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How to Decide if a Permanent WFH Model Makes Sense for your Business

COVID-1 9 coerced businesses to embrace working from home, whether they were ready or not. Now enterprises have to consider extending those policies permanently.

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The Ugly Truth About COVID

Nick Hudson, an actuary and private equity investor, co-founded Pandemics~ Data& Analytics( PANDA) in response to the many threats to civil rights and freedoms that have occurred during the COVID-1 9 pandemic response. While media and public health universities have engaged in a campaign of smoke and mirrors -- one that is perpetuating paralyzing suspicion, needlessly, to this day -- data and points don’t lie.

Hudson and his unit at PANDA, which include a data analyst, economist, medical doctors, large-hearted data analyst and public health professionals, are using live data1 and open science to sanction the public to rehearsal freedom of choice and perpetuate free civilizations. 2

Hudson spoke at the inaugural BizNews Investment Conference in March 2021, and his keynote address is above. He interprets the ugly truth about COVID-1 9, which is that the world is being crippled by fear due to a fallaciou narrative. Anyone who challenges that narrative is being labeled as a lunatic, a danger or a danger to society, which is furthering the repression and unjustified fear.

Bringing COVID-1 9 Truth to Light

George Washington famously said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there are plans carried out in order to bring it to light.”3 With that in sentiment, Hudson envisioned the “seeds of a great tragedy” being embed with the fictitiou COVID-1 9 narrative, and has established it a mission to get the truth out. So, what is the reality about the pandemic? According to Hudson: 4

A virus that presents increased risk to few and inconsequential jeopardy to most hit some regions

Few are susceptible to severe disease

There are several accessible treatments

Asymptomatic people are not major moves of disease

Lockdowns and disguise commissions haven’t acted and instead justification immense harm

The prone were hurt instead of helped

The misinformation has been spewed from the start, including by World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. In a March 3, 2020, media briefing, he stated, “Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-1 9 cases going to die. By comparison, seasonal influenza generally kills far less than 1% of those infected.”5

But according to Hudson, the 3.4% represents contingency fatality rate( CFR ), which is the number of deaths from COVID-1 9 divided by the number of cases of COVID-1 9, while the 1% is illnes fatality rate( IFR ), or the number of deaths divided by all infected individuals.

“By conflating these two separate pitches( CFR and IFR ), ” Hudson said, “Tedros was effectively lying.” Quantitative scientist John Ioannidis, prof of medication at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, calculated the IFR for COVID-1 9 in its examination of 61 seroprevalence studies, which was a median of 0.23%, and 0.05% in people younger than 70.6

Based on this, the IFR for COVID-1 9 be less than that of the flu. And wouldn’t you know it, in a New England Journal of Medicine editorial published March 26, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci, lead of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases( NIAID ), and collaborators expressed the view that “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-1 9 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza.”7

The media have repressed this reality, Hudson mentioned, along with the fact that there’s a 1,000 times gap in fatality among those younger than 19 and those older than 70 -- something that should have been taken into account in the pandemic response.

Is COVID-1 9 Really a' Novel Virus’?

Further inflaming widespread horror is the idea that COVID-1 9 is a “novel virus, ” which realizes it sound like it’s something humans "ve never" encountered before. But is it certainly? According to Hudson 😛 TAGEND

“The reality is that the coronavirus is a very close relative , not even a separate subspecies, a very close relative of the 2003 SARS virus. There are seven related coronaviruses known to cause disease in humen, probably many others, and four members of them is generally circulation.

Annual, world circulation. So the refer of this malady is terribly inconsistent. Now a rose by any identify, SARS. A variance of SARS. It’s not novel.”

One study even found that 81% of parties not exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that motives COVID-1 9, were still able to mount an immune response against it, which “suggests at least some built-in immune protection from SARS-CoV-2 ... ”8

Nonetheless, Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s technological lead-in for the COVID-1 9 pandemic, stated that “a majority of the world’s population is prone to infection from this virus.”9 This is the firstly of two key elements that, Hudson said, lead to “homosapienophobia” -- the idea that everyone is dangerous until proven healthy.

The idea of universal susceptibility to COVID-1 9 is nonsense, Hudson observed, as was demonstrated early on with the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Among the 3,711 passengers and crew onboard the Diamond Princess, 712( 19.2%) tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, and of these 46.5% were asymptomatic at the time of testing. Of those showing evidences, simply 9.7% required intensive care and 1.3%( nine) died. 10

PANDA data also goes to show that, starting in February 2021, there was not universal susceptibility to the virus. Their data evidenced cumulative COVID-1 9 deaths per million people. In Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, the population fatality rate was 112 per million compared against 710 per million in Europe and the Americas.

As for Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, Hudson said, “the population fatality rate there virtually isn’t an epidemic. In a typical time, they’d have 10,000 deaths per million from all causes.”

Suspicion Mongering Over Asymptomatic Spread

The second element that enables the doctrine of “everyone being a danger” to continue is the idea of asymptomatic spread driving sicknes. “I was absolutely aghast to find out the poor quality of the science” behind it, Hudson said.

One of the seminal papers involved one woman who were allegedly infected 16 collaborators while she was asymptomatic. 11 The study was widely used to suggest that asymptomatic spread was following, but controversy later ensued over whether the woman was actually asymptomatic when the others were infected or if she was symptomatic and is dealt with for flu-like evidences at the time. 12

In June 2020, Kerkhove also made it very clear that people who have COVID-1 9 without any indications “rarely” move the disease to others. But in a startling about-face, WHO then backtracked on the statement simply the working day later. June 9, 2020, Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO’s emergencies platform, rapidly backpedaled Van Kerkhove’s statement, saying the statements were “misinterpreted or perhaps we didn’t use the most elegant names to explain that.”1 3

“It’s utter, emit stupidity, ” Hudson said, adding that Fauci also stated in January 2020, “asymptomatic transmission has never been the operator of eruptions. The move of eruptions is always a symptomatic person.”1 4

A JAMA Network Open study last-minute obtain, in December 2020, that asymptomatic transmission is not a primary operator of infection within households. 15 A study in Nature Communications likewise met "there was no evidence of transmission from asymptomatic positive someone to marked close contacts."1 6

Lockdown Madness

The myth of widespread asymptomatic spread is what was used to justify worldwide lockdowns of healthy parties. “Bruce Aylward will go down in biography as a criminal of stupendou prominence, ” Hudson said, referring to Aylward’s role as the head of a WHO team that toured Wuhan, China, and concluded lockdowns were working to stop COVID-1 9 spread. 17

“He takes a delegation to China, depletes a few days, then comes back and says everyone should follow China’s response, the doctrine of universal susceptibility, ” Hudson said. Yet, prior to the COVID-1 9 pandemic official guidelines for pandemic response designs recommend against large-scale quarantine of the healthy.

In fact, WHO wrote that during an flu pandemic, quarantine of exposed individuals, entry and exit screening and border ending are “not recommended in any circumstance.”1 8P TAGEND

Likewise, in 2021 a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation determined no significant benefits on COVID-1 9 instance rise in regions employing more restrictive nonpharmaceutical involvements( NPIs) such as mandatory stay-at-home and business close fiats( i.e ., lockdowns ). 19

Data compiled by PANDA too perceived no link between lockdowns and COVID-1 9 deaths per million people. The illnes followed a path of linear nosedive regardless of whether or not lockdowns were imposed.

What isn’t a lie, however, is that lockdowns cause a great deal of evil. Child mortality, privation, starvation and joblessness is on the increase, as are slows in medical treatment and diagnosis, psychological disorders among youth, suicide and deaths of despair.

Education has been interrupted for an estimated 1.6 billion children, Hudson said, and a questionnaire of 2,000 U.S. adults is demonstrated that 1 in 6 Americans started rehabilitation for the first time during 2020. Almost half( 45%) of the survey respondents reconfirmed that the COVID-1 9 pandemic was the driving reason that triggered them to seek a therapist’s help. 20 According to Hudson 😛 TAGEND

“Perhaps the hardest thing for me to swallow about all of this is in undergraduate epidemiology, it is a well-known finding that when you are confronted with a disease with sharp-worded perimeter graduation, as you are with coronavirus , appropriate measures to generally hushes the spread of the disease have the effect, reliably, of switch the disease onu onto the vulnerable, who we should be protecting. They degenerate coronavirus mortality.”

Mask Rhetoric Is Misleading

It’s been touted that face concealments are essential to stopping the spread of COVID-1 9 and trying to save 130,000 lives in the U.S. alone. 21 But in 2019, the The world health organisation analyzed 10 randomized self-restrained trials and concluded, “there was no evidence that facemasks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”2 2

Only one randomized self-restrained trial has been conducted on mask usage and COVID-1 9 transfer, and it located disguises did not statistically significantly reduce the incidence of infection. 23

You may remember that in the early days of the pandemic, face masks were not recommended for the general public. In February 2020, Christine Francis, the expert consultants for illnes avoidance and control at WHO headquarters, was incorporated in a video, holding up a expendable face mask.

