The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids

In this interview, Alix Mayer explains why our children are is just so aggressively targeted for the COVID-1 9 infusion even though they’re not at risk of serious SARS-CoV-2 illnes, and clarifies the status of Comirnaty.

Mayer, council director of Children’s Health Defense — California Chapter, is herself vaccine injured; not from the COVID jab, but from a series of vaccines she received 20 years ago.( On a place notation, her great-great-grandfather was Oscar Mayer, the founding fathers of the Oscar Mayer companionship, which the family sold to General Menu in 1981.)

Mayer graduated from Duke University with a BA and from Northwestern University with an MBA in finance and management strategy. She worked for Apple in the mid-1 990 s. When she was 29, Apple promoted her to acting manager of worldwide customer research.

In preparation for a family trip to Bali, medical doctors recommended coming six inoculations: hepatitis A inoculation, hepatitis B vaccine, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis and oral typhoid, which she did. Eventually, 13 years later, she eventually recognise it was these shots that led to her health problems.

“They gave me brain damage and total disability, ” she says. “I invested three years in my early 30 s being 80% housebound, and I actually I didn’t know if I was ever going to get better.

I went through a entire assortment of diagnoses: lupus, chronic myalgic encephalomyelitis, Lyme disease. Ultimately , none of those met gumption and nothing of the medicines constituted me better than good, until we set the parts together and figured out that I was actually vaccine injured.

It’s literally really a cause and effect. If you looked at at my autobiography and lay out my vaccine schedule, you can see that my health waned 2 weeks after I got the vaccines.

I had encephalitis and encephalopathy … digestive publishes, hypersomnia — sleeping 16 hours a day — flu-like symptoms, a 24/7 migraine, joint agony. I truly had no life at all in my early 30 s until I went on a gluten-free diet. That started my state recovery.

I then became an award-winning medical correspondent with a bunch of different blogs, and then a health consultant. In 2018, I retired from all that and affiliated Children’s Health Defense.”

The COVID Jab Tragedy

While many vaccines have a questionable safety profile, peculiarly when combined, data regarding the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System( VAERS) propose there’s never been a vaccine as dangerous as the experimental mRNA gene transfer insertions for COVID.

What’s more, while deficiency of transparency and accountability has been a chronic problem within the vaccine industry, the self-evident threats combined with vaccines are really being highlighted by the COVID jabs.

Many now know of someone who has been injured by the COVID jab, and most were injured so shortly after the shot that it’s hard to deny a equivalence. The astounding number of harms reported among adults who have received the COVID shot in turn highlightings the foolishnes of reeling it out to young children.

According to Mayer, the reason they’re trying to mandate the COVID shot for children is to evade liability for hurts, because formerly a vaccine is on the childhood vaccination schedule, inoculation manufacturers have immunity against prosecutions for injuries.

Vaccine Makers Want Zero Liability

The COVID shots there are now law exemption against obligation because they’re still under disaster squander approval( EUA ). If you think BioNTech’s Comirnaty was completely licensed, you’d be mistaken. Mayer asks πŸ˜› TAGEND

“I put together a slither floor about Emergency Use Authorization( which you can see in the video interview above) because there is so much confusion over this and what’s really going on. Once you understand the genesis of EUA and the standards they have to meet in order to keep these products on world markets, then you are familiar with the behaviors[ we’re now find ].

They’re falling all over themselves to protect the EUAs for these products and also introduce other very confusing kinds of approval to get away with material. So, let me exactly start to clarify it right now.

This presentation is all about these three strangleholds that the inoculation producers and our government are never going to let go of … These are the things they’re policing with “peoples lives”.

First of all, they need to guard the emergency … so they cannot have any early treatments. Those cannot exist. They’re also going for full indebtednes protection, and children will be used as pawns to get them full liability protection.

Vaccine makers adoration EUA products because they have this huge liability shield. If you’re injured by an EUA vaccine, you can’t sue the manufacturer, you can’t sue the person who gave it to you, you can’t sue the institution where you got the shot.

You have to go through something called the CICP, the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, where they’ll merely cover unpaid medical expenses, and probably merely for pharmaceutical products and lost wages.

Now, if you’re vaccine injured, let me tell you right now, you are not going to be using medications because they do not work for vaccine injury. They will spawn you sicker. You’ll be on two dozen medicines before you know it and you’re going to be sick from those. They do not work. The only thing that’s going to get you better if you’re vaccine disabled is natural treatments …

That’s the kind of treatment you’re going to need, and that’s not even encompassed, even if you were to get compensation. Everybody I know with chronic illness, whether it’s a child or an adult who has chronic fatigue syndrome, inoculation trauma, Lyme disease, they’re paying $50,000 out of pocket per year.

