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30 Business Decisions That Ended Up Hurting Companies, As Shared In This Online Group

'Under brand-new management’ are probably the worst texts to see written at the acces of your favorite souvlaki home, producing mistrust for purposes of determining whether the brand-new proprietors or people who were appointed to run the place will have maintained an equal stage of quality that you, as a dedicated client, are applied to. And it can be any business, really--a change in ownership can be a refreshing thing or else it can totally destroy the spirit of the previous constitution or office.

Users on Reddit are sharing their most pertinent fibs instancing how controversial some business decisions might be: from sold ice cream parlors to Target in Canada and Star Wars. And although the previous year has viewed some businesses and companies go out of order , not all the brand-new seeks, as we have learned in the past, are there not to always succeed.

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#1There was an Italian situate in my hometown that was well liked for its pizza, among other things. The waitresses built the dough fresh in the kitchen, and the concocts formed the sauce as close to being in-house as you can get short of actually steaming and straining tomatoes.

The owners eventually sold it, and the brand-new owners turned it into a prohibit& grill. They still had the pizza, but it was all frozen dough and bland canned sauce. Meanwhile, a follower and regular of the original diner bought an old mechanic garage and sterilized it up to be a spiritual successor to the aged one -- he even got all the recipes he had been able to from the original owneds; surprise of all surprises, his is the one that succeeded while the bar& grill petered out after the rarity hurry.

The barroom& grill eventually sold to that person, and now it's a new, different table& grill, but with all the very best meat that the age-old Italian region dished still on menu. It's been running strong for over a decade since.

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#2Property administration corporation I used to work for had a number of student properties and high-rises that were always a struggle to fill in the summer months when students went out of town.

Head office came up with an volunteer that any person who is signed for two years got the four time months at 50% off. Reverberates like a great deal, 50% fee is much better than zero. We ratified tons of students.

However the lease templates that head office sent over established the reduced rent rate on the lease rather than just computing the reject as a separate addendum. I noticed this gap and reported it - and was subsequently neglected.

Which meant the students were indicating a legal document that guaranteed them 50% tariff for two years.

The companionship lost hundreds of thousands in revenue.

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#3A make my papa worked with sold off a beautiful piece of land next to a river in a very desirable area, he sold it to another developer. The new developer cut down every tree on the 6 acre area, as he said, "he wanted to see what he had". The land then started to slide into the river, making it worthless and ugly.

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#4I used to work for a company that was bleeding money. In tell to try and save money, they decided to stop honoring returns/ rebates, but still advertised that they did.

Whenever someone would ask for a indemnity, you were supposed to tell the person that it would be processed in the next 6-8 weeks, then get them off the phone.

6-8 days later, when they ask where their money is, you were supposed to apologize and say their paperwork get put in the wrong stack, and that it would be put in the chasten stack and would then be processed in the next 6-8 weeks.

If they complained about the length of time, you were supposed to tell them you can ask your supervisor to expedite it, and they should see it in 4-6 weeks instead.

If they peril legal action after months and months, you were supposed to tell them to contact the company legal agency( we didn't have a company law bureau) and then hang up on them. Then, make a note in their chronicle. No one should field entitles from that note further.

More than half the label hub discontinue in a single week in objection of the present decision.

Company collapsed in on itself within a few months.

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#5In my hometown there was an independent fast food and homemade ice cream place, long established and run by close friends. It was a goldmine. They decided to sell and retire. New owners immediately reformed everything. Painted it a wildernes shade, removed some fascinations on the grounds, converted the 60 time age-old menu and switched to commercially saw ice cream. They lasted 8 months.

Image credits: Strokedoutbear

#6My late enormous uncle started a fish and microchips restaurant. He had his own unique recipe for the fish and it was very popular. Businessmen had offered him thousands in money for it over the years, but he always slumped. After about 40 or so years, he decided to retire and side the business over to an bold recent college grad. He offered to give her the recipe and even voluntary his services for a bit while she got comfortable in her new role as owned. She waned both and within a year, she was forced to sell the restaurant after coming close to certifying bankruptcy. My great uncle died and made the recipe with him to his grave

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#7Knew this chap who wanted to start his own BBQ and hot sauce boundary, here was his process:

Get high-pitched with buddy and obligate the decision go into business together.

Argue about who should be financing the business

Get a loan from Grandma

Order a knot of bottles

Use a sharpie and some blank names to put on the bottles

Fill the bottles with amount BBQ sauce.

Try and sell these to Walmart

Get disturbed that Walmart won't shelve your representation sauces

Have several hundred bottles of unsealed make that wasn't readied hygienically.

Try and sell some to your extended family.

Get angry with extended family that they don't think it is your dreams of the last two weeks.

Beg family for money to pay back grandma.