She said, “Medical disguises like this one cannot protect against the brand-new coronavirus when abused alone ... WHO only recommends the use of masks in specific cases.”2 4 As of March 31, 2020, WHO was still advising against the use of face masks for parties without manifestations, stating that there is “no evidence” that such concealment utilization prevents COVID-1 9 transmitting. 25

But by June 2020, the rhetoric change over time. Citing “evolving evidence, ” WHO overturned their recommendation and began advising governments to encourage the general public to wear masks where there is widespread transmission and physical distancing is difficult. 26 Yet that very same day, June 5, 2020, WHO published an announcement stating: 27

“At present, "were not receiving" direct suggestion( from studies on COVID-1 9 and in healthy people in the community) on the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy beings in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-1 9. ”

The U.S. Hubs for Disease Control and Prevention did a same about-face on cover-up application, citing research studies of two hair dressers in Missouri, who had allegedly been symptomatic with COVID-1 9 and styled 139 clients’ hair.

None of the clients tested positive for COVID-1 9, which the CDC suggested was because they and the stylists wore cover-ups. 28 Hudson concludes, nonetheless, that the customers were probably young and not suggestible to the virus in the first place.

Another study published in the CDC’s journal Emerging Infectious Diseases territory, “We did not find evidence that surgical-type face disguises are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when threadbare by infected persons( informant hold) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility.”2 9

PANDA data also pictured no differences in transmission in moods with concealment commissions and those without. Still, state officials are now advising you should double or triple up on disguises to compile them work better.

Vaccine Being Sold as a Ticket to Freedom

People who stand to move countless billions out of COVID-1 9 inoculations are now selling them as air tickets to freedom, Hudson moods 😛 TAGEND

“How convenient that we now have a logic that tells us that we need to inoculate 7.8 billion people for an illness that has a convey survival rates of 99.95% for parties under the age of 70. The profiteering here is naked. It is transparent.”

It’s a sad situation when adolescents, who aren’t at high risk, are lining up for vaccines really to get their freedoms back, he contributes. When you supplement in all the other divergences and lies -- PCR assessments that are not capable of diagnosing infectiousness, overstated extinction numbers, restrictions on travel, media hype and arbitrary conventions, like the CDC’s recent change in physical distancing in classrooms from 6 hoofs to 3 feet3 0 -- it’s as though we’re living in an Orwellian reality.

With looming vaccine passports, the loss of personal immunities is at an unprecedented level, while beings are generally “enslaved by fear” -- dread of infection or reinfection, “long COVID, ” resurgence and mutant variants. “The underpinnings of our civilization are under threat, ” Hudson memo, and we have a choice. “We’ve been pushed up against a cliff, will we be pushed off or will we push back? ”

He urges beings to support the Great Barrington Declaration, which calls for “focused protection” and locating a middle ground between fastening down an entire economy and simply “letting it rip.” As of April 4, 2021, the declaration has mustered 41,890 signatures from medical practitioner and over 13,796 signatures from medical and public health scientists. 31

In addition, the declaration is open for public signatures and has compiled 764,089 from concerned citizens various regions of the world. The website allows you to read and sign the declaration, refutes many frequently asked questions, shares the social sciences behind the proposals and explains how the declaration was written.

PANDA also published a etiquette for reopening civilization “to provide a road map out of the devastate hertz of lockdowns.”3 2 Hudson repeated Nelson Mandela, who territory firmnes is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. We all need to strive for courage and foundation awareness campaigns aimed at stopping the pernicious narrative, counteracting dread and protecting future freedom.

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Ramsey Clark, attorney general under Johnson, dies at 93

NEW YORK -- Ramsey Clark, the united states attorney general in the Johnson administration who became an outspoken organizer for unpopular causes and a stern critic of U.S. programme, just died. He was 93.

Clark, whose parent, Tom Clark, was attorney general and U.S. Supreme Court justice, died on Friday at his Manhattan home, a family member, Sharon Welch, announced to media shops including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

After serving in President Lyndon Johnson’s Cabinet in 1967 and ’6 8, Clark set up a private law practice in New York in which he advocated civil rights, campaigned racism and the death penalty, and represented shown foes of the United Government including former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. He too defended onetime Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

New York civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, who worked with Clark on innumerable occurrences, called the death “very, really sad in a season of losses.”

“The progressive legal community has lost its elder director and leader, ” Kuby said. “Over many contemporaries, Ramsey Clark was a principled voice, conscience and a fighter for civil and human rights.”

In courtrooms around the country Clark protected antiwar organizers. In special courts of public opinion, he accused the United States with militarism and arrogance, starting with the Vietnam War and continuing with Grenada, Libya, Panama and the Gulf War.

When Clark called Iraq after Operation Desert Storm and returned to accuse the United Nation of war crimes, Newsweek dubbed him the Jane Fonda of the Gulf War.

Clark said he only craved the United States to live up to its principles. “If you don’t insist on your government obeying the existing legislation, then what right do you have to demand it of others? ” he said.

The lanky, soft-spoken Texan went to Washington in 1961 as a New Frontiersman in President John F. Kennedy’s Justice Department.

He was 39 when Johnson procreated him attorney general in 1967, the second largest youngest ever -- Robert Kennedy had been 36.

Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark, who had been Harry Truman’s attorney general before he attached the state supreme court in 1949, swore in his son as attorney general, then retired to avoid the look of conflict of interest.

Ramsey Clark said his is currently working on Justice reaped him into the civil rights revolution, which he called “the noblest quest of the American beings in our time.”

He too maintained opposition to the death penalty and wiretapping, represented the right of dissent and blamed FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover when no one else in authority would dare make him on.

But as Johnson’s attorney general, Clark had the job of prosecuting Dr. Benjamin Spock for advise Vietnam-era teenagers to defy the text of the proposed, its own position with which he sympathized.

“We won the case, that was the worst part, ” he said years later.

The Dallas-born Clark, who did a hitch in the Marine Corps in 1945 -4 6, moved his family to New York in 1970 and set up a pro bono-oriented tradition. He said then that he and his partners were limiting their annual personal incomes to $ 50,000, a flesh he did not always achieve.

“Money’s not an interest of mine, ” he said, but at the same time he was meeting steep medical greenbacks for his daughter, Ronda, who was born with severe disabilities. He and his wife, Georgia, who were married in 1949, likewise had a son, Thomas, a lawyer.

Clark made one shot at elective department, losing the 1976 Democratic Senate primary to Daniel P. Moynihan.

Clark’s client list included such armistice and disarmament organizers as the Harrisburg 7 and the Plowshares 8. Abroad, he represented dissenters in Iran, Chile, the Philippines and Taiwan, and skyjackers in the Soviet Union.

He was an advocate for Soviet and Syrian Jews, but scandalized countless Jews over other patrons. He represented a Nazi prison camp guard crusade expulsion, and the Palestine Liberation Organization in a suit over the slaying of a cruise ship passenger by hijackers.

There were usually two to three dozen active contingencies on Clark’s legal calendar, and about 100 more in the background. The death penalty subjects were a staple.

“We talk about civil liberties, ” he said. “We have the largest prison population per capita on Earth. The world’s greatest jailer is the freest country on Earth? ”

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COVID 2.0: Large-scale vaccination, not shutdown

