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Tesco and WWF launch climate-friendly cattle feed scheme for dairy farmers

Tesco and WWF launch climate-friendly cattle feed scheme for dairy farmers

Tesco dairy farmers to receive 80 per cent seed give for seeds and herbs it claims can improve animal diseases, spray and soil quality while also cutting releases

Tesco has teamed up with conservation group WWF to launch a new aid intrigue designed to expand the market for sustainable cattle feed for dairy farmers, the supermarket heavyweight uncovered yesterday.

The scheme furnishes 15 farmers in Tesco's Sustainable Dairy Group an 80 per cent subsidy to plant herbal leys, a mixture of flowers, legumes and herbs which are designed to offer health feed for dairy cows while also enriching the clay and improving irrigate character, it interpreted. The feed assortment can also help to reduce the carbon footprint of farms, as it does not need as much artificial nitrogen fertiliser to grow, and even captivates more carbon than other grasses.

The dairy farmers are then also offered competitive rates for their milk to ensure they have enough money to invest in animal welfare and environmental sustainability, Tesco added.

Tom Atkins, Tesco's agriculture manager, indicated by the new strategy would help support the supermarket's aim to halve the environmental impact of its customers' average patronizing basket, by targeting the high-pitched carbon emissions combined with the dairy industry.

"We want to ensure we're do all we can to continue to support our farmers and, in this critical decade for climate and sort, assist realize our dairy farms some of the most sustainable in the world, " said Atkins. "We will continue to work with our farmers to both abbreviate carbon emissions and continue to increase the amount of biodiversity on farm. We will likewise be working together on more innovative initiatives like our herbal leys project, which should introduce massive benefits to its implementation of clay state and biodiversity."

The initiative forms part of an ongoing partnership between Tesco and WWF, and the two plan to continue subsidising seed costs for farmers for the next two years, with deem to potentially offering more farmers the chance to take part in the scheme in future.

Tesco also said it was also planning further measures to cut farm carbon emissions, improve grunge excellence, shorten water habit and improve biodiversity. Since 2016 Tesco sustainable Dairy Group farmers have cut their emissions by 6.5 per cent, but the supermarket said it was now targeting a further 10 per cent of cases cut in radiations by 2025.

Among the 15 farmers already involved in the trial are Amie Lovatt and her husband Chris, who moved a raise in Cheshire. Lovatt said the couple "jumped at the chance to be included in the ordeal as it's important that we all have to find the balance between producing affordable and healthy food and looking after the environment we live in".

"We believe that herbal leys could stipulate a excellent provide answers to that as not only will they improve grime health and formation thanks to their deep beginnings but are also little reliant on artificial fertilisers, " she added.

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Who gets your EPF after you die is predecided