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#8There was a shopping plaza near me with a fairly large gift store. Not a gift browse in the museum feel, mostly like a Hallmark store but independent. It wasn’t exactly bustling, but they apparently did solid business and a lot of beings in local communities actually revalued having it there as a sit to buy endowments and wrapping paper and such. The owners of the shopping plaza raise fees to the point that the patronize moves out of business. The rationale this was stupid is that the collect figurehead sat vacant for like 15 entire years. Severely, this neighbourhood closed when I was a child and I’m now 27 and the vacancy was only taken over very recently. If their aim in parent the hire was to have a more profitable store move in to that cavity, they certainly miscarried and missed out on decades of payment as a result.

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#9This one involves my Dad. Back in the '8 0s he decided he wanted to teach parties how to use Lotus 123, Excel, MS Word, etc. So he bought a knot of computers for a classroom, and he wrote interactive learn programs, and printed out handbooks and such. Even without push, "hes having" people asking to join his class BUT ... he was never quite ready. This Lotus 123 program could use more creation. He wasn't ready for a class, this MS Word lesson isn't relatively done. The perfectionist in him wouldn't give him uncover the less than perfect platforms/ class to parties ... just yet. He turned away paying purchasers for fear that it wasn't just perfect. He had made a lend out from a friend to finance this, but never made a dime. He paid the loan back by selling our cottage, something he regrets to this day. And why? Because he was afraid to be shortcoming.

That schooled me a exercise though, as the old-time saying proceeds "Perfect is the enemy of done". He could easily have become money and learnt his grades, refining the programs to student feedback. He could have handled flaws by teaching in person. He was afraid it wasn't perfect, so it was never done. We don't talk about it, or the shack that we built together( we had the foundation and formation built by pros, then the entire family sloped in to build the interior when we were teenages ).

It grieves me more because it was what he wanted to do, and "hes been gone" for it ... but not quite.

Image ascribes: ClownfishSoup

#10I worked for a video accumulation during the time Finding Nemo came out on DVD. The video store I worked for got a huge fishtank put inside. It was so large-scale they had to shrink the game rental section. The tank had comic fish in it. The container was also fastened and we couldn't feed fishing operations or clean it. This was supposed to be done by someone who I never ensure are now in. So the barrel purposed up fitted with a assortment of dead Nemos in a annoying as f *** container. Needless to say parents were very unhappy about it. The local paper did a small article about it more which didn't cure an previously dying store. I have no idea what they thoughts an expensive as Hell fish tank would do for their business.

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#11I used to work for a design/ printing lieu for years, and the owner get from stunning intuition to stupid opinion on a regular basis. don't get me wrong - guy is a brilliant designer, absolutely took advantage of new tech every probability he could and induce it run.

But - he was cheap and greedy, so, spoilt what would have been rewarding long term business relationships.

So - we did this huge order of promo furnishes for a reasonably big-hearted on-line casino. gigantic, for him. about a 20 k require, with good perimeters, and the probability at long term work with this company.

While it was being picked up, on the spur of the moment, he shall be decided by pad the greenback by about 200 bucks. the person picking it up was the son of the casino owner, and literally watched the boss do this while I stood at teh till.

The client looks at me, smiles, and salaries the money. With a huge wad of cash. And says "I know it's not your mistake, but - my family is very rich. We didn't get that direction letting beings slam us off. Tell the boss over in the corner he time f ***** himself out of a lot of coin, since we are adoration the work." in a voice meant to carry.

Edit to clarify who was paying. And padding implies he increased the legislation over what he had quoted the job to cost.

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#12Take a assistance desk that has been consistently rated extremely well by its customers for their first-call-resolve, attitude, and helpfulness; outsource it to a company that's been rated towards the bottom of the roster for over a decade because it payments less than the salaries/ the advantages of your former in residence aid table. Then deplore when your first-call-resolve quits through the flooring and your customer satisfaction is at an all experience low.

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#13Kodak refusing to push digital cameras/ photography, and instead focusing on film cameras. If I recall correctly, I think Kodak was one of the first companies to create a digital camera, but instead of capitalizing on it, they sat on the technology and focused on film development.

Image credits: Swiss__Cheese

#14Target's stretch into Canada

collapsed in 2 years and costs them Billions

Image ascribes: USSMarauder

#15I wielded at JCP before and after 2011( I make) when they revamped the whole company. They made apart vouchers, and they made away a lot of departments parties( especially older people) desired, like practice window coverings. They also brought in extremely expensive furniture. Like $ 8,000 dining tables. Trust me .. no one shopping at JCP is looking to buy an $8,000 table.

They paid the CEO who brought about all these changes a massive amount of money and it failed miserably. Parties Disliked the amendments and we went from a hectic supermarket almost every weekend, to it being dead almost every weekend. It previous perhaps 2 years and then they brought back a lot of the stuff they get rid of, but the damage was done. The people who had been store at JCP for years and times who stopped after the changes, didn't come back.