It has been eight months since she spent a few nightmarish eras in a hospital, but Purnasneha Sundaramahalingam, a 25 -yearold editor in Chennai, still cannot make three flights of stairs without feeling entirely exhausted. The exercising periods that hindered her going in the initial months of the lockdown are a no-go because she knows it will leave her tired for the rest of the day. Sundaramahalingam first be positive for Covid-1 9 in June 2020. Untitled Carousel 8172714 6“The four eras I spent in hospital, I could feel my centre pummel vigorously. My blood pressure was up and I was wheezing ... I would never care it upon anyone, ” she says. The evidences did not leave even after she was accomplished from the hospital. “It was very scary because I don’t have comorbidity problems, I’m somewhat healthful, ” says Sundaramahalingam, a survivor of long Covid, who had debilitating fatigue for months afterwards.Move to Gurgaon. Aman Saha( honour converted on request ), 40, lost her employment during peak lockdown when the HR head of the uniform export firm, where he was working, asked him to resign, citing the company’s mounting loss. When unlocking began and flights resumed, the first thing he did was vacate his rented housing in a classy civilization of the millennium development goals municipality and fly back to his hometown, Kolkata, where he has a house of his own. 8172673 8D uring the last six months, Saha has taken up a few consultancy assignings, even as he is frantically looking for a stable job. It seems like a return of that harrowing go from a year-ago for Sundaramahalingam and Saha, who are staring at India’s rising Covid crowds with anxiety. A time after India went into a national lockdown, dubbed one of the most restrictive in the world, the country is anxiously watching the rising curve of Covid multitudes, with new daily instances stroking the high-flowns seen in 2020. On Friday, India reported 62,336 new Covid-1 9 suits in the past 24 hours, the most prominent daily rise since October. Such a startling spate of Covid lawsuits has set off alarm bells in Delhi’s corridors of power. This time, the government could change the dose of involvements from draconian to mild. After all, another round of national lockdown will derail the fledgling economic recovery. The nomad labourers are back at work, factories are whirring and the accumulation of goods and services( GST) charge, an indicator of uptake, has been impressive in the last six months with the January figure, at Rs 1.2 lakh crore, rising to an all-time high. At the current stage, the central government does not appear to be in favour of aimles neighbourhood shutdowns or nighttime curfews even if they are regimes such as Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have of late resorted to such speedy sets. The Centre’s blueprint, distributed according to police in the know, has five key components -- systematic testing, containment and surveillance, clinical maintenance, Covid-appropriate behaviour and, above all, a big vaccination drive to combat the virus, thereby bypassing a rigid criterion like lockdown. Elaborating on each of these components, NITI Aayog member and chairman of the government’s sanctioned group on Covid management, Dr Vinod K Paul, tells ET Magazine that the solution lies in delivering a combination of all these implements. “If all the available tools are used effectively, there should be very little need for more stringent measures such as a lockdown, ” he says, adding that the government is banking on a possible uptick in the supply of inoculations. “Once admiration is given, Sputnik V inoculation will be made in India, maybe by as numerous as five manufacturers. That is one clear reason for increased ply, ” says Paul. Currently, two vaccines, Serum Institute of India’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, are being administered million doses were administered domestically, with another 60 million get exported to 77 people. The government’s decision this week to allow people above the age of 45 years to get the jab was mostly driven by two factors. One, 88% of all Covid-related deaths in India were in the 45 years-plus category, and two, the government expects that more vaccine candidates will get approval soon in India. In addition to Russia’s Sputnik V, Bharat Biotech’s nasal vaccine and Cadila Zydus’ vaccine are at the threshold of getting approved. Clearly, in terms of Covid management, large-scale vaccination , not lockdown, seems to be the new mantra. “When dangers are unknown, it is better to overreact and impose a lockdown. 8172674 2 A year ago that was precisely done. Now we know much more about the pandemic, horror is less and management approaches are much more clearer, ” says Shailesh Pathak, chief executive officer of L& T Infrastructure Development Projects, adding that both the Indian economy and his companionship just goes to show huge resilience, as the bounce-back is much better than what most people have expected. Dr Jayaprakash Muliyil, chairman of the technical members of the advisory committee of the National Institute of Epidemiology, forethoughts against the reimposition of lockdowns as a means to curb the spread of the virus. 8172675 6 “I think wearing a mask is sufficient. Lockdowns make it convenient for officials to throw their value around. It’s a bad dres, it’s undemocratic and it’s not needed. There’s no reason anyone should go into lockdown.” Meanwhile, the Madhya Pradesh government has extended its Sunday lockdown to four more cities -- Betul, Chhindwara, Ratlam and Khargone -- taking the total metropolitans under lockdown in the regime to seven. Since early this month, Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur have been under lockdown. “There seems to be a change in the behaviour of the virus -- those who are staying at home are getting more fouled, compared against earlier. The young are also getting polluted but certainly death is not as high it was earlier, ” says Dr Salil Bhargava, professor of respiratory drug at MGM Medical College, Indore, the first Covid hospital in Madhya Pradesh. But what is helpful this time around, he says, is that there is no shortage of healthcare staff. “The health care system is able to function without being over-burdened as many are inoculated and well-trained. Likewise, only those who really need it are being hospitalised.” Maharashtra CM has announced a light curfew from March 28. Last-place month, a lockdown was announced in Amravati and Achalpur. However, all such restrictive-yet-porous interventions can’t help much in control the dissemination of the virus. These sets be brought to an end obstructing give chains and stalling the regular flow of businesses. These will likewise form brand-new questions for enterprises that source raw material from various centers and have marketplaces across several states and metropolis. Cruel Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, was noted that during peak lockdown last year, he had to look into several areas where things could go wrong due to cascading effect. “There were many' what if’ questions that needed addressing. What if Covid regulations changed an entire production line? What if request fell by 25%? What if our SME suppliers couldn’t supply the raw material? What if position borders were closed for goods transport? What if accumulations has decreased by 50%? What if practicalities were starved of oil? The scenarios were incessant, ” he says. While there is near-unanimity that stringent measures would jeopardise the livelihood of millions of Indians, professionals and policymakers are also concerned about the galloping number of Covid actions. “The pace at which occurrences are increasing is what is really troubling and I would have been happier if numbers had abode at about 10,000 daily new cases in India, which is where we seemed to have been put at for a few weeks, ” says Gautam Menon, professor at Ashoka University’s department of physics and biology, who has been closely tracking Covid crowds. Added to this, he says, is the fact that the increase is no longer confined to one or two states. “That we are seeing a big jump in Covid occasions in states and municipals that have better surveillance on average even as states that neighbour them are not reporting considerable increase is worrying.” Dr K Srinath Reddy, chairperson, Public Health Foundation of India, ascribes this rise partly to the complacency that followed the continuous fall in the number of cases and demises during the last three months. “Public health prudences were being abandoned in areas of both personal attitude and administrative dominations. The virus ever spreads much more in areas with more economic growth, greater urbanisation and a good deal of mobility and travelling -- it has a great opportunity( to spread ), as we are seeing in Maharashtra.” Doctors from Mumbai, he says, are declared that the virus seems to be spreading faster but with less evidences. “This is not surprising because when the virus has infected a large number of people who are suggestible and the others are taking prudences or have been vaccinated, the virus adapts to spread faster but with less virulence, to sustain its genus without spending the emcee species, ” he says. 8172676 9Dr Muliyil of the National Institute of Epidemiology points out that essentially every country has been facing this kind of doubled or triple top. For a country of India’s size, the seroprevalence, according to examines done by the Indian Council of Medical Research( ICMR ), was not that high-pitched. “We expected seroprevalence in urban areas to be 60% and in rural areas to be 40%, which would leave us adequate immunity to prevent large-scale outbreaks. We never reached that.”Lockdown: A FLASHBACKWe decided we would not lay off beings or trim payments: Harsh Goenka, Chairman, RPG Enterprises, Age: 63 times l Location: Mumbai 8172814 7The pandemic descended all too sudden and no one was prepared for the immediate inferences. The lockdown which followed soon after brought everything to a standstill. We had to quickly reorient and concentrates on our priorities. The first and foremost priority was self-protection and the security of its those around us. After beings resolved down in the safety of their homes and reorganised their everyday decorations, we changed focus to business continuity. This was a critical step that would decide the fate of our businesses over the next year and more. The third and equally important step was about our responsibilities to civilization in general and to the communities we serve. This three-pronged response has been the key to our navigate the pandemic. We had decided that we would not lay off parties or chip stipends. On the contrary, we imparted increments in the early part of this year. There was mayhem in the job market with job losses and salary trimmeds -- and the media was full of tales of distress. We had lived through numerous dilemmas in the past and we trusted our tendencies that if our parties were comforted and reassuring, they would find a way through all this. For mental well-being, we started counselling sessions for our people, and for physical fitness we had our principal fitness officer provisioning online daily workouts and tips. Countless outreach programmes were started to engage with the families and these group discussions proved to be excellent emotional support to many.We realised early on that we had to variabilise our costs to the best extent. Task forces were put into action and we placed ourselves ambitious goal on expenditure. Some overheads, like travelling and consumables, went reduced automatically while some others which were non-essential were trimmed. We delayered the organisation, brought in better spans of button and improved overall economies. We went back to elementaries with zero base budgeting and strict monitoring. What we didn’t cut were wastes on invention, sell, R& D and hiring aptitude. Over the past few years, we had already invested in augmenting our digital capabilities across the spectrum of "the organizations activities" -- from digital labs to showcasing remote project progress to clients via tech tools, hot-desking in parts and mills and a slog from anywhere( WFA) plan. Despite the pandemic there has been no drop in productivity or production and it reposes my faith in parties. We announced India’s first permanent WFA policy, which will be effective even after the pandemic is withdraw. I am humbled to say that we bagged India’s most begrudged invention award, the ET Innovation Award for 2020, during this most difficult period which is a testimony to our reliance on innovation during these times.We categorized situations into pessimistic, reasonable and idealistic. Supply chain and logistics were the main obstacles which needed innovative solutions. Besides, there is indeed various the regions where things could go wrong due to the cascading effect. There were numerous “what if” questions that needed addressing. What if Covid controls affected an part production line? What if require decreased 25%? What if our SME suppliers couldn’t supply the raw material? What if state frontiers were closed for goods move? What if accumulations has decreased by 50%? What if practicalities were starved of ga? The situations were interminable. I would say my biggest learning from the pandemic has been how resilient the human spirit is and how at a time like this our social conscience comes to the fore and we are intending to see enormous relinquishes in order to alleviate the suffering of others.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What moved me a good deal was the gratitude of my patients: Dr Bornali Datta, Director, respiratory medicine, Medanta Age: 48 liter Location: Delhi-NCR 8172816 8When the lockdown commenced in march, we doctors continued to go to the hospital every day but patients weren’t coming unless there was an emergency. I had never seen the hospital so deserted -- it was almost like a soul city. There was an overwhelming sense of awarenes about what turn things would make. Covid-1 9 cases started coming in around April and with actions tiding in May, five-six floorings of the hospital were dedicated to Covid. At that time , no one knew what to expect, what worked. There was zero proof for any medication. Remdesivir, developed for Ebola, began to be used for Covid. Then in mid-June, both my husband and I went Covid. Thankfully, my evidences were mild but after a few weeks, my husband, likewise a medical doctor, began developing more symptoms and had to be admitted. These eras I can confidently reassure my patients that they will get better because the vast majority do well but, back then, we didn’t know that. He got better after five days, but it was a harrowing experience. After I rejoined, it was the busiest time in my entire job. We were working seven days a week, our phones were on all the time. It was an extremely difficult time because the patient was alone and isolated, the family was stressed out. But all the doctors and nurses in my squad simply drove and made. I felt privileged to be able to give that service and be part of that frat. Now, after a slump of three months, occurrences are on the rise again. But now that we understand the virus better, our anxieties have reduced. Ultimately, we have to co-exist with the infection, with adequate medicines and vaccines.In the last one year, we all went through a lot of emotional turmoil. What moved me a good deal was the gratitude of cases, even after I had told them I was just doing my job. One special occurrence stands out: There was a young man who had got admitted with Covid just after cremating his father. You can imagine his psychological state. Fortunately, he recovered entirely. When he came for his final follow-up, he said he had been told doctors don’t like to touch patients. But the facts of the case that I had employed my hand on his shoulder saw him feel he could cope. It was such a little thing but it symbolized so much to him. It emphasised the core of what drug is about -- physicians taking care of patients.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As I reach home, my two-year-old coos out,' Amma ... Sanitiser: Dr Divya S Iyer, Kerala State Mission Director, MGNREGS Age: 36 l Location: Thiruvananthapuram 8172817 0I recollect writing an essay on “The Importance of Hand Washing”, paying an ode to the practice cautioned by the Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis in the 19 th century. It was an essay-writing competition at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, where I was a medical student, channel back in 2004. There is no denying that I was over the moon when I became a prize-winner then. But 15 year later, to witness the results of arrange it into practice in public health, has been more than heartening; it catapults itself into being one of the most remarkable knowledge in my busines. When the Covid-1 9 pandemic was still in its nascent place, the district of Kerala sprang into action with a multipronged approach to draw rein the wolf, the most notable being the Break the Chain campaign that was set in motion much before the mandate on wearing disguises and social distancing came into being. As the State Mission Director of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme( MGNREGS ), I remember calling worksites, promoting suitable hand-washing procedures, and nudging the 20 lakh-strong workforce to be the messengers of hygiene in their home communities. That 90% of our recipients are women emphatically helped us in get families onboard to act as the fundamental unit of awareness start. I retain receiving phone calls from citizens in those early days of the pandemic, endeavouring advice on precautionary measures. I believe that it is this deepened government of health-seeking behaviour among our citizens that enabled the position of Kerala to withstand the upsurge of Covid-1 9 illness, owing to its massive NRI population and high-pitched population density, which make it a highly vulnerable state. Yet, it was interesting to note that mortality and morbidity due to other communicable diseases have significantly come down during the pandemic year -- the silver lining of which being the reinvention of self-hygiene for mankind. The periods I performed as the commanding officer for Covid procedures in the following areas evidenced my shielded proximity in containment zones interspersing with a sanitised proximity at home, which included my newborn, who was one-year-old then, and aged parents. The culminate of the year was a particularly challenging period when I tested Covid-positive, and was under quarantine with my lad who instantly adapted to the fact that his mother had to mask up and glove up in order to be allowed to breastfeed him. Even today, as I be getting back, my two-year-old fondly ogles out for me with interested eyes and coos out loud, “Amma ... sanitiser.” We have indeed successfully collected a generation that is more hygieneconscious than any of the previous generations, albeit with a ponderous rate to have paid for that.Writer is an IAS officer. Scenes are personal--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pandemic cured me trounce my horrors& work on my strongs: Nitasha Nayak, Teacher, Global Public School l Age: 43 l Location: Kochi 8172818520 20 was paradoxical in a manner that was -- we faced a global pandemic and a slump, but it was also the year that contributed some of us time to reboot and relive "peoples lives". When the lockdown began, it was hard to adjust to the extremely project of being cloistered in our residences even if they are the announcement was expected. With zero social interaction, I felt anxious and restless. To cut down on the feeling and wearines, we started binge-eating and binge-watching! By May last year, the dwelling breast was under control but there were misgivings and unpredictability considering creation. With Covid occurrences at its crest, the likelihood of schools opening in June was remote. Online teaching was a completely new zone for all of us. The question -- what if I am not capable of catering to the needs of my pupils -- ever levitated above me. I am certainly grateful to my institution for navigating me and the rest of my clan each step of the nature. Everything was meticulously planned by the core team and several online workshops were arranged for all the professors. To let go of the solaces of teaching in a classroom and tread on the online education scaffold was a battle that needed faith, resolution and perseverance.And thus began my new life-time in 2020! It took me sometime to strike a balance between finagling work at school and work at home. I can proudly say that the pandemic taught me to be more responsible and penalized. One of the most positive things was meeting our pupils. Their adored and gaiety were a real morale booster. It was amazing to see children accommodated so quickly to the online mode. From being their favourite in school , now our personas had changed to being a part of their family. Opening up of schools in June is uncertain but now I am confident of taking on whatever comes my highway, thanks to the nearly year-long training and experience. This pandemic helped me overcome my suspicions, stop aside my anxieties and work on my persuasiveness. It educated me to be grateful for all the little things in live, to have faith and worked very hard to than normal to achieve my goals.

