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“The project is alive” Barcelona president Joan Laporta backs Super League

“The project is alive”

Just when it was believed that the terrifying Super League might not rear its frightful honcho, one of the big gun pulls it back to the fore.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta spoke with club representatives at a see where he confirmed that the concept is not dead and the amount of money it would be worth to the club.

“The project is alive, ” Laporta said. Claiming it would be worth, “a minimum of 700 millions euros ($ 830.3 million) per season for Barcelona”.

He continued speaking with members saying he was' convinced’ that the project is right for the club.

“There will be no voting because there is no format. Instead, I ask you to please allow me to continue to defend Barca’s interests. This programme suits us, I am convinced, and the moment the format is known, we will bring it to you for a vote.”

The Super League appreciated huge amounts of backlash from supporters, other sororities and especially UEFA and FIFA.

Of the 12 founding organizations, merely 3 remain. Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti

SINSHEIM, GERMANY- APRIL 04: Carlo Ancelotti head coach of Bayern Munich sits on the bench before the Bundesliga match between TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and Bayern Muenchen at Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena on April 4, 2017 in Sinsheim, Germany.( Photo by Matthias Hangst/ Bongarts/ Getty Images)

Interestingly, Carlo Ancelotti when director of Everton spoke fiercely about his aversion of the idea. He has since been appointed Real Madrid manager.

“My immediate reaction was they are joking, this is a joke! ” Ancelotti said in April.

“It’s a joke because it’s not going to happen. It’s inconceivable. Football is a sport firstly[ and foremost ]. And then with a lot of investment, it also becomes a business. We need to make both into consideration. This is absolutely normal.”

It will be interesting when he is questioned on the situation again.

Ceferin’s judgement

No punishment has yet come for the associations but UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has said that whilst it may be' slow’ that in the end' justice’ will come out on top.

“I will just say that justice is sometimes slow-paced, but it always comes, ” Ceferin said.

“I didn’t enter into the details of the responsibilities of our disciplinary board, but patently the objective is to resolve the matter in the courts.

“From my point of view, "its not" a exhaustive stop.

“First we clarify the law things and then we will go on.”

“The project is alive” Barcelona president Joan Laporta backs Super League

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND- APRIL 20: UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin during the 45 th Ordinary UEFA Congress at 2m2c Montreux Music& Convention Centre on April 20, 2021, in Montreux, Switzerland( Photo by Richard Juilliart- UEFA/ UEFA via Getty Images)

Ceferin used an strange resemblance about schoolchildren to define his feelings towards the associations and the situation.

“Sometimes I get the feeling these three associations are like children who are like children who miss school for a while, ” Ceferin added.

“They don’t get invited to birthday parties and then they try to get into the party with the police.”

Premier League teams have already received news of fines, what sanction awaits the remaining part big-hearted 3 founding places remains to be seen.

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