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Tame Impala share psychedelic ‘Rushium’ teaser video

Tame Impala Kevin Parker Rushium video teaser The Slow Rush

Tame Impala have begun hinting at something for September with the handout of a cryptic teaser video advertise a phony stimulant called Rushium.

Released today( June 22 ), the minute-long clip is stacked with trippy and abstract imagery: sprawling sand dunes, metallic liquid spurting and contorting, and a kaleidoscopic mashup of a brain and electrical cords.

Among it all, we understand snippets of Kevin Parker are present in a lab and looking ominously at a vial of his medical concoction, supporting it close to the camera to reveal its name reading “Tame Impala/ 2021 V. 1 Clinical Trial/ S.R. Tour”. A closing entitlement poster reads “Phase 1 Clinical Trials Begin 09/2021 ”.

Take a look at the video below 😛 TAGEND

Per a website set up to promote AionWell, the( impostor) label behind the medicine, Rushium offers users “a new lease on life and a refreshed internal clock”. Though the place doesn’t give away what Tame Impala have in-store come September, the inclusion of “S.R. Tour” on the Rushium label shows it "ve got something" to do with the ongoing touring cycle for Tame Impala’s fourth book,' The Slow Rush’.

The band have already announced a slate of touring a blueprint for the book, nonetheless, with a North American tour set to keep them hectic from July through October, and an Australian run locked in for December. They also have a full slate of fair illusions lined up, including stops at Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, Life Is Beautiful and Firefly throughout the remainder of 2021, and Primavera Sound next year.

Earlier this month, Parker tantalized that a way he and Mark Ronson used to work with SZA could be exhausted in the near future. The psych-rock luminary has batch of other unreleased collaborations in his pocket, too, including moves with Internet Money and Gorillaz.

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'The Slow Rush’ was liberated last February via Modular, and is supportive of singles like ’Borderline’, 'Posthumous Forgiveness’, 'Lost In Yesterday’, and 'Is It True’. The clique too exhausted an 18 -minute diversified explanation of the album’s opening section,' One More Year’.

In a four-star review, NME writer Thomas Smith admired' The Slow Rush’ as an progression of Tame Impala’s phone, saying the band were “unlikely to lose any devotees by embracing Parker’s pop tastes- genres are history, man- but you have to admire their wilful desire to push into new directions.”

Speaking to NME ahead of the LP’s release, Parker spoke of the fantastical element of Tame Impala, saying: “I’ve ever considered Tame Impala as a thing that people can use to escape from whatever the physical strains and problems in their life are. Tame Impala is the fantasize[ fiction] of music. It’s The Lord Of The Rings.”

In March, Tame Impala celebrated the belated one-tenth remembrance of their debut recording' InnerSpeaker’ with the liberate of a deluxe reissue and short film named InnerSpeaker Memories. Parker also recently released a song to support his favourite football team, the Fremantle Dockers.

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