Read more: economictimes.indiatimes.com


NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Mercola Interviews the Experts

This article is part of a weekly series in which Dr. Mercola interviews many experts on a variety of health matters. To determine more expert interviews, sounds here.

Many physicians around the nature started working the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine( HCQ) early on in the COVID-1 9 pandemic. Among them is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a rehearse specialist in a Jewish community in Monroe County, New York.

He garnered national notice in March 2020 where reference is told radio multitude Sean Hannity that he’d had a near-1 00% success rate treating COVID-1 9 cases with HCQ, azithromycin and zinc sulfate for five days. 1 “I’ve seen remarkable solutions; it genuinely thwarts advance of canker, and cases to be all right, ” he said at the time.

In response, province state officials said Zelenko’s declarations were “unsubstantiated” and pushed citizens to listen to public health officials. 2 In this interview, he explains how HCQ labours against COVID-1 9, and discusses the lies invent about the pharmaceutical to suppress its widespread usage. Zelenko had a terribly active Twitter account and would get millions of views on his tweets, and like many other truth tellers in this crazy pandemic, he was censored and recently removed from Twitter.

“When we have a large population of people that need to be treated, it has to be oral, cheap, safe and efficient, ” he says. “By the behavior, this is not new. This information was known in 2005 -- even before.

There are papers with[ Dr. Anthony] Fauci's refer on it, calling[ HCQ] a miracle drug. Fauci called HCQ a vaccine. There's a article in which he announced it an absolute dream management and inoculation. So, it's conveniently forgotten but that's what it is. It's a matter of scientific record.”

What is most impressive to me is that he, through deep research and trial and error in the pits, established an unbelievably effective protocol, and he did this under prodigious personal state challenges. During the springtime of last year, he was diagnosed with a type of pulmonary sarcoma that is typically considered terminal, and although improved, he continues to be under care for this condition.