JCP lost an insane amount of money during this whole thing and never recovered. They filed for insolvency last year.

Image ascribes: Byzantium4 2

#16Cafe I work for decided it wanted to fire everyone except for the pass and the manager. Then told the manager they weren't give her salary anymore AND she needed to take on more design. Assumed beings would do it because they "love their jobs"

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#17Circuit City was pretty stupid. When the recession punched, they decided to stop selling gizmoes and instead focus on DVDs and televisions and such.( Gadgets are known as being a recession proof entry. People ever need refrigerators and microwaves. They don't need DVDs .) They too wanted to cut down on labor penalties, so they fired a great deal of managers and assistant directors, and time left a good deal of enter position hires because they were cheaper to pay. Well, record degree hires don't certainly know how to fully run a place, so pretty much every Circuit City became puppies ***.

Image ascribes: Stevie-Avail

#18There was a Tex-Mex residence I affection in Fairbanks, Alaska. The menu wasn't GREAT, but it was consistent, and the prices were fair.

Well, a new owner "re coming back", and they decided to revamp it into a punishment dining steak residence. $30 was pretty much the lowest cost you could get for an item, and this was in a neighborhood that had a substantial crime rate and was right across the street from the bikini barista and the marijuana dispensary.

I stopped vanishing, and they extended under shortly thereafter. I went in once before the place closed down, and it was dreary and drain and they had tried to bring some of the classics back to the menu, but it was far too late by then.

You were too good for this world, Los Amigos.

Image recognitions: Thewrongbakedpotato

#1920th Century Fox presenting George Lucas the merchandising their entitlements and freedoms to sequels for Star Wars in exchange for a liquidate trimmed on his director's fee( from half a million to $150,000)

Image credits: the5thbeagle

#20A radio depot i used to listen to recently altered their format from 80% music, 20% talk demonstrate to 100% talk prove. Then they were like “oh you can still listen to the music but it’s simply going to be on our app.”

Image approvals: El_Voador

#21Two members of the band Steppenwolf wanted to break away from founder John Kay and wanted to tour exercising the band name. John Kay told them he would allow it....only if they ratified over their royalties from the song writing approvals the government has in the band. These two members were reassured they would be successful on their own so they agreed.

Since Steppenwolf without John Kay would be like the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger, that account of the band flopped tremendously.

Too, even a 5 year age-old could tell you that giving up your royalties on major collisions like "Born to Be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride" would be a really stupid thing to do, so these guys discontinued up having to work regular menial rackets when they could have been get a delightful royalty check in the mail instead.

Image approvals: YESCRIMSON

#22I used to work for a small airline for several years. We did fairly well doing regional flights across the US and Canada.

Our dip s *** CEO decides we should get into the private spray grocery and seduce in a bunch of rich person with more coin than they could spend.

This program hilariously backfired and we went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy for two reasons:

anyone that can afford a private spray wants to BUY one for themselves and hire a pilot to fly for them. They're not interested in buying a ticket AND hiring a pilot.

idiot CEO invested in outdated prop aircrafts. Because nothing petitions to rich people more than fancy airliners that scream through the air like a riding mower cranked to 11.

Image ascribes: Chingparr

#23Not even sure if it was a conscious decision but Sears passing on being Amazon in the early 90 's. Sears was poised and ready to be Amazon, they had most ingredients in place once and the others they had in their arsenal.

First they had name recognition, this was important for the cartel factor with the internet exploding like it was. They had the product line, for s **** sake you could buy a live from the Sizzles catalog. Delivery, it was there, they delivered the members of this house that you bought!

Internet portal, they had it. They owned Prodigy, one of the more recognized internet providers of the time. This was a joint venture with IBM, you are familiar with, the most well known hardware provider for computers at the time.

So IBM sells personal computers with Prodigy positioned with free to stupid low cost internet access. When you sign on it lowers you to a home page( that was the way it operated back then with software internet) with a link to the ONLINE SEARS CATALOG! Same great catalog, simply on the World wide web!

Image ascribes: JohnnyBrillcream

#24I directed at Hollywood Video from 2006 to 2009. At that time Netflix was growing by leaps and bounds and our revenue was decreasing from year to time.

Instead of emulating Netflix's model and using their more unmistakable brand name to fringe them out of business, Hollywood shrugged their shoulders and continued hiring single DVDs for $4.99 for 3 daylights plus late rewards.

Where they at now?

Image ascribes: PhillipLlerenas

#25My age-old fellowship was internationally known in our industry as represent one of the ideal places to be. We could hire basically anybody in the world in our room to move and work in our bureau. It was such a f ****** stunning home to work.

