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Three Takeaways From the Cavs-Bulls-Blazers Three-Team Trade

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Lauri Markkanen is headed to Cleveland, Larry Nance Jr. is headed to Portland, and Derrick Jones Jr. is headed to Chicago

Ohhhhh, you. You are of the view that the NBA had gone quiet for a bit? You sweet summertime child; you stimulate me laugh.

You should know by now that the NBA never leads quiet--that we are never more than mere moments away from the next landscape-shaking, league-redefining mega-deal. End of August, Friday afternoon--doesn’t matter. Head to the bomb shelters, y’all: Incoming!

Cleveland is acquiring Chicago curbed free agent F Lauri Markkanen on a four-year, $67 M deal in a sign-and-trade, generators tell ESPN.

-- Adrian Wojnarowski (@ wojespn) August 27, 2021

ESPN Sources: Cleveland’s acquiring Chicago’s Lauri Markkanen in three-way sign and trade with Portland. Bulls come Derrick Jones Jr ., POR’s gamble protected future 1st and Cavs’ future second-rounder. POR get Larry Nance Jr. https :// t.co/ CgN3mhaLHY

-- Adrian Wojnarowski (@ wojespn) August 27, 2021

... OK, so a tripartite exchange of forwards and draft pickings involving the Cavaliers, Bulls, and Trail Blazers isn’t accurately the kind of superstar-shuffling blockbuster #thisleague types have been waiting on with bated breath as the embers of the 2021 offseason die down. It’s pretty interesting in its own right, though: a consider that raises questions worth pondering about dealerships at very different points in their respective competitive timelines. To wit 😛 TAGEND How much does Larry Nance Jr. move the needle in Portland?

Nance should help in Portland. He’s a smart-alecky, disorderly champion who ranked sixth in the NBA in deflections per game last season, and who’s tied for the second-highest steal rate among frontcourt participates since enrolling the conference in 2015, according to Basketball-Reference. He’s versatile, extremely: The 6-foot-7, 245 -pound Nance spend most of his storey season policing fight capability forwards, but he too dealt with point wards, shooting protectors, tiny forwards, and centres on at least 10 percent of his defensive wealths, according to The BBall Index’s charting data.