Finding Solutions to Avoid a Death Trap

As the SARS-CoV-2 wiped through his tight-knit Jewish community, Zelenko was seeing anywhere from 50 to 250 cases per date. At this quality, he’s discussed more than 3,000 patients with COVID-1 9-related manifestations. Only one-third of them actually received the triple-drug regimen. The remaining two-thirds were in low-risk lists and did not need medicine treatment.

In all, Zelenko has only had 15 the individuals who discontinued up requiring hospitalization, four members of whom were intubated. All to finally successfully extubated and recovered. The remaining 11 were acknowledged for intravenous antibiotics for pneumonia. In all, only 3 of his high-risk patients died from COVID-1 9, which throws the mortality rate for this treatment at only 0.3%.

“You cannot ignore that. That's not even counting the risk stratification cases, which I chose not to analyse. In other commands, I was able to tell these patients,' I know you're starting to be fine. Go home, and you'll be fine.’ And that has evaluate.

If you include those, the mortality rate is even less. And well procreated. You don't have to listen to me. You can call it anecdotal all you miss, but there are now Harvard profs of virology with 4,000 case events.

Dr. George Fareed, for example, or Dr. Harvey Risch from Yale School of Epidemiology, who has shown that it's utterly statistically has confirmed that HCQ used in the prehospital train is utterly effective. It's absurd for it to be a mistake, ” he says.

Why HCQ?

Zelenko tells the floor of how he got started analyse COVID-1 9 patients with HCQ 😛 TAGEND

“Hospitals were near capacity and all the outpatient services were closed. Half my staff was sick and all of a sudden I had a war zone. I basically started learning triage remedy, trying to save as many people as possible.

At that time, around the world had been focusing on building respirators and hospital capacity[ instead of putting] emphasis on prehospital upkeep. I found that bizarre because that's never what we do in medicine. We[ use] shared sense and intervene in the earliest stages.

It's much easier to fix a small problem than a large problem. For example, someone has cancer, we don't wait for it to become metastatic ailment. We considered as quickly as possible. Someone has a small infection. We put the infection out.

If you look at the CDC, they recommend starting the treatment of influenza with antiviral dopes within the first 48 hours , not the week, except when it came to COVID-1 9. We were told to send cases dwelling, and when they get sicker, send them to the hospital, where there was a good chance they were going to get intubated, especially in March and April.

At that site, in the town, they had mortality rates above 80%. So, it was a death sentence. None of that realized smell to me at all. So, I swiftly started to brush up on my virology.

I wanted to understand how this virus directs and most importantly, what I can do about it. A line on YouTube called MedCram, Episode 34, saved the world countries. It excuses the biology behind how zinc impedes RNA polymerase, and the fact that zinc can't get into the cell. So, it needs help.”

Zelenko goes on to describe how he settled on HCQ, a so-called zinc ionophore, meaning it shuttles zinc into the cell. He decided to treat high-risk patients as early as possible, and this turned out to be key. Early treatment certainly saves lives when it comes to COVID-1 9. This is not a situation where the wait-and-see strategy is well-advised.

According to Zelenko, during the first five days of SARS-CoV-2 illnes, the viral load remains fairly steady. Around Day 5, it exponentially increases, potentially overwhelming the immune organization. That is something that conveyed he could not afford to wait for test makes, which made about five days. By then, most patients has previously have progressed very far.

So, if a patient exhibited indications, extremely if they reported loss of taste or reek as well, he’d start treatment immediately. In hindsight, about 90% of the tests of parties experiencing indications had a positive test.

The Synergy of HCQ and Zinc

Zelenko likens HCQ and zinc like a handgun and a missile. HCQ is the gun that shoots the zinc into the cell. Zinc is the silver missile that kills the virus by inhibiting an enzyme are connected with viral replication inside the cell. The antibiotic azithromycin is given to prevent bacterial pneumonia and other secondary bacterial infections that are common in COVID-1 9.

Today, we have even more information, of course, which represents there are more tools accessible beside HCQ, zinc and antibiotics. Ivermectin, for example, appears very useful, especially for prevention, as do steroids and blood thinners. So, Zelenko will now tweak the medication of "patients " based on their symptoms.

“It's not a cookie cutter approach, but what is absolutely the same is that high-risk cases must be treated as soon as possible, within the first five days from onslaught of evidences, and they all survive, ” he says.

The Psychological Operation Against HCQ

Unfortunately, as discussed by Zelenko, there was essentially a “psychological operation” put into place to scare beings apart from HCQ. A big part of that was turning it into a political issue. From the start, doctors who expended the drug were threatened with the loss of their medical permission, which is unheard of for a drug with such a long history of safe exert.

The U.S. government drew troubles worse by only questioning emergency employ approval for in-hospital use and not for outpatient gives. Meanwhile, HCQ has been used for about 60 years in beings with chronic conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

“So, the hypocrisy, the loss of common sense, the outright indoctrination killed a lot of people, ” Zelenko says. “The root cause of it is the way we educate people. It used to be that higher education was about teaching critical thought and deductive reasoning, analytical analysis.

Now we indoctrinate people into responding to stimuli like puppies, like automatons, like robots. Common smell no longer things. That's my critique of higher education and why I reflect countless physicians fell into the trap. Also, home countries was traumatized. Even if a doctor was willing to give it, patients were afraid to take it.”

The biggest reasonablenes for the fear was regrettably due to forged studies and experiments abusing lethal dosages. It’s difficult to not suspect an ulterior motive in light of those facts. As mentioned by Zelenko, a main factors of pandemic response, namely prehospital or outpatient management, was muffled.

The question is why? One self-evident rationalization was that it was a presidential election year, and then-president Trump came out in endorsement of HCQ in March 2020. His announcement activated immediate backfire from a chronically unfriendly media. “There were abundance of people willing to use every possible route to berate the president and to repudiate anything that might give him a win, ” Zelenko says.

Then, of course, there were financial interests at play. Millions of dollars were being invested into new medicines like remdesivir, for example -- a drug that costs more than $ 3,000 per medicine and is only for in-hospital use.

Hospitals were also paid dozens of thousands of dollars more for COVID-1 9 cases, so there was no lack of incentive to get beings into the hospital and keep them there either. Meanwhile, Zelenko’s early outpatient medication rates about $20.

Sham Studies Fueled Distrust

As for the fraudulent and misinforming studies, the first to raise alarm was a VA study in Virginia, which concluded HCQ didn’t thwart demise. However, they are abused it on late-stage patients who were previously on ventilators. From there, they incorrectly extrapolated that it would not be useful in earlier theatres, which simply isn’t true-life. Other tests simply employed the wrong dosage.

While doctors reporting success with the narcotic are using standard dosages around 200 mg to 400 mg per era for either a few daylights or maybe a couple of weeks, studies such as the Bill& Melinda Gates-funded3 Recovery Trial utilized 2,400 mg of hydroxychloroquine during the first 24 hours -- three to six times greater than the daily dosage recommended4 -- followed by 400 mg every 12 hours for nine more days for a cumulative quantity of 9,200 mg over 10 days.

Similarly, the Solidarity Trial, 5 led by the World Health Organization, employed 2,000 mg on the first day, and a cumulative dosage of eight, 800 mg over 10 days. These dosages are simply too high. More is not necessarily better. Too much, and guess what? You might kill the patient. As noted by Zelenko, these doses are “enough to kill an elephant.”

It’s really uncertain as to why these studies expended such massive quantities, meeting how the dosages this drug is normally prescribed in, for a range of conditions, never go that high-pitched. “All those studies did was prove that if you poison someone with dangerous doses of a drug, they're going to die, ” Zelenko says.

Then there was the prominent Lancet study that the World Health Organization has justified essentially censoring HCQ. This study was withdrawn when it was discovered that the data had been completely and utterly falsified with falsely produced data regarding a fly-by-night company. It was supposed to be a meta-analysis of about 90,000 patients, which presented HCQ had destructive outcomes.

Unfortunately, before it was withdrawn, this counterfeit study been successful in the WHO( or to excerpt Zelenko, the “world murder organization”) putting a suspension on the use of HCQ, which didn’t improve public trust in the remedy. Even more abhorrent, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration employed that forgery newspaper as one of its explains for removing the emergency use authorization for HCQ, even though the study had already been forswore.

Suppression of HCQ Needlessly Killed Tens of Thousands

According to Zelenko, “HCQ is the safest medication in the history of medicine, azithromycin is one of the most common antibiotics used in medicine, and zinc is a mineral that's well-known and well-tolerated. These narcotics were inexpensive and available to take at home, which was very important. And they worked.”