Most salaried men have Employees' Provident Fund( EPF) and Employees' Pension Scheme( EPS)( provisioned certain conditions are satisfied) accounts. Along with EPF, an individual is also covered under Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance( EDLI ). Nomination in EPF, EDLI and EPS details are governed by the Employees' Provident Fund& Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Under the Act, an EPF member can elect only those people who are defined as 'family' under the scheme.If you will your EPF and EDLI money to anyone other than the defined 'family' representatives, then the nomination performed in the arrangement would overrule the beneficiary mentioned in the will. The recipient of the EPF and EDLI cannot be anyone if the 'family' members as specified by the law is alive. Similarly, EPS cannot be bequeathed via will. If done, then interest will go as per the pension scheme supplyings and not to the beneficiary mentioned in the will made by an individual.Will or nominations: What happens if there is a mismatch? What happens if there is a mismatch in the campaigners mentioned in EPF account and beneficiaries mentioned in the member's will? "A will is defined under the Indian Succession Act, 1925 as "the legal statement of the intent of a testator with respect to his property which he desires to be carried into result after his death". Therefore, as the first step, it would have to be examined whether the concerned person has absolute title to the property that is sought to be disposed of. Members of the EPF/ EPS/ EDLI Scheme are bind by its terms - therefore, disbursement of stores would have to take place in accordance with the relevant scheme( notwithstanding the terms of a 'will') and the definition of 'family' as prescribed therein. By way of two examples, if a deceased male member elects his wife to receive EPF growths, the summarizes would be paid to her by the trustees , nonetheless, she will nurse it on behalf of the other 'family' representatives specified under the EPF( such as dependent parents) - nomination would not deprive them of their name to the EPF funds. It is unlikely that any other person mentioned in the will would get coin apart from defined 'family' members. In case of EPS, she will be fully entitled to receive the pension in the manner specified under the pension scheme - it's unlikely that a will be able to override this, " says Sowmya Kumar, Partner, Induslaw. 8416350 7Whom can you nominate under the EPF scheme? Under the programme conventions, an EPF member is impossible to select marriage, unmarried/ married children as well as dependent mothers as 'family' members who will receive funds in case of his/ her collapse. A female representative can also nominate her husband's dependent parents.Kumar says, "However, a female member can inform a Provident Fund Commissioner in writing of her desire to exclude her husband from the definition of 'family' - in this case, the partner and his dependent mothers shall no longer be part of 'family'. This shall be applicable for the purposes of EPF nomination."Do note that nominations that were filed for EPF and EPS before a representative is married become invalid once he/ she is married. After marriage, member of EPF and EPS is required to file the nominations again. Kumar says, "If a member fails to make a fresh nomination after matrimony, then any earlier nomination prepared would not be valid. In such a situation, EPF funds will be disbursed as follows:( a) it "il pay" equally to members of the 'family';( b) nonetheless, lads who have attained majority and married daughters whose partners are alive would not be entitled to this, if other 'family members' are alive( such as marriage or dependant mothers );( c) only in situations where there is no nomination and no 'family' will EPF stores be payable to the person legally entitled to it( for example, recipients under a will ). "Whom can you nominate under the EPS? In case of EPS, the definition of 'family' is limited to spouse and children. Amrita Tonk, Partner, L& L Partners( formerly known as Luthra& Luthra) says, "EPS specifically marks the widow and the children of the deceased hire to be entitled to receive the pension. It is a settled predicament of law that since the family pension is in the nature of a aid arrangement and would be payable to the widow and the children only upon the downfall of the employee, the same would not fall within the estate of the employee and therefore the same cannot be bequeathed by a will.""Only in cases where the member states "havent been" 'family'( i.e ., spouse or eligible children) will he/ she be entitled to nominate others( this can include biological mothers) in respect of the monthly pension. Furthermore, if honourable members dies left with no spouse/ eligible children, and there is no nomination, the widow pension shall be paid to the dependant father or the dependant mother. If the dependent parent receives the pension and subsequently transfers apart, the pension shall be payable to the surviving mother life long, " says Kumar.Nomination under EDLIIn case of Employees Deposit Linked Insurance( EDLI ), any nomination determined under the EPF Scheme will be applicable to the EDLI Scheme as well. The word 'family' under EDLI has the same meaning as that under EPF. Therefore, if there is no nomination, EDLI summing-ups will be paid to members of the 'family' in equal shares. "However, lads who have attained majority and married daughters whose partners are alive, would not be entitled to this, if other 'family members' are alive( such as spouse or dependant parents ), " says Kumar.Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal advice. It is based on beliefs and answers acquired to specific questions from different legal experts. Case specific legal advice should be obtained independently before taking such action

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Ditching Green Homes Grant scheme will hit north hardest, think tank warns

Ditching Green Homes Grant scheme will hit north hardest, think tank warns

Regions of northern England most likely to miss out on urgently needed upgrade work when Green Homes Grant voucher scheme closes for works today, ECIU reminds

The government's shock decision to ditch its flagship Green Homes Grant vouchers scheme is set to disproportionately affected northern regions of England, where 223,000 residences are expected to miss out on the opportunity to fund critical measures to upgrade draughty assets, analysis today claims.

To date, the North West, North East, Yorkshire, and Humber fields have accounted for more than 40 per cent of applications did through the energy efficiency upgrade scheme, which is set to close for good to new applications at 5pm today.

As a upshot, these regions - which have been shown to have among the highest proportions of draughty, wasteful homes in the country - are set to be harder hit by the scrapping of the grants programme compared to London and the South East, which have thus far accounted for around 20 per cent of cases of lotions, the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit( ECIU) found.

