financial and time leap," said Stahl.

Spoak currently offers three membership tiers that range in price from $14.99 to $24.99. Each tier caters to people at varying levels of design interest, from beginners to those ready to start a career in the industry.

In addition to testing Spoak for several weeks, we also spoke with Stahl to learn more about Spoak's creation and its best features.

Pricing and tiers
Image of the details of each Spoak membership tier

Spoak has three membership tiers, DIY, Growth, and Designer. Each is suited for members with different levels of design experience, with included features to match. All membership tiers offer unlimited project designs, mockups, floor plans, and mood boards, as well as access to a private Slack community, design club events, and the Thingology social-media-style feed.

The DIY tier is $14.99 a month and "is really for someone who is primarily interested in designing their own space," said Stahl. It's very functional and will work best for those who aren't looking to explore interior design outside of decorating their own home. While this tier includes design tools and access to Spoak's private Slack community, it doesn't give you access to Spoak's library of classes or many of the tools needed to earn money from designs.

The Growth tier is $19.99 a month and is an excellent fit for those passionate about design and who may have already helped friends or family design their spaces. "I think they would aspirationally want to make money off of interior design but not yet as their full-time job," said Stahl. This tier includes full access to all BeSpoak School classes, which cover various interior design topics. While this tier was created to help facilitate building a career in interior design, it does not include access to Spoak's earn features, which allow members to profit off of their designs. I tested the Growth tier for this review, as it is the most recommended membership option.

The Designer tier is $24.99 a month. "The Designer tier is for someone who's really taking the leap," said Stahl. "They're either really trying to make this a side hustle that makes them a decent amount of money, or they are starting a design firm or a design practice or trying to become full-time." The Designer tier offers members full access to all features, including a job board, inbound messaging, custom project branding, and more. The tools and resources available at this tier are built to help members get clients, build a portfolio, and launch or grow their design businesses.

Getting started
Image of sign-in page for Spoak account
My view when signing into my Spoak account.

After selecting your membership tier and creating your account, you'll learn the platform's basics. Spoak offers helpful instructions on how to use more advanced features such as Viz, the floor-plan tool. If you've opted for the Growth or Designer tiers, you'll also get access to the entire BeSpoak class library. While maneuvering through the site for the first time, you'll receive several onboarding tasks, such as starting your first design project and creating a color palette. Another fun onboarding task is the site's Spoak Sign quiz, to determine your design style based on your personality and decor preferences.

You'll also be able to join Spoak's growing Slack community, where members communicate about all things design and can get in touch with the support team with any issues or questions.

Stand out features
Image of BeSpoak school course page on Spoak
A peek into Spoak's BeSpoak school course offering.

One of Spoak's main goals is to demystify the complicated and often gate-kept interior-design industry. "It's not intended for people who have spent 20 years in the industry; it's a consumer product," said Stahl, who designed Spoak to combine the joy of the design process with easy-to-use tools and resources.

While testing Spoak, four main features immediately stood out to me: The BeSpoak School, Thingology feed, Viz mockup tool, and the community.

BeSpoak School: Stahl developed the BeSpoak School courses with the help of interior designer Lisa Galano, who has since joined Spoak as a formal advisor and mentor. Classes are assigned by goal, which you choose when you first set up your account. I found the courses approachable and easy to digest. I could revisit the courses after completing them and go through them at my preferred pace. Each course has an accompanying practice exercise that will help you apply the new skills you've just learned. Some classes that are currently available for members include Intro to Design Styles, Furniture Planning, Art Styling, Lighting, and more. The course library offers a great value, especially when compared to the costs of taking professional courses elsewhere.

Thingology feed: The Thingology feed serves as an in-house social media feed that allows you to see what other members are creating. I especially enjoyed scrolling through the feed when looking for inspiration and new design ideas.

Viz: Arguably the most essential Spoak feature, the Viz tool lets members create Vizi's, or realistic floor-plan renderings. As someone who doesn't have much experience using Photoshop, CAD, or other professional rendering tools, I found Viz very intuitive to use. While it does have a slight learning curve, I appreciated having immediate access to an easy-to-navigate tutorial library where I could find quick explainers.

Some of my favorite Viz features include being able to remove the background of any image; the ability to lock furniture in place while moving other elements of the rendering around; and the option to add furniture directly from store sites, Google, and Pinterest.

Community: Community is another central element of the Spoak membership. In the private Slack community, members connect about their current interior design interests, share new furniture finds, and plan in-person meet-ups. Outside of Slack, Spoak also hosts monthly Q&As, Wine and Designs, and member spotlights on its Instagram account.