The virus is not risky if you approach it properly. If you treat it in the right timeframe, it's no different than a bad influenza. You can treat with it.~ Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

June 30, 2020, Zelenko and two co-authors published research studies, 6 demonstrating that plowing COVID-1 9 patients who had showed positive exam ensues “as early as possible after manifestation onset” with zinc, low-grade dose HCQ and azithromycin increased peculiars of hospitalization by 84% and all-cause death by 500% is comparable to no therapy at all.

Crazy enough, even though Zelenko went to enormous portions to share his clinical discovers with the White House and the National Institute of Health, he received no foundation and was told they had no use for it.

“What's happened over the last 20 years is that the academic upper-clas and pharmaceutical companies have spawned a monopoly on medical truth, ” he says.

“They feel merely data generated through randomized assure experiments, pharmaceutical patronized troubles, or those that are coming out of major academic institutions are to be viewed as truth. Anything coming from a frontline country physician must be anecdotal.

That's the crime now. And they set up artificial hurdles that foreclosed the flow of common sense and lifesaving message. You know which countries did take it seriously? See, this is a disease of richnes because the rich countries could yield the waste of coin. The inadequate countries like Honduras ... they had no options.

They couldn't afford respirators. They didn't getting enough infirmary capability. So, they tended towards the cheap generic approaches. And those are the ones that have the best outcomes.”

Zelenko spotlights Uganda, which has a population of about 50 million people, more has recorded time 325 demises. 7 “I think this was a genocide against the elderly and a crime against humanity, ” he says. “There are plenty of people who have blood on their hands, including the media.”

Coordinated Effort to Cause Harm

He likewise points to the fact that the pandemic response, including the suppression of HCQ, has clearly been a global coordinated effort.

“You have to ask yourself, who benefits from a destabilized world? Who benefits from chaos on the streets, from anarchy, from monetary anguish, from psychological trauma? ... In some parts of this country, suicide rates are up 600%.

I speak to my colleagues in emergency rooms -- the amount of child abuse and spousal abuse they’ve look is absolutely ridiculous. The amount of collateral impair from preventable illnesses, like heart disease and cancer the hell is skyrocketing because people are not getting access to procedure attention.

A lot of people weren't get elective surgeries on time. So, there's been a lot of collateral damage. The shutdown is killing more parties than the virus. The virus is not risky if you approach it accurately. If you treat it in the right timeframe, it's no different than a bad flu. You can treat with it. You don't have to been closed down the world.”

The True Agenda Coming Into Plain Sight

Indeed, the world is becoming increasingly black and white and it’s becoming easier and easier to be recognised that global and national methods are not helping but, very, enslaving the population, and how they’re doing it. As noted by Zelenko 😛 TAGEND

“I see the world now with such lucidity ... It’s no longer confusing. It's a binary option. It's very clear who's on what area. And here are the teams: There are those who want to live a life of God, awareness ... Our beings have righteousnes. They're priceless and they should be preserved at all costs. And no one has the human rights of enslave another human being. That's one coming.

The other is[ internment] ... an attempt to enslave, psychologically, and even more so physically, the world population. Do you demand to know what's coming? Look at Justin Trudeau words. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, time announced that anyone who measures positive will be quarantined in a government-run facility, until the authorities concerned deems you safe to return back to culture.

That's[ likewise] what Cuomo is intended to do in New York. And I'll tell you what I repute. For what I'm about to say, I'm going to be labeled as a conspiracy theorist. But you know what? I don't care because, eventually, the truth will come out and biography will prove it right.

If you look at the United Nation and the World Economic Forum, they have a plan. They have a 30 -year plan, the government has 100 -year plan. That's all spelled out in their contract. Time look at it.

So there's a design called the 2030 scheme. You can go to the World Economic Forum and look at their own utterances. It's being run by Klaus Schwab and that working group. He wrote a book called' The Great Reset.’ That's where the expression comes from.

Now, all the governments are quoting him, like Justin Trudeau, Prince Charles, the Australian "ministers ". There's a myriad of other politicians announcing for the great reset. So, what is the great reset? What are they asking for?

No. 1, I make it's absolutely ridiculous, but they're saying,' You will own good-for-nothing and you will be happy.’ That is their mission. No. 2, America will no longer has become a superpower. No. 3, there will be a small group of nations that ascertain the instructions given by where the world disappears. No. 4, you won't feed flesh except as an periodic treat.

No. 5, there'll be a global taxation on fossil fuels to eradicate the trust on lubricant. No. 6, a billion refugees are likely to be removed[ and] we're will be necessary to will be integrated and absorb them into our society. These are their territory objectives.

Now, how do you make the world's biggest country, most powerful country, richest country and make it no longer a world-wide superpower? Well, that's exactly what they're doing. The economy is in shamblings.

You've put in a government now that is passing foreign relief aid to China, Russia, Syria, Iran, the The palestinians. They're sending billions of dollars we are currently financially support these countries. So, you have to ask yourself, what is going on now?

This all started years ago, but when Trump went to Davos, in the first few years of his presidency, he said,' I'm not part of your globalist plan. I'm going to positioned my national interest first.’ That was a poke in the eye of the globalists. That's the place when George Soros came out and said that Trump is one of the most dangerous people on the planet and he needs to be wreaked down.

He was dangerous to their agenda. So, what we're truly fighting against is the feeling of mortal. God is researching us, in my opinion. Every person is being asked one simple question, either bow down to God and have the see vicinity protect you or you're going to bow down to Bill Gates ... I'm calling for Nuremberg 2.0. These people need to be brought to justice.”

There’s No Rational Justification for COVID-1 9 Vaccines

Zelenko too shares his opinions on the COVID-1 9 mRNA vaccines. He notes that while Gate is propagandizing COVID-1 9 inoculations, ostensibly to save lives, he’s on record "says hes" feels the world population needs to be reduced.

“If someone was a eugenicist and feels that the world population needs to be reduced, why would I make his inoculation for my health? ” he questions. “The logical gaps here are absolutely perverse.

I'm so pro-vaccine you can't imagine. I've given tens of thousands of patients vaccinations. I give it to myself and to my children. However, I'm not COVID-1 9 inoculation positive. And I'll tell you why: Because the majority of patients under the age of 45 have a near-1 00% retrieval frequency with a slight, runny nose from COVID-1 9. Why would I inject person with an experimental vaccine? The explanation is not for medical grounds.

Another question, why would I cause someone a vaccine, even though they are they were at risk, if I can give them prophylaxis and/ or early prehospital treatment and have a 100% recuperation charge? Not for medical reasons.

Another question: Why would I pay a vaccine to someone who's previously had COVID-1 9 and has antibodies? Not for medical grounds. And why would I return a clearly defined inoculation to someone who is going to be exposed to a ton of various types of variants and sprains and mutations?

I wouldn't. What I would use is an approach that restraints RNA replication of RNA viruses, which works for all the strains, including, potentially, influenza. That's the big soiled mystery here.”

It’s Safe to Stop Living in Fear

Zelenko, who was born in a communist country and whose clas suffered under communist and autocrat guideline, is quite sensitive to the signs of these tyrannical governments. He portrays a storey told in the book “The Gulag Archipelago” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Stalin wanted to dig a canal from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The employment, done in the middle of winter, led to the death of 400,000 prison craftsmen, as they weren’t given the appropriate drapes or tools. The figures were thrown into the cement and became a permanent part of the canal.

“No ship ever consumed the canal because it was too shallow. So, the question was, why was this canal improved? And the answer is: So that 400,000 parties would die, ” Zelenko says.

“I'm not affecting the vaccine. I'm attacking the need for the inoculation. I have not enough information to say it's good or bad. And I don't are happy to guess. But what I can tell you is that I know for a known fact that 99.98% of young and healthy people under the age of 45 recover, with no medication.

I also know for a fact, from my own real-world battle-tested ground, which has been replicated now on hundreds of thousands of patients, that if you intercede early, you virtually eliminate hospitalization and fatality. And, I've now plowed two waves. I have not seen one patient who's had COVID-1 9 in the first tide, get it again ...

So, the demands of the the inoculation doesn't exist. It's ... been artificially conflated ... present beings an artificial false hope solution in order to enslave them to be codependent on government. You know why my approaching is so dangerous? Because is not simply does it treat COVID-1 9,[ but] it plows suspicion. It tells parties you don't need to worry.

My statement to the American people or whoever's listening is: Return to ordinary living. You do not need to worry. And by the way, there are nonprescription options ... that can replace HCQ if your government or doctor are too stupid or vindictive to give it to you. So, you don't have to rely on them. You can buy over-the-counter things that will save your own life. So, my point is, return back to regular lifetime ...

It’s inconceivable the crime that's been done on the human psyche. I'm screaming to humanity: Don't be scared! Be cautious. Be smart. Use common sense. But don't be scared. Return back to life. Reengage in life.”

