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Nick Wright Throws in the Towel, Won’t Challenge Phil Hellmuth to a Rematch

Two epoches following his High Stakes Duel III loss, Nick Wright has realise his decision on a possible rematch against Phil Hellmuth, of which there won't be one. The sports television personality instead will return to his prime gig as a co-host on FS1' s First Things First.

phil hellmuth nick wright

There won't be a Round 2 between Nick Wright and Phil Hellmuth.( Image: PokerGO)

Wednesday's $50,000 buy-in heads-up battle on the PokerGO app was more competitive than some apprehended. Wright, an amateur poker player, went toe-to-toe against a 15 -time WSOP bracelet winner and one of the game's all-time greats. He even viewed a lead for the better part of the first two hours. In the end, however, the bratty poker legend "ve been a little" too much for a recreational player.

Hellmuth moved to 7-0 on High Stakes Duel -- the first three wins against Antonio Esfandiari in 2020 and then three more versus Daniel Negreanu earlier this year. Per the rules of the support, the losing musician has 72 hours to request a rematch or to call it quits.

In his postgame interrogation, Wright told PokerGO's Jeff Platt that he wasn't sure if he'd come back for Round 2. If he were to decide to challenge the Poker Hall of Famer to another join, the sports talk substantiate emcee would be on the hook for computing another $100,000 to the prize pool, and then $ 200,000 for Round 3, if he were to lose in the first rematch.

Know when to hold' em, know when to fold' em

Prior to the first competition, Wright expressed confidence that he could pull the disturbed. He even told Hellmuth during the match that he felt he'd be a tougher opponent than Negreanu. But a few hours before the 72 -hour decision period feed out, he influenced he couldn't continue on High Stakes Duel III.

My announcement on if I’m re-challenging @phil_hellmuth for the 200 K Round 2 of #HighStakesDuel3 on @PokerGO pic.twitter.com/ tCPYmgkclo

-- gouge wright (@ getnickwright) July 31, 2021

" I definitely sounds like I truly blew it with some good play in the middle ," Wright said of his rendition against Hellmuth in a two-minute Twitter video." I don't know if it was fatigue or paucity of know or whatever. But I had a plan, I was executing it and I strayed from it ."

Moments later, the onetime boasts radio host divulged his decision." So, the issues to is, after losing that $50,000, am I going to wrangle up another $100,000 to face him again? And, regrettably, the answer to that question is no ."

Wright went on to thank the PokerGO community for admitting him to enter the poker macrocosm. He'll is available on a future Poker After Dark episode along with Hellmuth. That competition was filmed prior to High Stakes Duel III, but has already been to air on PokerGO.

Who's Hellmuth's next challenger?

With Wright out of the way, Hellmuth will likely get his wish, and that is to face a prominent poker pro instead of an amateur. Following Wednesday's Round 1 competitor, the former world endorse declared he'd prefer if his opposing waned a rematch as he feels he had been able to" lose some gift extents" if he were to lose to an amateur and stands only fund to gain.

So, that requests the question, who will he face next on High Stakes Duel IV? The provide answers to that question is very likely to be revealed in an upcoming No Gamble No Future podcast, which has been the standard procedure. The tush is open for as long as 30 daylights while a new musician is locked in.

Most anticipate the next challenger will be either Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan, both of whom have been waiting in the offstages to get a piece of Hellmuth. Dwan was originally bumped by PokerGO in favor of Negreanu and then a second time for Wright.

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Date Set for Phil Hellmuth vs. Daniel Negreanu Round 3 on ‘High Stakes Duel’

Daniel Negreanu will have an opportunity to get all of his fund back, and then some, from Phil Hellmuth come June 23 at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. Of trend, he could end up losing another $200,000, together with his pride.

negreanu vs hellmuth poker

Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu will square off again in about a month.( Image: High Stakes Duel)

In Round 1, back in March, Hellmuth won the $ 100,00 duel thanks to a wild comeback. He trailed at one point by more than 19 -1 in microchips, but prevailed a series of double-ups en route to his fourth consecutive win on the demo, which breaths on the PokerGO app. The first three pairs, in 2020, were against Antonio Esfandiari, who waited years to beat the 15 -time WSOP bracelet winner in a heads-up match, but failed miserably in doing so.

Hellmuth offset it five for five last month when he beat Negreanu for the second largest consecutive age. This time around, he didn't have to pull off a marvelous resurgence. Instead, he saved it close throughout most of the match before pulling out in the end. He employed a well-timed bluff with 10 -high( missed flush extort) on the river to make himself in a position to earn the $200,000 prize.

Raising the bets

In Round 3, the loot will double to $400,000. Negreanu, because he lost the previous accord, is required to contribute the full $200,000 to double that container. Not only will the stakes increase financially in Round 3, but respect might also be on the line.

Per the High Stakes Duel rules, the winning player after three coincides has the option to call it retires and cash out. Hellmuth, if he prevails, could end the parallel and leave Negreanu, and his narcissism, hanging. He took his fund and ran away after three straight victories against Esfandiari last year, and is very likely to do the same again.

Negreanu has been highly critical of Hellmuth's heads-up game for quite some time -- long before the match began. He's gone so far as to say the Hellmuth's heads-up skills are lacking, extremely compared to the younger pros of today. But if he loses three straight equals to Hellmuth, where it was cashes out, he was able to never get to live that down from the poker community.

If Negreanu prevails, nonetheless, Hellmuth will then have an option to force a rematch, and the ventures would parent to $800,000 in Round 4.

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