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There’s a Silly Petition to Cancel Kojima Xbox Deal, But No Proof ‘PlayStation Fans’ Started It, Like Some Claim

There is no shortage of meaningless, silly petitions on the internet and the gaming parish, in particular, is certainly no stranger to them. It therefore didn't surprise us when we encountered a petition to " cancel " the reported deal between Hideo Kojima and Xbox proprietor Microsoft, but just like there's no way to tell if the petition is real or satire, there's no way to tell if it was started by" PlayStation fans ," like so many websites have been keen to report.

We don't accuse gaming booklets for these headlines( we've all "re out there" ), but it's still strange to see that a petition- which can be signed by literally anyone- started by one random internet user was pinned on PlayStation users, exclusively serving as fuel for the improbably disturbing, noxious console conflicts. But I digress.

The petition itself is kind of funny.

" Kojima is betraying his steadfast followers ," wrote Vrinn Y." He has been blinded by desire. We must facilitate him come back to the winning side. PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION EVERYWHERE. Not everyone has good enough internet to stream competitions. Not everyone has fairly coin to buy a brand-new console or build a brand-new pc. Please Kojima, don't leave us ."

That's a heck of a distressing split. The only difficulty is that Kojima was never in an exclusive liaison with PlayStation or Sony, so someone clearly wasn't on the same page here.

Anyway, the good news is that PlayStation has a special place in Kojima's heart. After all, he exerts a Hermen Hulst mousepad...

On planning. pic.twitter.com/ PliS5IFIzs


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