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Special needs parenting: Running into Spring

In my previous blog, I spoke about how March was the month for me to start a fresh assembly, a season for me to really dig late and do what I want to do.

I must say, things are moving rather quickly and I love it!

Over the past year, with all the home-schooling and virtual learning, I have been able to get an insight of Zachariah school life, and get a real good feel to seeing how his period seems when at school.

I have also had much deeper conversations with his teachers around his change, and how best to help him push further and achieve brand-new points.

Over that period of time, there are still communications around me possibly looking into teaching/ working in the school myself.

Like I had touched on in my previous blog, I have leant my all into Zachariah, dwelling schooling included, I’m pretty sure I came across as a teacher's pet, haha!

The thing is, I certainly experienced it, I enjoyed preparing the lessons, and experienced receiving them come to life.

I learnt so much about Special Education, learning through movement and exploring the senses.

It was a formerly in a lifetime opportunity I feel, to get an insight into what Zachariah goes up to at academy and working in collaboration with the schoolteachers, a lot different from notes in their own homes diary at the end of the day.

I now really know what sensology is, and why it is used. And I find the importance of repeating acts, although this was probably the portion I contended with the most.

All this got me thinking.

I did formerly have the dream to be a teacher, I went to College and University with this in mind, I have diplomata. I have the passion for children and granting them the very best opportunities in life.


Do I have the capacity mentally?

Am I able to commit to helping other children?

This isn’t a enterprise that you take lightly , nor is it something you can just walk into, and or walk away from. We joked about it, but is there something in this.

I had spoken to Tim about going back to work a few hours, and about starting a career, but we had always gone round in circles, coming back to the fact that Zachariah needed me to be available, and the constant chores, appointments etc would be too hard to juggle.

I guess there's an element of fear too, I haven't cultivated in a structured place for 7 years, as I started Maternity leave in March 2014, and never returned as Zachariah needed full season attend.

Then one day I just so happened to be examining on the council occupations website and came across a Midday job at my son's school!

It manufactured sense!

With very little confidence, I led for it.

I merely croaked and got the job !.


I have no idea if now is the right time, do we ever genuinely know?

However, I feel ready to commit, and start a vocation, and this place seemed the excellent home to start as the commitment was only a few hours a day, term era only.

With this I have also begun to a Diploma in SEND. It feels so good to be doing something again.

I had started to feel collapsed and nearly given up on the idea of running again, being a full-time carer is an unbelievably gargantuan thing to do, but it doesn't have to be your everything.

There needs to be space for YOU extremely, whether it be a career or something completely different, YOU are enough to achieve outside the box you may have put yourself in.

Much love,


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