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US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20 series now receiving One UI 3.1 update

Update: March 2, 2021( 12:00 PM ET ): Over the past week or so, Samsung has been propagandizing Samsung Galaxy S2 0 revises to international and carrier discrepancies. Now, though, it sounds the update is forming its route to unlocked US-based handsets( h/ t SamMobile ). This is exciting because the update carries One UI 3.1 with it.

One UI 3.1 is the version of Android 11 that carried with the Galaxy S2 1 series. It has a few conspicuous new boasts, including wireless Dex access, new camera deceptions, and more. However, some of the features will be fastened to the Galaxy S2 1 family, such as the ability to access Google Discover instead of Samsung Free.

In addition to One UI 3.1, the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S2 0 revises also have the March 2021 protection patch.

If you're still waiting for the update to arrive on your Galaxy S2 0 phone, psyche to Settings> Software Update> Download& Install. Keep in sentiment that it might take a while before all telephones in the country can get the update.

Original article: February 25, 2020( 1 PM ET ): Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy S2 0 update hub! Here you'll conclude all the latest information on software updates for the Samsung Galaxy S2 0, Galaxy S2 0 Plus, and Galaxy S2 0 Ultra. We'll tell you what the current software explanations are for each maneuver and too give you a heads up that new informs are wheeling out.

Keep in head that the Samsung Galaxy S2 0 informs generally roll out to all three maneuvers at the same time. However, different variances of the machines -- such as carrier-branded copies and unlocked versions -- typically find informs at different times.

Have you not yet purchased a Galaxy S2 0 phone? Check out the administers below. Head further down the sheet for the historical information on each Galaxy S2 0 update.

Samsung Galaxy S2 0

The recent and greatest from Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S2 0, Galaxy S2 0 Plus, and Galaxy S2 0 Ultra are super-premium 5G smartphones from the South Korean company. No matter what you're looking for, the Galaxy S2 0 line likely has something to suit your needs.

$799.99 at Amazon

$999.99 at Samsung

PS7 99.00 at Samsung

PS7 99.00 at Amazon

$999.99 at Verizon

$999.99 at AT& T

$999.99 at Sprint

Samsung Galaxy S2 0, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra updates

Current stable version: Android 11 When will the Galaxy S2 0, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra do Android 12 ?: December 2021( Estimated)

Samsung launched those who are relatives of Galaxy S2 0 phones on February 11, 2020. Pre-orders for the machines started on February 21 and the inventions property in stores on March 6. Every device in the family launched with Android 10 out of the box( barked over with Samsung's One UI 2.0, of course ).

Samsung has get much faster and more regular with software updates as of late. We encountered the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 genealogies get Android 10 in record hour for the OEM. Samsung continued its trend with quick modernizes with the Galaxy S2 0 series. The firm has already started rolling out Android 11 and One UI 3.0 to select Galaxy S2 0 devices.

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Before the Galaxy S2 0 category of phones even hit store shelves, Samsung already began liberating its first inform. Harmonizing to Tizen Help, updated information is flattening out to South Korean S20 Ultra machines, and it cooks a few camera controversies while also delivering the March Android security patch. This means that when you make your Galaxy S2 0 Ultra out of the box on March 6, there will likely be an update waiting for you.

Verizon also began propagandizing out a pre-release update to its Galaxy S2 0 Plus and Galaxy S2 0 Ultra discrepancies on March 2. The update is said to bring performance enhancements to both inventions and it including the March security patch.

Shortly after that, the entire T-Mobile Galaxy S2 0 line began receiving the March security patch more. The modernize started reeling out while some lucky purchasers got their machines a few dates ahead of the official March 6 open date.

A second pre-release update was also rolled out to the Galaxy S2 0 phone. It returned further improvements to the camera performance and overall used ordeal, including enhanced touch gestures.

Following the release of the S2 0 series, Samsung sent out a firmware update to the Exynos variants of the telephone. The inform brought a new version of the camera app( to all three Galaxy S2 0 phones. It also corrected the sluggish autofocus question some useds is currently facing on the brand-new flagships. The Snapdragon frameworks gained this update a few weeks later, bringing an improved camera experience too.

In early April, Samsung started wheeling out another software update to the Galaxy S2 0 clas. Customers stared receives the 435 MB update( improved figure: G98x0ZHU1ATCT) on their S20 telephones. Harmonizing to SamMobile, the changelog listed an improved camera experience and the April 2020 insurance patch.