"There's an unbelievable joy in bonding with people over a shared passion," said Stahl.

Final thoughts
Rendering of a bedroom using Spoak’s Viz tool
A simple rendering I made of my bedroom using Spoak's Viz tool.

Overall, I had a very positive experience using Spoak and highly recommend it to anyone moving into a new space or looking to revamp their current home. With a combination of rendering tools, educational resources, and access to a community of design lovers, Spoak's membership is well worth the monthly cost. You can also cancel your membership any time, which is great for those who just want to design a few home projects.

Pros: Great value, Membership offers multiple benefits

Cons: Learning curve, monthly membership cost can add up over time

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All the new kids’ shows you can watch on Disney Plus – from ‘Monsters at Work’ to ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’

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Kids shows disney plus
Disney Plus has tons of kid-friendly shows.

The Disney Plus streaming service offers a big selection of children-friendly programming.
Annual subscriptions are $80 a year and monthly subscriptions are $8 a month.
Popular kids' shows on Disney Plus include series like "Monsters at Work" and "Vampirina."
Monthly Subscription Service (small)

Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and DisneyXD are known for their popular kids' shows, making them handy tools for any parent in need of kid-friendly entertainment for their little ones. And now, there's an even more convenient and comprehensive destination for all of Disney's family programming: Disney Plus.

Building upon the lineup found on Disney's various networks, the Disney Plus streaming service offers on-demand access to tons of children-friendly programs, along with several exclusive kids' shows. This selection helps make Disney Plus our pick for the best streaming service for kids.

What shows can my kids watch on Disney Plus?

With a Disney Plus subscription, you'll get a huge selection of kid-friendly movies along with shows like "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" and "Vampirina." Plus, there's brand-new content created exclusively for Disney Plus, so your kids aren't just watching reruns.

A big bonus for parents is that you can stream Disney Plus on a tablet or smartphone, so if you need to keep the kids busy while you're at the checkout line at Target, you'll be covered with hours of kid-friendly content.

A special "Kids Profile" feature can also be used for children. This option restricts Disney Plus streaming to titles that are rated TV-G, TV-Y, TV-Y7, and TV-Y7FV.

Here are all the kid-friendly shows on Disney Plus:

'Monsters at Work' - available now

monsters at work disney+

Fans of "Monsters, Inc." and "Monsters University" will want to tune into "Monsters at Work" on Disney Plus. It takes place after "Monsters, Inc." and follows Sulley and Mike Wazowski as the company transitions from scream power to laugh power. 

Ben Feldman ("Mad Men") and Aisha Tyler ("CSI") join Billy Crystal (as Mike Wazowski) and John Goodman (as Sulley) as part of the voice cast.

Monthly Subscription Service (small)
'Forky Asks a Question' - available now

forky asks a question disney+

Forky, the beloved spork from "Toy Story 4," asks existential questions about time, love, and even cheese in this 10-episode animated shorts series. Tony Hale ("Veep") provides the voice of Forky.

Monthly Subscription Service (small)
'Be Our Chef' - available now

Be Our Chef Disney Plus

In "Be Our Chef," five families compete against one another with Disney-themed cooking challenges. Find out who can make the tastiest "Frozen" dessert. Will their seafood dinner inspired by "Moana" be edible? Kids get in on the cooking action in this original series from Disney Plus.

