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My fellow techs, I'm considering signing up for a remote class with The Fiber School to obtain a Certified Fiber Installer certification. The class is $3500 and includes all of the gear would like to request that I will keep after completing the course. It's approximately 20 hours of lecture and then handwritings on which is recorded and sent back to them for review.

I've been working as a DoD contractor, investing, checking, and maintaining Army structures, for the past 16 years, and now that Afghanistan is being closed down, I'm discover my own experience isn't quite up to snuff to switch to the civilian market. I'm assuring a good deal of jobs that I is likely to be get if I had proof of my fiber experience.

I'm inviting any of you fiber experts, if this watches legit and usefulnes paid under the money for? I precisely need it to get my paw in the door so I'm not making a fool of myself when the first real lay comes along.

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