HCQ Mechanisms of Action and Alternatives

Over-the-counter alternatives to HCQ include EGCG( lettuce tea obtain) and quercetin, both of which are zinc ionophores and hence work much like HCQ does. Quercetin works best when take place within conjugation with vitamin C, nonetheless, as the vitamin C promotions initiate it. Zelenko recommends making 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C with it.

Now, HCQ does have other mechanisms of action beside has become a zinc ionophore, so it’s a better choice, but if you simply cannot get wise, EGCG or quercetin are practicable stand-ins. Additional benefits of HCQ include 😛 TAGEND

Inhibiting viral record into the cytoplasm, in part by changing the pH

Inhibiting cytokine hurricanes through anti-inflammatory assets

Stabilizing red blood cadres, which improves oxygenation

“Since it has four different mechanisms of act, it's a very effective drug, and it has a half-life of 50 dates in plasma, ” Zelenko says. “But if you can't get it, you can't get it. So, I'll make quercetin or EGCG.”

The caveat here is you must implement this care within the right timeframe. It can be helpful to recognize we are in center dealing with two sickness, or theatres of cancer, here.

First, there’s the viral infection, and second, there’s the immune over-response that leads to the release of inflammatory cytokines and agents that can cause blood clots. The key is to prevent the advance from the first stage to the second.

Prescription Help Is Available

Like many others who have dared run the gauntlet that is HCQ promotion, Zelenko has been attacked from several tilts. His character has been assassinated in the press, his medical credentials questioned and threatened, and his online presence silenced.

“I had had zero media experience before March 2020. I am of a hushed physician who was taking care of his patients, living a serene lifetime. All of a sudden, this all exploded on me ...

I was on Twitter, getting 10 million impress per tweet. They slammed me down last month for scaffold manipulation. I'm not even sure what that wants. So, I had to develop my own website. It’s free and has my protocols in 20 different languages.”

To learn more about Zelenko’s protocol, is secure to visit his website, vladimirzelenkomd.com. There, you’ll find protocols is not simply for early medicine but too prophylaxis, together with studies that document the rationale for each of the treatment the case of components and patient testimonials.

His website also includes access to telemedicine via “Speak With an MD, ” which can overnight your drug. “So, if "were living" in a state that's cruel, you can have a consultation with Dr. Environments, ” Zelenko says. “I had to develop this because there were patients around the country who didn't have access[ to HCQ ]. ”

HCQ should be available to most people in the U.S. at this point, but you do need a prescription, and some physicians are still unwilling or resistant to prescribe it. Other durations, pharmacies is generated by roadblocks. “It may take some diligence but none of my patients goes without the remedy written for them, ” he says.

Early Treatment Prevents' Long Haul’ Side Effects

In closing, it’s worth noting that when you give early, your risk of developing long-term side effects, commonly referred to as “long-haulers, ” is virtually nil. Not a single one of Zelenko’s patients who received treatment within the first five days of symptom onslaught went on to develop long-haul symptoms afterward.

“I had cases that were long-haulers, but they came to me after that window, and they were already advanced in the inflammatory process. At that site, the cytokine blizzard had already taken hold. They had developed blood clots, some of them had pulmonary infarct, or strokes actually.

Others developed ARDS or disastrous lung shattering and pneumonias, and others simply are not themselves. I don't know how to describe it, but it ate away one of the purposes of their feelings. They're not the same beings. There's depression, there's lack of energy. There's a mental impact as well.

So, it's not that I don't deal with long-haulers, I do. But the mode to prevent the long-hauler syndrome is to intervene within the first five daylights, with appropriate antiviral medication in high-risk cases. That is 100% successful, ” he says.

The Light of Truth Will Prevail

Zelenko refers to the COVID-1 9 pandemic and everything smothering it as an info campaign, a publicity battle, and his principal objectives and agenda in this war is to educate and speak truth.

“There's a lot of untrue narrative being shot into the heads of parties, to create fear, ” he says. “In the Psalms of David, it says,' With bending parties, you have to deal crookedly.’ It also says you should learn from a burglar.

So, I learned from the enemy, and I use their tactics to counter them. The prime tactic is to spread truth. By the nature, it's no longer dependent on me. I have 2nd and 3rd and fourth contemporary presidents that have taken on members of the mission and are really spreading the knowledge worldwide.

It's unstoppable. They could try to slow it down, and they are. But the truth will come out. The truth is coming out. And when the truth will be divulged, the people that try to obstruct it and use lies to slaughter, will be destroyed by it, God willing.

I am now more optimistic than I've ever been, simply because there's no more confusion. Life was very confusing. You didn't know what was good, what was bad. Now, it's very clear. There's much more bad, that's true-blue. But I know where it is. I know where the adversary is. And I know where the very best is. And a little light pushes away a lot of darkness.”

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The tide seems to be turning on ‘Work from Goa’ trend

Mumbai: "The exodus has finally begun", a regional real estate agent told Devika Sarin recently.Sarin, the co-founder of a emporium bed and breakfast and co-working space in Goa - Curioso Studio and Suites, knew immediately what the agent was referring to.Big-city dwellers, primarily from the startup and tech society, "whos had"- amid a furiou Covid-1 9 pandemic - moved to the coastal paradise in the middle of last year to soak in its coasts, weather, natural environment, and more importantly, for its short flight distance from hubs like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, were going back. During the pandemic, reversal migration developed as one of the biggest trends in the startup and tech society in the United States, where pre-eminent benefactors, venture capitalists and big companies like Tesla moved basi from the San Francisco Bay Area to countries like Texas and cities like Miami.India, too, looked a similar trend, where a multitude of startup staff went back to their hometowns, while others relocated to Goa.Since June, 90% of the tenants at Curioso had comprised “fintech boys” as opposed to the usual mix of creative and motif professionals. The exodus “in” had also spiked realty premiums by 20% -3 0 %. However , now they were reverting to tier-1 municipal homes in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru as many offices moved to reopen starting March. Fun and franticOver the last five months, the cofounder of co-working cavities adventurer 91 Springboard, Pranay Gupta( too based in Goa ), received one query every week from benefactors keen to have a remote working set up in the coastal state, compared to one a few months before the pandemic. 8123966 0Tech Twitter had been abuzz with the community’s reverse migration to Goa of late with babble around turning it into the Miami of India’s startup world. In fact, cafes in North Goa resounded with “Koramangala talks”- as Raj Kunkolienkar, a Goan and cofounder of startup MBA school Stoa said, referring to chatter around funding bulletin at the startup central in Bengaluru. Yet, the promotion around any reversal migration posed its own set of challenges.Talent buy, internet connectivity, mobility, among other things that make it hard for parties to sustain the alter, were ultimately reducing it to a short-lived fad. Are parties should be going to Bangalore ?-- ankit (@ ankitkr0) 16143198510 00 Professionals to say 30% of those from the tech circle who moved to Goa during the pandemic may consider staying back for long. It could imply that they were choosing a better quality of life over better profession potentials, they supplemented. With Covid-1 9 virus outbreak normalising remote task, countless tech professionals were able to put into motion their dream of having a life in Goa, away from the traffic and pollution of a large metropolis. “But the enthusiasm seems to be wearing off now, ” Sarin of Curioso said. While working on a beach resonates seducing, Goa is still not there in terms of infrastructure for a startup hub to flourish even though the regime government is driving initiatives to change that. Ride hailing services providers Ola and Uber are restricted there, merely state-run cab facility GoaMiles wreaks. Internet connectivity is patchy at best. Millenials’ paradiseThe move is easier for unmarried millennials who are not restrained down by familial responsibilities.“For the next year or so, it renders us the option to optimise for quality of life of canadians, ” said Rishi Raj Rahul, founder of upskilling platform Aviate. The 33 -year-old moved to Goa in July while most of his team representatives are still in Bengaluru. It may also be feasible for benefactors racing small teams to operate out of Goa, “but hiring major endowment becomes the major issues if you want to scale up as families with dual-income may struggle to shift to Goa, ” said Akhil Singh, cofounder of ed-tech startup Questt.Singh moved to Goa in November 2018 but is currently thinking of shifting base to Bengaluru as his firm scales up. Naman Shrivastava, 28, cofounder of Global Governance Initiative, a think-tank that works with the United Commonwealth in Boston, came home to Delhi during the pandemic but soon moved to Goa to escape the extreme weather. Even his move is temporary, though, as he is planning to explore the possibility of remote use from Madhya Pradesh next. “Goa is not a good place to stay between April and May because of the hot weather, ” he said. Bhagyashree Pancholy, a remote run and principle consultant, said work-from-home in the same city has encountered following among Indian tech companies and other corporates but remote working or slog from' anywhere’ is still a reverie perception that is not feasible in the Indian construct. The surge of technology workers who invest three-to-six months in the state has helped eradicate the illusion that Goa is just a neighbourhood to party. “People know that it is possible to work from here, more , now, ” says Singh of Questt, adding that to sustain the trend, one needs a startup success story out of here. Those buoyant on Goa feel that logistics firm Delhivery, which changed cornerstone to Goa from Gurugram sometime before the pandemic, will be that story. “The only problem I had during my six-month stay in Goa was that during some podcast preserves, I was told to mute myself as there were a lot of birds chirping in the background, ” said Saransh D, 30, a startup business development professional who recently returned to hometown Delhi for some unavoidable drudgery. He is contemplating cultivating remotely from Rishikesh next.At present, Goa seems like it was just the first wish for those from the startup world who could afford to be digital nomads. 8123999 6The flow of tech geeks into the state did keep the economy afloat in the is a lack of international tourism, said Shruti Chaturvedi, founder of media company Chaaipani, who moved to Goa from Mumbai two years ago.“But now they’re moving back to the cities they came from while they have inflated tolls in so many lists for the locals, ” she said, adding that when the reverse migration happens for real, parties would start making back to the state -- by generating employment for starters -- instead of just applying its resources. Noah Martins, a Goan and a student at BITS Pilani’s Goa campus, hoped parties is in compliance with the state’s culture. “I hope they won’t do here the things they’re mindful of not "doin " their big cities as well.”Ilustrations by Rahul Awasthi