The CEO decided to cash out when a larger company just is attributable to our manufacture decided to buy us. The new company mostly gutted everything that concluded it huge, then hastened to go public. The work stock alternatives were pennies and they drastically cut helps. Every time there was a complaint the answer was "maybe you don't understand our vision" or "well we are a public fellowship now." They likewise got rid of our agency which was located in one of the hottest LA neighborhoods that everybody enjoyed.

More than half of the OG senior representatives have left and a large number of others are rumored to leave. I was forced to start assisting in hiring and it was grueling. People would apply believing it was our old firm, then find out what's up and extend abroad. Oh, and the stock is sinking.

I detest the fact that what once was is over. Those f **** ruined something great.

Image credits: W8sB 4D8s

#26Panera Cares opening less than a mile from my college campus.

For those who don't know, Panera Cares mostly just let you order food and would roll a "suggested donation" based on what you , but eventually it was honor system. The cashiers would just make change for you so you were able to place cash in the donation box. If you can't afford a meal it's fine to not offer but you are supposed to volunteer to work for two hours to cover it, but this isn't actually involved.

I think generally these things are supposed to be for really affluent neighborhoods where people probably donate even more than is "suggested." But students from the college basically turned it into a real life Tragedy of the Commons experiment. There was almost never bread available because everyone would just take it. The indications were insane and beings would give like$ 1 if anything. It closed within a year lol.

Image recognitions: WallOfTextGuy

#27Company I worked for decided to stay open instead of closing at the start of covid. The state even said they would pay employees and commit jobs fund if they closed and didn’t lay beings off.

Nope they remained open and all of their clients closed. Making no money for 5 months they had to lay off 80% of their employees.

Things started picking up last-place October. Well they were understaffed and couldn’t meet demands. Causing them to lose most of their big contracts. If it wasn’t supplemented by the mother company in Japan they would be done for now.

I succeeded there for 13 yrs. Checking how far we stretched to have one bad decision payment them everything is eye opening.

Image recognitions: Varvatos_Vex

#28In the early days of the personal computer, a somewhat pre-eminent developer Osborne extended t *** up because they established off their brand-new pattern far in advance of when it was actually going to be available. So predictably dealers immediately nullified all tells for their current computer model in preparation for the brand-new improved form. Inventory stacked up and they were bankrupt before the new representation ever came out ..... Its known as the Osborne Effect.

Image recognitions: RedDragons8

#29Around last year this period of time, I know person in their early 50 's that sold all of their speculations( at a significant dip from the increases) and decided to start producing and selling hand sanitizer in little bottles out of their garage. Seeing it as a big opportunity with the virus.

They wasted everything on the bottles, labels, plastic containers full of sanitizer( at a huge markup ), hiring neighbourhoods parties to fill the bottles and introduced the labels on, and then a website. By the time they had inventory, they realized that they couldn't compete on cost with lieu like Walmart or other big-hearted chest accumulates that has at last caught up to the famines by mid-summer. They likewise didn't realize that selling on Amazon was gated for that category so you had no chance of selling through there as a brand-new dealer. So now they mostly have a garage full of old hand sanitizer, and no savings.

Image approvals: HandyDrunkard

#30Holy heck my time to shine. Prepare for a number of them.

Exerted to work at the corporate place of a major water park in my government( if you ever lived in Utah you know which one ). The year before I started, they chose a new 'business' practice of present a season pass to the waterpark( and innumerable other equipment) for a measly $20 per year. Not a typo. Previously "theyve been" $ 150+ per year. Unbelievable right? It gets worse.

The year I started, they ranged a brand-new advertisement where you buy a season pass for $ 25, but then also get a $ 20 giftcard back in the mail to Walmart or some other store. You can see where "hes going".

"two weeks " after I started as a realization consultant( dealing with pass editions) they burnt the part ask hub staff of 30+ people, heaping their phone calls and emails onto my realization team of 8. So in addition to providing all of our creation creating and shipping overtakes, we had to take all customer service calls and emails.

It gets worse.

For some reason, they thought that it was prudent to wait until we had some gigantic round number( I judge either 500 or 1000) proceeds ready to ship before they would even ORDER the endowment cards to send with them( even though there were thousands of extends bought and pending with this deal ). So not only were there MASSIVE delays in beings getting their guides, sometimes they just wouldn't even get the gift cards either because the season was starting and they involved their transfers now instead of waiting for the talent posters too.

So double whammy there, customers irritable about how long it takes to get the season overtakes, and not going the offering posters.

After all this, and shooting the order middle, they couldn't figure out why they were still losing money. I discontinue, and the rest of the team quit as well within "two weeks " of me leaving. Somehow they continued afloat for another year or so, but then eventually the waterpark closed for a year or two and deepened sides a few cases eras.

It was recently bought again, 'renovated', and this new company is offering season legislates for .... $30.

The clique of life, I suppose.

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