If you can’t work and you have to pay for your management out of pocket, I don’t know how you ever get by. People suffer like crazy, they lose homes, they go into bankruptcy.”

Since its inception, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program( VICP ), which paid under injuries caused by inoculations on the childhood vaccination schedule, has paid out about one-third of claims. It’s a long, arduous process that oftentimes takes years and in the end rarely offer suitable compensation.

“If you do end up getting compensation … they don’t offer it out in one lump sum, they offer it out year by time, and they pretty much hope that whoever is injured is actually going to die of their hurts before they get overcompensated.

That’s been said to me a assortment of durations by people who’ve been through this horrible process. Now, the CICP has only overcompensated 3% of claims. And so far, there have been no permissions for[ compensation] for COVID shot injuries, ” Mayer says.[ Editor’s note: The first COVID case was recently defined “eligible” for compensation, but the case has not yet been adjudicated. 1]

Stages of Liability: EUA

In her slip substantiate, Mayer recollects each of the stages of product drawback, and whether the mRNA shots can be mandated. As mentioned, vaccine makers have no liability as long as their commodity is under EUA, as the produce is investigational.

“Investigational is a synonym for experimental, ” Mayer says. “And the word experimental ties it directly into the Nuremberg Code, which says that we cannot be experimented on[ without permission ]. We always have the right to accept or refuse a medical treatment.

[ The Nuremberg Code] is not a rule, but it’s a system under which the whole world is supposed to be operating by. And it is actually codified into some local and federal principles as well … So, what everybody needs to know is that coercion and duress are considered de facto mandates and illegal. De facto means that it’s mostly the same as an outright authorization.

It’s illegal medical segregation, medical apartheid[ because that is a form of compulsion or duress .] So, if you go to a restaurant and they necessitate your inoculation passport, simply let you eat outside, and they are likely not let you use the bathroom, that’s medical segregation.

That is illegal and I do not support ventures that do that and you shouldn’t either. Any access privileges that are different between the vaccinated and unvaccinated are illegal, and any visual sign of vaccine status like a sticker or a bracelet … that’s also illegal because that creates segregation and medical segregation,[ since they are all forms of coercion or duress .] ”

Importantly, mass violation of the law does not utter something law.

“If we all drove 100 miles per hour on Interstate 80, would we watch the speed limit clues unexpectedly amended in order 100 km / hour? No, it’s not going to happen. Mass violation of the law has never made anything law. And simply because schools and businesses and our authority are mandating these shots, it doesn’t make it legal. It’s all illegal …

Now, they know full well that it’s illegal to mandate these[ COVID shots ]. President Biden knows it’s illegal. But what they’re counting on is that the court cases overturning their illegal edicts will take a while, and in that interim, people are going to be scared enough to get the shots. And unfortunately, it’s worked.”

Stage of Liability: Full Licensure and Childhood Scheduling

The next stage is full licensure( FDA approval ). Once a make is fully licensed, the company becomes accountable for injuries. At that extent, the make is likely to be legally mandated. Of direction, knowing how dangerous the COVID shots are , no creator wants to be financially liable for traumata. They’d be sued out of business.

This is the holy grail if you’re a manufacturer of a COVID vaccine right now. You want it to be fully licensed, but not be placed on the market until you get it on the children’s schedule.~ Alix Mayer

To get immunity against obligation again, the vaccine manufacturers need to get their commodity onto the childhood vaccination schedule. This will also allow government to mandate the shots. As pointed out by Mayer πŸ˜› TAGEND

“This is the holy grail if you’re a vaccine make of a COVID vaccine right now. You want it to be fully licensed, but not kept it on world markets until you get it on the children’s schedule.”

DOJ Redefines Medical’ Consequence’

In Doe v. Rumsfeld, 2 the court held that service members could refuse an EUA product without punitive ramifications such as dishonorable fulfill or other punishments. Therefore, there were no upshots to refusing an EUA product, other than the natural repercussion of maybe going the disease.

However, in July 2021, the U.S. Department of Justice attempted to redefine the word “consequences” just for the COVID shot, to suggest that punitive outcomes, like job loss or being separated from your working or learning spot, are legal when a person refuses an EUA vaccine.

“But this type of consequence, a punishing upshot, has never been adjudicated, ” Mayer says. “That’s not in any laws. This is just an opinion from the DOJ. And it perfectly means nothing, except it came from our DOJ, so beings hold it a good deal of approval.

They also stated twice — and this is so hard to understand because it’s precisely beyond ground — that the right to accept or refuse an EUA product is ‘purely informational.’