Yet alongside the Midlands, where another 112,000 homes are expected to miss out on Green Homes Grant vouchers, these northern regions of England likewise have some of the highest rates of ga poverty and the greatest proportion of homes falling below national energy efficiency standards, according to the think tank.

ECIU analyst Jess Ralston warned that with the authorities concerned determining a aim for all dwellings to reach Energy Performance Certificate band C by 2035, and decarbonising dwellings widely regarded as one of the UK's biggest challenges in converge its 2050 net zero radiations purpose, ditching the Green Homes Grant planned could prove a downwards step that negatively impacts both householders and workers.

"Pulling the plug on the Green Homes Grant transmits the wrong word to countless brand-new Conservative voters in the North and Midlands which is able to regrettably bear the brunt of separated promises to fix up millions of leaky residences, " she said. "Local parishes will too be harmed by the inability to deliver thousands of new skilled enterprises, a core tenet of the government's aims to level up the nation at the same time as bringing releases down to net zero."

Launched last year as a cornerstone of its 'green recovery' agenda, the government's Green Homes Grant Scheme had offered up to PS5, 000 off the costs of carrying out upgrade measures such as installing insulation or low-pitched carbon heating system, rising to PS10, 000 for low income households.

However, with the scheme beset by myriad administrative troubles from the beginning, which verified both applicants and installers struggle to register for the planned and exclusively a fraction of the intended budget awarded over its first six months, the government unceremoniously ditched its own initiative on Saturday. It were originally named a purpose for 600,000 dark-green residence improves to be delivered through the arrangement, but really a fraction are thought to have been handed out its short-lived lifespan due to administrative problems.

The government rendered merely four days' notice for householders to get in their applications for vouchers before the scheme closes for good at 5pm today, leaving no alternative grant scheme in place to help middle-income earners fund energy efficiency upgrades to their dwellings. Question distinguishes likewise surround what will happen to the initial PS1. 5bn plan given to cover the first year of the scheme, much of which has not been spent.

But the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy( BEIS) feuded ECIU's digits and stressed that millions of pounds of funding was still being available through several other government schemes to support light-green dwelling upgrades in northern regions.

On Saturday it announced an additional PS3 00 m funding to help low income householders decarbonise their residences through two separate funding schemes run by local authorities, which it said "ve brought" its total spending on energy efficiency measures to PS1. 3bn in 2021/22. And it stressed that all works received before 5pm today would be processed in the coming months with vouchers apportioned as promised where dwellings are deemed to be eligible for grants.

" More than PS60m of lettuce government funding has already been given to 24 parliaments in the north west , north east and Yorkshire and Humber to retrofit more than 7,500 dwellings, establishing the country's first decarbonised communities and substantiating up to 8,000 green chores each year as we improve back better and greener from the pandemic, " BEIS claimed in the following statement. "Homes in the countries of the north of England will likewise benefit from the PS300m of extra funded for dark-green residence improves national which we have announced recently - helping people to cut emissions, save money on their energy bills and keep warm."

Even so, the decision to scrap the scheme caused immediate commotion among campaigners, politicians, and customs alike, with some arguing the Green Homes Grant Scheme's die was "an avoidable tragedy", as its administrative problems have had an opportunity to ironed out over time.

Ralston further stressed today that "there is no way to get to net zero without attacking emissions resulting from our homes", as pres settings on the government to come forward with a brand-new, alternative scheme for funding lettuce residence modernizes ahead of its hotly-anticipated Buildings and Heating Decarbonisation Strategy in May.

"Public participation is essential in reaching this goal and so far the government is doing its best to shape lifetime difficult for genealogies keen to taking any decision on their carbon footprints, " Ralston said.

The government has repeatedly reiterated its commitment to "building back greener from the pandemic", insisting the Prime Minister's 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution published last year provides a "clear strategy" for reaching net zero releases by 2050 while also boosting light-green jobs and growth.

But commenting on ECIU's sees today, Brian Robson, executive director at the Northern Housing Consortium - which represents 140 committees and room associations across the North - said a clearly defined, long-term policy commitment was needed from the government to help upgrade notoriously draughty homes across the region.