This April update started a bunch of issues on the S20 phones, extremely the S20 Ultra which started displaying an exceptional green display tint. Users likewise reported problems with autofocus and charging. Samsung revoked the update on April 20 to fix the problems and then issued a new inform a few days later.

Samsung likewise propagandized out the G9 8xxXXS2ATD5 revise at the end of April, producing the May 2020 certificate spot and not much else. The June patch followed shortly afterward for the unlocked models, with US carrier-branded examples landing a week later.

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At the end of June, Samsung started pushing out another revise to the Galaxy S2 0 series with the July security patches. Along with the spot, there were some new features, such as the ability to use a Bluetooth microphone when using a voice recording app. The revise also permanently removed the MirrorLink function on the telephone. The aspect allowed users to reflect their smartphone's display to their car's president unit.

On August 3, Samsung started rolling out the month's security patches for the Galaxy S2 0, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra in some countries. According to SamMobile, the update was initially rolled out to Exynos-powered Galaxy S2 0 sits in a number of European countries. It should have also hit the Snapdragon frameworks subsequently. If you haven't received it yet, you might have to wait a bit longer.

Besides the August security patches, updated information for the Galaxy S2 0 series likewise generated some stability and achievement improvements.

On August 21, Samsung started rolling out the One UI 2.5 update to the Galaxy S2 0 lineage. This was a big software update for the S20 series and carried over a assortment of new facets that first smacked the Galaxy Note 20 when it launched. The revise contributed an improved Pro video mode with the ability to record footage in 21:9 aspect rate, vary the direction of your phone's mic, and more.

One UI 2.5 too wreaked aspects such as wireless DeX that connects your Galaxy S2 0 to your Tv, Audio Bookmark to sync your tones with audio recording, the ability to change the duration of the Single Take camera mode, and more.

At the end of September, the Samsung Galaxy S2 0 series received firmware version G98xxXXU4BTIB with the September security patch and some camera betterments( h/ t SamMobile ).

On October 5, the Samsung Galaxy S2 0 series( eliminating the Galaxy S2 0 FE) welcomed the October security patches( h/ t SamMobile ). The modernize carried firmware edition G98xxXXS5BTIJ and should not included any new boasts or optimizations apart from the monthly insurance patches.

On October 7, Samsung started rolling out the first public beta of One UI 3.0 to users in the US. As detailed in a screenshot by XDA user SmileBigNow, the update came time under 2.9 GB and with firmware copy crowd G988USQU1ZTJ3.

A week last-minute, the second One UI 3.0 public beta modernize made Galaxy S2 0 phones in the US, per SamMobile. The inform carried firmware edition G988U1UEU1ZTJA. No significant changes were mentioned in the changelog, but updated information did bring the October security patch in tow.

Towards the end of October, the Galaxy S2 0 series started receiving its second One UI 3.0 beta modernize. It carried firmware edition G98xU1UEU1ZTJG and was around 600 MB in size. There weren't any major new aspects computed with updated information apart from a few cases fault fixes.

At the start of November, Samsung updated the Galaxy S2 0 series with the November security patch. The inform reeled out to telephones racing One UI 2.5 , not the public beta of One UI 3.0.

On November 19, 2020, Samsung rolled out the final One UI 3.0 beta update to Galaxy S2 0 phones, imparting firmware copy G98xxXXU5ZTKF and the December 2020 security patch.

The Verizon Galaxy S2 0, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra were first to receive the stable One UI 3.0 update on December 2. You can predict more about the update on Verizon's official changelog, but it creates Wireless Dex functionality, more granular residence/ fasten screen authorities, and Android 11' s improvements.

Samsung expanded its rollout across the US on December 3, as more Galaxy S2 0 series customers received the stable update. The inform also started appearing on some European users' devices.

On December 7, those on T-Mobile's network in the US received the Android 11 revise. A week last-minute, updated information arrived for users on AT& T.

On January 5, Samsung wheeled out the first updated information on its first year to the Galaxy S2 0 series. It made with it the January 2021 Android security patch. Per 9to5Google, the changelog didn't describe many alters beyond this. The revise itself weighed in at around 235 MB.

At the end of January, Samsung pushed the February 2021 protection revise to handsets in Europe and the UK. Phones in the US investigated it in early February.

Here are the current stable versions of each device in the Galaxy S2 0 family.

Samsung Galaxy S2 0, S20 Plus, and S20 UltraAndroid 10 Android 11





US UnlockedYesTBA

International UnlockedYesTBA

Let us know which Samsung Galaxy S2 0 update you’re sway in the comments. Also, if you’ve discerned an OTA that we haven’t, tip us!