Literally, you can read that you could die by making it, but it’s purely informational. You cannot act on it. That’s what the DOJ says. Again, it’s not adjudicated, so it doesn’t mean anything. It’s an ruling. It regards no law force at all. So, as we “ve said”, these mandates are starting to be overturned.”

Four Standards for EUA

There are four standards that must be fulfilled for an EUA. If any of these criteria are not met, EUA cannot be able to obtain or maintained. First, the secretary of Health and Human Business has to declare and maintain a state of emergency. If the emergency were to go away, all EUA products would have to come off the market. And that doesn’t only planned vaccines. It also includes the PCR tests and even surgical masks.

The second standard is evidence of effectiveness. Historically, inoculations had to show a 70% or greater effectiveness, as determined by a fourfold increase in antibody elevations, in order to be entitled. For an EUA vaccine, its efficiency and effectiveness threshold is only 30% to 50%. In another retirement from prior vaccine sanctions, the COVID vaccine clinical tribulations relied on the RT-PCR test , not antibodies, to demonstrate effectiveness in the small “challenge phase” of the trials.

Now, you probably heard that the Pfizer shot was 95% effective where reference is firstly went out, but that was relative risk reduction , not absolute risk reduction. Confounding these two constants is a common strategy used to make a product sound far better than it actually is. The absolute hazard reduction for Pfizer’s shot was just 0.84%. 3

For example, if a study parted people into two groups of 1,000 and two parties in the group who didn’t get a fictional vaccine came infected, while exclusively one in the inoculated radical went fouled, the relative danger reduction would be reported as 100%. In periods of absolute peril reduction, the imaginary inoculation simply prevented 1 in 1,000 from get the illnes — a very poor absolute jeopardy reduction.

The take-home message here is that even though the negligible threshold for effectiveness is ludicrously low-pitched, in terms of absolute risk reduction, these shots still don’t measure up. Within six months, even the relative threat reduction feet out at zero. What’s more, there’s evidence that the clinical contests were controlled as well.

“I remember an analysis very early in lockdowns[ that indicated] if “youve added” back all the probable cases of COVID to the clinical trial[ data ], the effectiveness went from 90% to between 19% and 29%, ”4 Mayer says.

The third standard is that the known and potential benefits of the product must outweigh the known and potential risks of the product. In the case of COVID shots, there’s overwhelming evidence exhibition they do more harm than good.

The fourth and last standard that must be met is there can be no suitable, to ratify and accessible alternative treatments( medicines or inoculations ). “This is why hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were squelched, ” Mayer says. This is also another reason Comirnaty is not treated as a perfectly approved product in the U.S ., because if it were, then all the other COVID shots that are under EUA would have to be removed from the market.

“This is a four-legged stool, ” Mayer says. “If any one of these legs goes away, “youve got to” take your EUA products off world markets … by statute. I kept[ position of] emergency and[ management] alternatives in red-faced, because those are two of the things that they have a stranglehold on; those are things they are guarding like crazy.

This means that every variance that comes out, they have to make it tone super scary to keep the emergency moving. So, the variants suffice a purpose. You have to think about these variances in the context of this crime, where they have to keep the emergency going to keep their commodities on world markets.

You would think this emergency would stop maybe when we get to herd immunity, perhaps if we get 90% vaccination uptake, maybe COVID is just going to go away, like smallpox did in the early 1900 s[ even if they are] only 5% of people were inoculated.[ But it won’t] be done away with[ until] the shots get full acceptance and the manufacturers get a full obligation shield.”

Comirnaty’s Quasi Approval

With regard to Comirnaty, is it or is it not fully approved and licensed? The react is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Mayer shows πŸ˜› TAGEND

“Comirnaty’s quasi approval is just for BioNTech. It doesn’t have to do with Pfizer, and this is why I’m doing this presentation because I’m going to explain what’s going on with that.

This is the race to get liability shield. Remember, that’s the other stranglehold that they miss. They really want to get this liability protection. Once the COVID shots are fully approved, car manufacturers has full drawback.

There’s all this confusion about Comirnaty. Was it perfectly approved? Is it on the market? Is it interchangeable with the Pfizer shot? And does it manufacture the COVID shot commission law? It’s all the same answer. No , no , no , no.

The FDA questioned an intentionally confusing biological license application approval for Comirnaty. It was an unprecedented admiration to both license the Comirnaty shot, saying it’s’ interchangeable’ with the Pfizer shot. But they also said it’s’ legally distinct.’

In that same acceptance, they retain the vaccine’s liability shield by designating it EUA as well. They want it to be fully approved, but they miss the liability protection, so they did this BS dual approval.

