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The facial aesthetics expert – the biggest event in the aesthetics calendar

Lara Watson propels the AUCC and explains why she's launching the conference and what's included during the day.

COVID has hit all of us hard-boiled. On a personal level and of course, professionally. Across countless industries, there has been no escape from the devastating impact of this pandemic. The aesthetics manufacture is no exception.

In the UK, aestheticians have had to close their entrances during the multiple lockdowns enforced by government restraints. The tradition of aesthetic prescription has come to a grinding halt. This has had damaging causes including fiscal tighten, threatened viability of businesses, attrition of the competences and a loss of confidence amongst practising aestheticians.

As conductors of the UK’s Best Independent Training Provider of the Time 2021( Acquisition Aesthetics ), we’ve seen first-hand the detrimental effect of this virus on both our established professional faculty and those aspiring towards a occupation in aesthetics. So, we thought we’d do something about it.

Launching the AUCC

Working alongside fellow founding administrator Dr Priyanka Chadha, Aesthetics United was born. This non-profit organisation was created through a desire to give back to our society whilst supporting and elevating those working in esthetics towards a bigger and brighter future.

With all advantages dedicated to NHS Charity Together and Refuge UK, the Aesthetics United Charity Conference( AUCC) 2021 "il be seeing" some of the most difficult calls of the esthetics world come together to provide an unparalleled learning process to those attending.

Delegates will gain access to the most dynamic and uncensored schedule the industry has ever seen. With no restrictions on the content delivered by our headliners including Julie Horne, Benji Dhillon, Tapan Patel and Nina Bal.

The superstar line-up will talk about what really troubles- how they achieved their success and the mistakes they’ve made along the way.

Supported by simply the most cutting-edge providers of industry including platinum patronize Galderma, AUCC 2021 will be a pivotal moment in the story of how our industry adapts to the' brand-new future’.

With unrivalled opportunities for learning, networking and personal growing, aestheticians will utilise the happen as a springboard towards success in 2022 and beyond.

For anyone working in or aspiring towards a busines in aesthetic medicine, AUCC 2021 is an absolute must.

Register for free at www.aucc.co.uk and become part of tomorrow’s story.

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