Monthly Subscription Service (small)
All animated kids' shows available now

Disney+ kids exclusive programming roundup

TV-G"American Dragon: Jake Long" (2005)"Fish Hooks" (2010)"Kim Possible" (2002)"Legend of the Three Caballeros" (2018)"Lilo & Stitch: The Series" (2003)"Phineas and Ferb" (2007)"Schoolhouse Rock!" (1973)"The Emperor's New School" (2006)"The Replacements" (2006)TV-Y"Dino Ranch" (2021)"Doc McStuffins" (2012)"Elena of Avalor" (2016)"Fancy Nancy" (2018)"Gigantosaurus" (2019)"Goldie & Bear" (2015)"Handy Manny" (2006)"Henry Hugglemonster" (2013)"Higglytown Heroes" (2004)"Jake and the Never Land Pirates" (2011)"Little Einsteins" (2005)"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (2006)"Mira: Royal Detective" (2020)"Muppet Babies" (2018)"My Friends Tigger & Pooh" (2007)"PJ Masks" (2015)"Puppy Dog Pals" (2017)"Quack Pack" (1996)"Special Agent Oso" (2009)"The Book of Pooh" (2001)"The Lion Guard" (2015)"The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" (1988)"The Rocketeer" (2019)"Timon & Pumbaa" (1995)"Vampirina" (2017)TV-Y7"101 Dalmatian Street" (2018)"Adventures of the Gummi Bears" (1985)"Avengers Assemble" (2013)"Avengers: United They Stand" (1999)"Big City Greens" (2019)"Big Hero 6: The Series" (2017)"Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer" (2017)"Bluey" (2018)"Bonkers" (1993)"Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers" (1989)"Darkwing Duck" (1991)"Doug" (1996)"DuckTales" (1987)"DuckTales" (2017)"Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes" (2006)"Fantastic Four" (1994)"Gargoyles" (1994)"Goof Troop" (1992)"Gravity Falls" (2012)"Hercules – Series" (1998)"Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H." (2013)"Iron Man: Armored Adventures" (2008)"Iron Man" (1994)"Kick Buttowski" (2010)"LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars" (2018)"LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales" (2015)"LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures" (2016)"LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles" (2014)"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" (2015)"Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man" (2012)"Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series" (1996)"Milo Murphy's Law" (2016)"Pickle and Peanut" (2015)"Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja" (2012)"Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure" (2017)"Recess" (1997)"Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" (1981)"Spider-Man Unlimited" (1999)"Spider-Man" (1981)"Spider-Woman" (1979)"Star vs. the Forces of Evil" (2015)"Star Wars Resistance" (2018)"Star Wars: Rebels" (2014)"TaleSpin" (1990)"The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" (2010)"The Fury Files" (2013)"The Incredible Hulk" (1996)"The Little Mermaid – Series" (1992)"The Owl House" (2020)"The Silver Surfer" (1998)"The Super Hero Squad Show" (2009)"Wander Over Yonder" (2013)"X-Men: The Series" (1992)TV-Y7FV"Amphibia" (2019)"Future-Worm" (2016)"Spider-Man" (1994)"Wolverine and the X-Men" (2009)"X-Men: Evolution" (2000)Monthly Subscription Service (small)
All live-action kids' shows available now

lizzie mcguire

TV-G"A.N.T. Farm" (2011)"Andi Mack" (2017)"Austin & Ally" (2011)"Best Friends Whenever" (2015)"Coop & Cami Ask the World" (2018)"Dog with a Blog" (2012)"Even Stevens" (2000)"Fast Layne" (2019)"Gabby Duran & The Unsittables" (2019)"Girl Meets World" (2016)"Good Luck Charlie" (2010)"Hannah Montana" (2006)"I Didn't Do It" (2014)"Jonas" (2009)"Liv and Maddie" (2013)"Lizzie McGuire" (2001)"Phil of the Future" (2004)"Raven's Home" (2017)"Shake It Up" (2010)"Smart Guy" (1997)"Sonny With a Chance" (2009)"The Suite Life of Zach & Cody" (2005)"The Suite Life on Deck" (2008)"Sydney to the Max" (2019)"That's So Raven" (2003)"Wizards of Waverly Place" (2007)TV-Y7"Crash & Bernstein" (2012)"Just Roll With It" (2019)"Kickin' It" (2011)"Kirby Buckets" (2014)"Lab Rats" (2012)"MECH-X4" (2016)"Mighty Med" (2013)"Pair of Kings" (2010)"Walk the Prank" (2016)TV-Y7FV"K.C. Undercover" (2015)Monthly Subscription Service (small)
What is Disney Plus and how much does it cost?

GettyImages 1225877439

For $8 a month or $80 a year, Disney Plus subscribers get ad-free access to thousands of movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox. You can also bundle it with ESPN+ and Hulu for $14 a month.

See which plan is right for you with our breakdown of the service here. For more detailed impressions, you can read our full review of Disney Plus here.

Disney Plus: Everything you need to know about Disney's ad-free streaming service Disney's ad-free streaming service costs $8 a month for access to thousands of movies and TV showsAll the kids' movies you can stream on Disney Plus — from 'Snow White' to 'Frozen'All the Marvel movies and shows you can stream on Disney Plus — from 'Iron Man' to the new 'Loki'Every single Star Wars movie is available on Disney Plus — here's how to watchAll the new movies you can watch on Disney Plus — from the live-action 'Lady and the Tramp' to holiday comedy 'Noelle'Monthly Subscription Service (small)
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A Kurdish Artist’s Creative Resistance From Behind Bars

ISTANBUL -- The day before she was taken to prison in 2017, Kurdish artist Fatos Irwen had filmed a rendition piece on the restrict backstreets of her home city of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey. Wearing a spill grey dress, she acted out scraps of the tricky history of this ancient settlement, which had been recently shattered in conflict situations. Behind saloons, Irwen continued that accomplishment, by ornament the dress she had worn that day with thread made from her own mane and that of other female prisoners

Both dress and cinema are now exposed as part of the artist’s first solo exhibition, Exceptional Times, which lopes through June 27 at two independent Istanbul venues, ethnic core Depo and art gallery Karsi Sanat.