So,[ Comirnaty] is licensed to be manufactured, introduced into state commerce and sold, but it’s not licensed to be given to anyone, and it’s not available in the United Mood. It’s available in the U.K ., New Zealand and other neighbourhoods, but it is not available in the United Commonwealth because they’re really scared of liability.

Now, are you ready for this one? The BLA actually states that Comirnaty is only’ ready for approval.’5 It doesn’t say it’s approved anywhere in the document. And they implanted this communication in a pediatric section to confuse beings even more.

Here’s what they said;’ We’re deferring submission of your pediatric studies for ages younger than 16. For this application, because this product is ready for approval for use in beings 16 years of age and older, as pediatric studies for younger ages has not been able to been completed.’

Why did they do this? Sixteen is a very important number. You used to think the age shatter would be 18. That’s a very typical age break for everything else that we do in this country. Why 16?

The reason they did 16 is because 16 – and 17 -year-olds are still on the children’s vaccination schedule. And then car manufacturers comes full liability care. That’s why this is ready to be approved for 16 and up , not 18 and up.”

Comirnaty Is Not Fully Licensed

This confusion is clearly purposeful. On the one hand, the FDA claims Comirnaty is interchangeable with the Pfizer shot, hitherto it’s also legally definite. Laws have had to weigh in on the matter, and a federal gues recently rejected the DoD claim that the two shots are interchangeable. They’re not interchangeable. That implies Comirnaty vaccine is still EUA. It doesn’t have full acceptance and it’s not on the market.

“Military members involved in lawsuits are challenging the military’s COVID vaccine mandatory. They registered an amended complaint attempting a brand-new injunction after the reviewer last-place month repudiated the claim that the Pfizer COVID shot and BioNTech’s Comirnaty are interchangeable. So, we’re still hammering on this legally, but a court has ruled that they’re not interchangeable.

[ Editor’s note: The information collected is accurate at the time of the interview, but legal challenges are ongoing and fields may issue brand-new finds. December 22, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court announced6 it has slated January 7, 2022, to hear disputes challenging Biden’s vaccine and testing edicts .]

So, how do we know that Comirnaty is not being treated as perfectly approved? First, the permission states you have the right to accept or refuse the product. That wants it’s an EUA. Second, it’s not available in the U.S. because Comirnaty doesn’t have liability protection. Third, if it were available, it’s alternative solutions[ medication] and all other EUA shots would have to come off the market.

No. 4, the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices( ACIP) would have to recommend it for ages 16 to 18 and the CDC would have added it to the children’s recommended schedule. That’s how we know it’s not fully approved and on world markets.

Here is the label for Comirnaty. It says it’s emergency use authorization. It doesn’t say it’s amply approved, because it’s not. But look at the safety information they are recognizing: Myocarditis and pericarditis have occurred in some people who’ve received the vaccine, more commonly in males under 40 years of age than among females and older males.

So, this is saying that young men are getting heart inflammation. And what we know from all the anecdotal reports is 300 athletes going to die or collapsed on the field, and children in schools going to die of heart attacks. That’s what’s going on now.

And the reason they have to declare this is because they know it. They know it’s happening. And the only way they can be indicted is if they know there’s a problem with their inoculation and they don’t declare it. So, they certify it here, in very mild language as if it’s not that large-scale of a slew, but it’s a very big deal. Young parties are dying[ from the shots] who have a 99.9973% fortune of recovering from COVID …

The holy grail is to get the shot on the CDC recommended schedule “for childrens”, because then it gets full indebtednes shield according to the 1986 Act. This is why they’re moving after our children when they have a 99.9973% convalescence charge …

Every medical involvement is a risk benefit equation, and it doesn’t calculate for children at all. They should never be get COVID shots. The shots don’t prevent transmission. They don’t prevent events. They don’t prevent hospitalization or death.”

How You Can Help

Children’s Health Defense has indicted the FDA over the approval of Comirnaty, alleging that this is a “bait and switch” to convince people they are receiving a licensed vaccine, when in fact they are getting an EUA vaccine that cannot be lawfully mandated. Regrettably, these kinds of law subjects can take a long time, and children are being needlessly harmed while we wait for legal refinement.

They also have a couple dozen other law specimen underway. If you want to help, delight sign up to become a member on It’s simply $10 for a lifetime membership.

“That truly helps us with stand in our legal specimen, because the more people we represent, the most powerful our contingencies are, ” Mayer says. If you’re in California, you can join the neighbourhood section at You can also help by purchasing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.”

This book is an absolute must-read and you know beings are enjoying it as it has been No. 1 on Amazon for the last month, which is very unusual for a notebook. It will likely be one of the top best seller of the entire year. So, get your copy before Sen. Elizabeth Warren reassures Amazon to ban it!


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