"The North's homes are older and colder than the national average, so it's only natural that there were high levels of interest in the Green Homes Grant from our regions, " he showed. "The North of England needs an end to stop-start policy on home improvements: simply a long-term commitment to decarbonise our homes will enable us to build the skills and supply series necessary to undertake this work at scale. If we get that commitment from government, we can create thousands of good light-green activities, delivering not just on net zero, but levelling-up too."

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Reports: PM pushing for domestic insulation programme to succeed embattled Green Homes Grant

Reports: PM pushing for domestic insulation programme to succeed embattled Green Homes Grant

Bloomberg reports discussions about a brand-new domestic insulation curriculum is taking place in the top echelons of authority as fresh research foregrounds low-carbon home retrofits could produce hundreds of thousands of jobs

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng are said to be pushing for a brand-new dark-green residences retrofit program in the wake of the recent decision to slash funding for the Green Homes Grant, according to reports.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that generators familiar to the matter said discussions are underway about a longer-term domestic isolation curriculum that enables you to build the UK's housing stock more vitality efficient.

The news agency said sources had discovered Johnson and Kwarteng were pushing for the programme, while the Treasury was said to be seeking to redirect stores elsewhere.

The reports come after the government took the contentious decision to reduce funding for its flagship dark-green home stimulus programme, the Green Homes Grant, to PS320m over the 2021 -2 022 excise year, despite merely holding out a fraction of the PS1. 5bn originally promised to homeowners through arrangement since the launching last September.

The roll out of the scheme, which provides vouchers to home owners to help fund the installation of low-grade carbon heating system or energy efficiency modernizes, has been haunted with issues that the government has largely denounced on dislocation caused by the pandemic. Nonetheless , trade unions and dark-green groups have argued that the programme has been undermined by recited administrative issues, pay delays, and the initial deadline for all the budget to be used by the end of March.

Sources also told Bloomberg the government had decided to delay its landmark building decarbonisation policy plan, the Heat and Buildings Strategy, to May, two months of its original March date.

The long-awaited policy document is expected to set out how the government intends to decarbonise the UK's building stock, who has responsibility for roughly 40 per cent of the UK's carbon emissions. The UK's homes alone have the responsibility of 14 per cent of the country's emissions, with the majority of members still powered by fossil fuel and inadequately insulated.

A spokesperson from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy did not confirm nor disclaim the report, but spotlit the energy efficiency increases that had been delivered through the Green Homes Grant programme since the launching. "Over 27,000 Green Homes Grant vouchers worth PS115m have already been issued, helping us improve the energy efficiency of homes, and we continue to work with the scheme's administrator to ensure voucher lotions are processed as quickly as possible, " they said.

They also emphaised the scheme had been impacted by homeowner's reticence to welcome tradespeople into their house during a pandemic. "The Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme was designed to provide a short-term financial stimulus while tackling our contribution to climate change, " they said. "However, the prevalence of Covid-1 9 since the scheme's launch in September last year has led to an understandable hesitancy on the part of the public to welcome tradespeople into their homes."

Industry groups and environmental campaigners have accepted such an interpretation, arguing the scheme's struggles were more the result of administrative defers and a failing of the government to give suppliers and installers sufficient time to scale up to meet growing demand.

Reports that its authorities may design a new structure decarbonisation programme comes just days after a new analysis from UK1 00, the University of Leeds and LSE highlighted that more 1.2 million dark-green enterprises could be created in manufacturing and building if the government "committed to the dark-green economy".

In a report published late last week, professors wish to stress that the change to a lower-carbon economy could deliver a "green boost in blue collar jobs" noting that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be needed to compile the UK's 29 million residences more vitality efficient over the coming years.

Lancashire is highlighted as the orbit with the highest potential for new green creation and property-related professions, with more than 33,500 characters likely to be created or in demand, followed by Hampshire and Essex, where roughly 27,000 and 25,000 rackets could be created or in demand, according to the update.

Overall, the shifting to a light-green economy will rely on three million jobs across a variety of spheres, according to the report.

"Across the UK, the move to a greener economy will create thousands of new jobs in every local parish, " said chairman of the UK100 Polly Billington. "It's really important we don't lose sight of this critical long-term goal - so the Prime Minister can meet his explicit goal of construct back better."

The UK Green Building Council has estimated that for the UK to reach its legally-binding net zero goal by 2050, 1.8 homes need to be retrofitted every minute between now and 2050.

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