Looking for another device update? Check out our Android 9 Pie and Android 10 update trackers.

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Best Way to Get a New Phone: Money-Saving Advice

There comes a experience when you need to break up with the adoration of their own lives. Sure, your current cell phone has been a trustworthy and constant comrade, but now you want to play the field.

First, do you want the latest and greatest new cell phone on the market or one that’s been tested and gently squandered?

If you’ve got to have the latest cell phone sporting all the bells and whistles, here are some gratuities for getting very good slew.

When to Buy a New Phone

With the latest model flagship phones costing around $1,000, a new cell phone is a big investment.

According to the International Data Corporation, smartphone dealers sent 386 million brand-new designs worldwide in the last quarter of 2020. That was down from 2019 and pre-pandemic, but the new phone market is showing signs of recovery.

Apple and Samsung are No. 1 and 2 in sales. Apple’s latest example is the iPhone 12 and Samsung’s is the Samsung Galaxy S2 1. There are many other firms that realize new telephones, but the top two present a variety of mannequins each with different features.

The easiest way to get a brand-new cell phone is to upgrade through your carrier, but that is likely to not got to get the best deal.

Knowing what you need and require, and doing some research can save you money. The producers positioned a proposed retail price, but that doesn’t mean that’s what you will pay. In fact, make sure you don’t.

Timing your buy is important. When a company initiates a new phone, that’s frequently when the prices are the highest. Patience can pay off.

“The longer you can hold off buying the product, the more fund you’re going to save, ” said Carl Prouty, tech expert with Abt Electronics and YouTube personality. “( The creators) try to get what they can out of the early adopters and then once they’re done buying,( marketers) have to cater to the people who are maybe on the fence that could be swayed by a drop in prices.”

Holidays are also a good time to shop for cell phone deals.

“Some supermarkets will do advertisements, so keep your eyes open for those types of batches if you are looking for ways to save or maybe stretch your dollar a little bit, ” Prouty said.

Do You Actually Need a New Phone?

Do you want a brand-new telephone or do it is necessary to a new phone? Is there a new peculiarity your current phone doesn’t have but it is necessary to? Is your aged phone giving you trouble? Understanding your motivating can help you store around.

Once you decide it is necessary to a new cell phone, decide what facets you need. Prouty intimated thinking about 😛 TAGEND

Platform: Android or iOS( Apple ). Going with what you know might make it easier, but it might restriction your assortment and cost alternatives. Prouty said he switched from an Android to an iPhone because his part category was communicating via FaceTime and he wasn’t able to join in. Storage: Many telephones have a built-in storage capacity and some have an option to expand the storage. If you have lots of photos, make many videos, or store a lot of music, the storage width affairs. Screen sizing: Some telephones are larger than others. While that’s great for watching videos and looking at websites, it might not be so good for trying to use it one-handed or for beings with big handwritings. Battery: The eras of having a removable and easily replaceable artillery are run with most phones. Check to make sure the battery on your preferred phone can keep up with your consume. Performance: Check the processor and the fast. Camera: Cameras are constantly improving. Think about how you use your phone’s camera and that can help you decide if you need a phone camera with variou lenses building in or if simply being able to toggle the screen from forward to the backward selfie view is enough.

At this station, 5G capability isn’t an essential feature, Prouty explained.

“I actually turned it off on my phone because if you’re not on an unlimited data plan, you are going to eat up data really fast. You’re not going to get 5G wherever you go, so currently it’s not quite as useful as it may be down the road when they have more feelers up.”

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can begin looking for phone makes and models that clothing you.

If all you do is talk on the telephone, text, email, and take a few photos, you are able to not need the flagship version and a more budget-friendly model might be a better fit.

Also, going for a previous sit is a good way to save some money. What was just top of the line before the brand-new model came out, is still a great phone.

“The first step is just to be adaptable on what sit you get. If you demand the latest and the greatest and you’re going to pay a premium for that, ” said Andrea Woroch, customer and money-saving expert. “But if you’re willing to make last year’s model or like the previous mannequin then you’re going to find some savings because they’re not flying off the shelves and the demand isn’t as great.”

Stores often sell telephones as “open-box” that they cannot sell as brand-new. Sometimes these are floor prototypes or returns. The retailers should check these concoctions before selling them to make sure they are in working order. Sometimes, the phones are lacking packaging or an supplementary and have the same warranty as a brand-new phone.