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Brazil strain infected those who already had Covid

In exactly a matter of weeks, two variants of the coronavirus has now become so familiar that you can hear their inexplicable alphanumeric specifies regularly uttered on tv news.B. 1.1.7, first identified in Britain, has demonstrated the power to spread far and fast. In South africans, a monstrosity called B. 1.351 can dodge human antibodies, dampening the effectiveness of some vaccines.Scientists have also had their nose on a third refer variance that arose in Brazil, called P. 1. Research had been slower on P. 1 since its discovery in late December, leaving scientists unsure of just how much to worry about it.“I’ve been harbouring my breath, ” said Bronwyn MacInnis, a public health researcher at the Broad Institute.Now three studies furnish a sobering history of P. 1’s meteoric rise in the Amazonian city of Manaus. It likely grow there in November and then fueled a record-breaking spike of coronavirus occurrences. It came to dominate the city partly because of an increased contagiousness, the research found.But the committee is also gained the ability to infect some people who had immunity from previous stints of COVID-1 9. And laboratory experiments suggest that P. 1 could deteriorate the protective the consequences of a Chinese inoculation now in use in Brazil.The new studies have yet to be published in scientific periodicals. Their columnists caution that finds on cadres in laboratories do not always translate to the real world, and they’ve exclusively begun to understand P. 1’s behavior.“The findings apply to Manaus, but I don’t know if they apply to other situates, ” said Nuno Faria, a virus expert at Imperial College London who helped lead much of the brand-new research.But even with the puzzles that remain around P. 1, professionals said it is a variant to are serious about. “It’s right to be worried about P. 1, and this data generates us the reason why, ” said William Hanage, a public health researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.P. 1 is now spreading across the rest of Brazil and has been found in 24 non-eu countries. In the United Government, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded six contingencies in five districts: Alaska, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota and Oklahoma.To reduce the health risks of P. 1 outbreaks and reinfections, Faria said it was important to double down on every measure we have to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Concealments and social distancing can work against P. 1. And vaccination can help drive down its transmitting and protect those who do get infected from severe disease.“The eventual message is that you need to step up all the vaccination exertions as soon as possible, ” he said. “You need to be one step ahead of the virus.”Faria and my honourable colleagues started tracking the coronavirus when it exploded in Brazil in the spring. Manaus, a city of 2 million in the Brazilian Amazon, was hit peculiarly hard. At its springtime pinnacle, the graveyards of Manaus were devastated by the bodies of the dead.But after a peak in late April, Manaus seemed to have gotten past the worst of the pandemic. Some scientists are of the view that the cease wanted Manaus had gained herd immunity.Faria and his colleagues looked for coronavirus antibodies in samples from a Manaus blood bank in June and October. They expressed the view that roughly three-quarters of the residents of Manaus had been infected.But near the end of 2020, new cases began surging again. “There were actually far more occasions than in the previous peak of cases, which is currently in late April, ” Faria said. “And that was very puzzling to us.”Faria and his colleagues wondered if new variants might be partly held accountable for the revitalization. In great britain, investigates were feeling that B. 1.1.7 was tiding across the country.To search for discrepancies, Faria and his colleagues started a brand-new genome sequencing endeavour in the city. While B. 1.1.7 had arrived in other parts of Brazil, they didn’t find it in Manaus. Instead, they found a discrepancy no one had seen before.Many variances in their tests shared a position of 21 mutations not considered to be in other viruses running in Brazil. Faria sent a text message to a collaborator: “I recollect I’m looking at something really strange, and I’m relatively worried about this.”A few mutations in particular annoyed him, because scientists had already acquired them in either B. 1.1.7 or B. 1.351. Experiments suggested that some of the mutants might attain the variances better able to infect cadres. Other mutations tell them circumvent antibodies from previous illness or produced by vaccines.As Faria and his colleagues analyzed their results, researchers in Japan were making a same detection. Four tourists to be returned from a journey to the Amazon on Jan. 4 be positive for the coronavirus. Genome sequencing exposed the same set of mutations Faria and my honourable colleagues were verifying in Brazil.Faria and his colleagues posted a description of P. 1 on an online virology gathering Jan. 12. They then probed why P. 1 was so common. Its mutations is likely to be impelled it more contagious, or it might perhaps be luck. By sheer risk, the variance might have shown up in Manaus just as the city was getting more relaxed about public health measures.It was also possible that P. 1 became common because it could reinfect parties. Naturally, coronavirus reinfections are rare, because the antibodies produced by the body after illnes are potent for months. But it was possible that P. 1 carried mutations that procreated it harder for those antibodies to latch onto it, allowing it to slip into cells and start new infections.The investigates experimented these possibilities by tracking P. 1 from its earliest samples in December. By early January, it made up 87% of tests. By February it had taken over completely.Combining the data from genomes, antibodies and medical records in Manaus, the researchers concluded that P. 1 overcame the city thanks not to luck but biology: Its mutants helped it spread. Like B. 1.1.7, it can infect more people, on average, than other variants can. They estimate it is somewhere between 1.4 and 2.2 times more transmissible than other lineages of coronaviruses.But it also gets an edge from mutations that give it escape antibodies from other coronaviruses. They estimate that in 100 people who were infected with non-P. 1 pedigrees in Manaus last year, somewhere between 25 and 61 of them could have been reinfected if they were exposed to P. 1 in Manaus.The researchers felt support for this conclusion in an experiment in which they mingled P. 1 viruses with antibodies from Brazilians who had COVID-1 9 last year. They found that the effectiveness of their antibodies quitted sixfold against P. 1 in comparison with other coronaviruses. That plunge might mean that at least some people would be vulnerable to new infections from P. 1. Faria said “an increasing body of evidence" suggests that most cases in the second wave were the result of reinfections.Faria and other researchers are now looking across Brazil to observe P. 1’s spread. Dr. Ester Sabino, an infectious disease expert at the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, said that one of the new outbreaks arose in Araraquara, a Brazilian city of 223,000 parties that did not have high rates of COVID-1 9 before P. 1 arrived.If parties in Araraquara did not have high levels of antibodies before P. 1’s appearances, she said, that therefore seems that the variance may be able to spread in places without Manaus’ extreme history. “This might happen in any other place, ” she said.Michael Worobey, a virus professional at the University of Arizona who was not involved in the research, said it was time to pay attention to P. 1 in the United Nation. He expected it would become more common in the United States, although it would have to compete with B. 1.1.7, which are likely to soon become the predominant variant in much of the nation.“At the least, it’s going to be one of the challengers, ” Worobey said.In their experimentations, Faria and my honourable colleagues too measured antibodies from eight people who received CoronaVac, a Chinese-made vaccine that has been used in Brazil. They found that the vaccine-generated antibodies were less effective at stopping the P. 1 discrepancy than other types.Faria cautioned that these results, derived from cadres in test tube, don’t certainly mean that inoculations will be less effective at protecting real people from P. 1. Vaccines may very well stipulate strong protection from P. 1 even if the antibodies they generate aren’t quite as potent. And even if the discrepancy manages to infect vaccinated beings, they will likely remain shielded from a severe bout of COVID-1 9. For Sabino, the eventual importance of P. 1 poses a threat that concerning discrepancies constitute when they can pop up anywhere in the world.“It’s merely a matter of time and risk, ” she said.

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