Installation view of Exceptional Times, Depo and Karsi Sanat, Istanbul, 2021

The show’s attractiveness, depicts, textile slice, photographs, stations, and figures span more than a decade of Irwen’s career, including the nearly three years she spent in prison. She was prosecuted with little suggestion under wide-ranging “anti-terrorism” laws often used to target Turkey’s Kurdish minority and others seen as part of the opposition -- including Depo’s incarcerated benefactor, philanthropist Osman Kavala.

The works in Exceptional Times substantiate the artist’s prolonged commitment with the politics of physical and social gaps, manifested through the lens of her knowledge as a woman and a Kurd. “Politics, battle and repression are a part of my life, ” Irwen told Hyperallergic on a tour of the exhibition.

The show’s entitle was derived from a 2010 action bit, one of the artist’s numerous drives exploiting fuzz and the human body as both subject and medium. But in its original Turkish( Olagan Zamanin Disinda ), it has inescapable resonances to the “state of emergency”( olaganustu hal) legislations that have repeatedly been employed to restrict openness, including creative ones, in the Kurdish-dominated southeast region and beyond. For Kurdish creators like Irwen and Zehra Dogan, who was also imprisoned on “terrorism”-related freights, the current pressure on dissenting enunciates in Turkey is more the norm than a signal of exceptional times.

Installation view of Exceptional Times, Depo and Karsi Sanat, Istanbul, 2021

While in prison, Irwen says she made 1,500 artworks applying mane, tea, nutrient, shoe polish, aged textbooks and newspapers, bed sheets, laundry pegs, scarves, and even mold and cigarette ashes. “These makes are reacting to the materials and to the system; not surrendering to them, but transforming them, ” indicated expo co-curator Mahmut Wenda Koyuncu.

Pointing at a knot of orbs disbanded on the flooring at Depo, Irwen explains that she crafted them from the whisker of fellow inpatients who were on hunger strike, including Kurdish politician Leyla Guven. The 2019 portion is designation “Gulleler”( Cannonballs ). “The hunger strike was like firing a shot to the outside world-wide, ” Irwen says.

Life and extinction, proliferation and decomposition intertwine in many of Irwen’s employs, including “Beton Bahce”( Concrete Garden, 2019-2020 ). In the facility, small cement blocks serve as miniature plinths for objects -- bone-dry glitches, blooms, animal bones, tiny toys -- that Irwen gathered from the prison garden. Among them is the bent spoon with which she rubbed paint chips from the ceiling of the prison bathroom. These fragments are exposed as “Zaman Katmanlari/ Duvarlar”( Time Layers/ Walls, 2019 ), an “archaeological excavation” into the building’s past.

Installation view of Exceptional Times, Depo and Karsi Sanat, Istanbul, 2021

Kurdish activists have pulped unsuccessfully for the abominable equipment -- where countless political prisoners were incarcerated and tortured after Turkey’s 1980 armed coup -- to be closed and switch to a human-rights museum. But Irwen appoints new locates of recollection through labors like “Zaman Katmanlari/ Duvarlar, ” “Beton Bahce” and “Hassas Zemin”( Sensitive Ground, 2019 ), a give of highly personal maps of the prison hummed onto produce packaging material. Other patches in the exhibition allude to the idea of fight through writing alternative biographies for those who have suffered stillness, censorship, eradication, and omission from official narrations.

“You can’t look at Fatos’s slice and say, oh, how sad, ” says Koyuncu. “There is no hopeless quality to her work.”

Installation view of Exceptional Times, Depo and Karsi Sanat, Istanbul, 2021

Exceptional Times continues through June 27 at Depo( Luleci Hendek Cad. No: 12, Beyoglu, Istanbul) and Karsi Sanat( Istiklal Cad. Aznavur Pasaji No: 108, Beyoglu, Istanbul ). The show was curated by Ezgi Bakcay and Mahmut Wenda Koyuncu.

Read more: hyperallergic.com