Annual Update for Regenerative Agriculture Week

It’s our annual Regenerative Agriculture Week again, and to give you an update, I interviewed Ronnie Cummins, co-founder and international superintendent of the Organic Consumers Association( OCA ). OCA is one of the nonprofits we donate a portion of our …

Mike Leach says Texas Tech ‘cheated’ him out of money, will fight school in court ‘forever’

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach said he plans to fight Texas Tech in court ‘forever’ to receive money he feels he was ‘cheated’ out of.

cheated court fight forever leach mike money

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Texas AG sues 6 school districts over mask mandates as almost 100 districts defy Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order to ban them

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton waves in a suit in front of an oversized American flag Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Texas AG Ken Paxton on Friday said he litigated six institution territories for eluding a ban on mask commissions. In a statement, Paxton accused the districts of “unlawful political maneuvering.” One …

Ted Cruz says a vaccine mandate is ‘authoritarianism,’ but he supports them in Texas

Ted Cruz GOP Sen. Ted Cruz gesticulates as he speaks to members of the media during the fifth day of the impeachment inquiry of onetime President Donald Trump, February 13, 2021.

President Biden has said federal workers will have …