Prouty said some retailers sell refurbished telephones that might have had some kind of imperfection which has been rectified. They typically have warranties same to a brand-new phone. He said it is important to check to make sure any old-time data or informed about a refurbished or open carton telephone has been wiped clean.

Maybe you merely need a new-to-you phone and not a brand new phone. There are many utilized telephones out there which still have a lot of man left in them.

Where to Shop for a New Phone

Once upon a time, most of us bought our new cell phones at a rebate in exchange for signing a brand-new two-year or more contract with a carrier. It fastened us into a cell phone plan for a place amount of season during which we paid off the cost of the phone in small amounts. Breaking the contract was costly and phones for one carrier wouldn’t work with another.

Things have changed and now carriers allow you to bring your own device and SIM card to them, so the deals are plentiful.

Your current carrier is a good place to start. Waroch said carriers sometimes have deductions to encourage customers to stay with them and signal new agreements.

She said that carriers too give considers on phones if you switch to them from your current provider.

If you go the direction of ratifying a new deal, spoke the agreed thoroughly. Sometimes, the agreements are only good for several months which require s a commitment on your role or you will pay a higher price for the phone.

Also, Prouty warned that sometimes the deepest dismiss come by signing up for an all-inclusive plan with limitless everything. While that may give you a lower price on the phone, you might end up paying more for services you don’t need which will cost you more over time.

It’s important to know telephones you buy through a carrier or that are linked to a particular carrier often contain software and bloatware the carrier positions. If you crave a phone without any of this, look for an unlocked mannequin, which is sometimes more expensive.

“There isn’t a carrier subsidizing any of the cost of that phone, ” Prouty justified. So generally when you’re buying a phone for $600 from( air carriers, that carrier) is paying part of what the overall cost is, which is why it is only $600 instead of $800. ”

Many of the cell phone producers too sell directly from their websites, and you can choose your carrier or an unlocked form. They often have auctions and deals.

Many large-hearted casket accumulations and rebate associations also sell phones and offer auctions, rebates, offering posters with purchase, plus more deals.

Sometimes the pricing differs between online and in-store, so patronize around. Often, supermarkets will price-match their online premiums if you ask.

Don’t forget to check online retailers such as Amazon and others.


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Carmen Lin

See more in Save Money or ask a money question

How to Get The Best Deal On a New Phone

Once you have an idea of what you want and possibly where you want to buy, it’s is necessary to make sure you get the best deal.

When looking at the price of a phone and comparing lots, make sure to factor in 😛 TAGEND

Price of the phone. Busines in significance for your current phone. You might be able to get a better toll for your applied phone from third-party areas than you would from retailers selling you a new telephone. You might also want to keep your old-time telephone as a backup. Any rebates. Percentage or flat frequency rebates. Auction duty.

Companies often offer batches in the form of gift placards or other types of endows with purchase, but not a discount on the telephone itself.

The retailer gets the benefit by giving you a offering placard, Waroch explained.

“It comes you going back to the store and spend versus giving you a flat discount off the rate and a lot of people end up spending more than what the gift poster quality is.”

It’s 100% profit for the retailer if the knack holder loses the card, forgets about it, or doesn’t spend the full amount which is all better for the retailer versus simply discounting the telephone immediately, she said.

When at the collect or online, don’t forget to ask for any special dismiss. It never hurts to ask if you qualify for any, Waroch suggested.

“Many wireless carriers offer discounts to students, coaches, armed, and sometimes even elderly consumers. Exactly make sure you have compelled identification to prove your status to secure the discount.”

If you’re planning to buy online, don’t forget store portals which have assistances if you sounds through them to establish your purchase.

“That’s merely a no brainer. It’s easy, it’s effortless and if you’re going to earn an extra 1.5% cashback or 5% cashback why wouldn’t you take advantage of that if it’s effortless, ” Waroch said, adding a small amount of cash back supplements up on a pricey phone.

Also, look for coupons.

“Run a immediate exploration with the wireless carrier appoint and period certificate code to see if any distributes pop up, ” Waroch said. “Keep in thought, countless tickets may be limited to a certain type of phone so the more flexible you are on which telephone you buy, "the worlds biggest" the savings you can score.”

If you find a price you’re happy with, make sure to act quickly. Some retailers give flare promos and sales which are gone as fast as they came. Waroch said even if you want to buy a phone but read no considers, it can pay to be patient.

“You’re going to see transactions and you’re going to see a span with no treats. My word of prudence would be wait. It’s not going to be too long before another auction comes out.”

Tiffani Sherman is a Florida-based freelance reporter with more than 25 years of ordeal writing about finance, health, hasten and other topics.

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