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Taking a Feminist Approach to Foreign Policy

Taking a Feminist Approach to Foreign PolicyOn March 8, 2021, Rep. Jackie Speier[ D-C-A1 4 ], a well-known advocate for women's rights, introduced H.Res. 196 : Expressing the importance of taking a feminist approach to all aspects of foreign policy. The bill's focus is to close the gender gap between men and women globally by taking a feminist approach to foreign policy. The solving has 43 co-sponsors with an display of male and female representatives supporting the resolution, several of whom serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Global Gender Equality Matter

The prejudices among men and women exist in a myriad of patterns, several of which are intersecting issues. One of the most prevalent inequalities exists in the workforce. Globally, women earn 24% less than adults . This gap is so large that the current rate of progress would hear 170 times legislate before the gender pay gap is closed. Women often wield longer than souls when accounting for overdue job such as household duties and child care. Despite this point, women still earn less coin by a considerable margin. According to Oxfam, females do double the quantities of unpaid upkeep project as men, sometimes even 10 goes so much better. The approximated monetary value of the unpaid work maids do is, at minimum, $10.8 trillion.

Also, the fundamental reason girls have waned behind people is that females have fewer titles. Worldwide, gals have only three-fourths of the rights that followers have. The shortage of rights signifies wives are not able to progress and develop at the same rate as humanities despite being disproportionately affected by poverty. Unfortunately, gender inequality repercussions developing world the most, chiefly because an annual quantity of$ 9 trillion is lost due to inequality. This significant amount of money could instead uplift economies and reduce poverty in communities.

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 5 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals relates to achieving gender equality. Taking a feminist approaching to foreign policy would help achieve this goal due to the influence the approach would have on promoting and supporting world-wide ratifications of policies that instantly improve equality of men and women. More so, achieving gender equality would help accomplish several other Sustainable Development Goals such as fair and equal employment for all and discontinuing poverty.

Rep. Jackie Speier

Rep. Jackie Speier has advocated for women's rights throughout her term in Congress. Newsweek selected Speier as one of the 150 most “Fearless Women” in the world. Rep. Speier was also considered one of the 50 most influential beings in U.S. politics for introducing the Me Too movement to Congress. Rep. Speier and Sen. Gillibrand introduced the ME TOO Congress Act in 2017, which worded the fundamental part of the Congressional Accountability Act( CAA) Reform Act.


H.Res. 196 requires solutions to the world difficulty of gender inequality. The focus is on recognizing all examples of inequality and attempting to end them accordingly. The priority is to advocate peacefully and methodically for women's rights worldwide. H.Res. 196 works with clear and precise objectives to address gender equality. The policy goals are reached by allocating more coin to support worldwide the initiatives in increasing women's rights. The feminist coming to foreign policy not only interests women who have suffered from inequality but acts for the betterment of the entire world.

H.Res. 196 acutely carries how a feminist approach to foreign policy can help solve various meeting concerns worldwide. Supplying foreign aid and support would bring the world closer to achieving various Sustainable Development Goals. Lending a feminist focus to this will accelerate world-wide improvement efforts to end privation worldwide.

- James Van Bramer Photo: Flickr

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