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Morning all.

There’s a very interesting interview on the official site with Richard Garlick, the club’s recently appointed Director of Football operations. He participated earlier this year, lending another stratum to the executive team, and his initial work was direct involvement with the summer give window 😛 TAGEND

During that time, I was acting as the centre between the legal and monetary squads, and the football surface of the guild. It was about taking the agreed plan and putting it into practice.

And his part in that became more important as the spates headed towards ending, his background as a practising law-talking-guy playing a significant role 😛 TAGEND

Typically, as the movement spates progress further, that’s when my participate flourishes. We get to the point where we have contracts ready to sign, that have been agreed by the board, the finance department and the legal district. Then they are presented to the player and his agent to complete the signing.

His remit goes beyond that though, curing Mikel Arteta, Edu, and the first team staff with any football related issues- from medical to logistical and more. He also has’ director omission’ on Arsenal Women, working with Claire Wheatley in that regard, and he’s involved in Academy activities extremely. It’s quite a wide-ranging place, the interview is well worth a speak, and it’s quite interesting to consider how things have changed so much since Arsene Wenger departed.

It’s not that he didn’t have people around him to do various things, and it reverberates a little like Richard Garlick has taken up some of the work done by former Head of Football Raul Sanllehi, but also recently varied sorority secretary David Miles who had been at Arsenal for many years. However, the working day of the MANAGER being the man in charge of everything are long gone. There’s just too much going on with guilds being as big as they are, with everything apparently more complex and involved than ever when it comes to player contracts, negotiators, transmits, and all the rest- not to mention the vigour of the slog that goes into training and preparing the football team itself.

A club has its team on the pitching, and its many other squads at youth rank, the Women’s crew and all the rest, but you have to have an executive team too. And like any crew, it can take some time to find the claim fusion. This is more or less our third strive since Arsene left. The initial triumvirate of Ivan Gazidis, Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat didn’t last long. Then Sanllehi’s departure left spreads, filled by Edu, Tim Lewis and Richard Garlick, and we can see that there has been greater involvement from Josh Kroenke too.

Whether this one will be the successful one remains to be determined. Right now, it seems like there’s an interesting coalesce of people and experience- including Per Mertesacker as the Academy manager, and Vinai Venkatesham as Chief executive- and the age sketches are pretty similar. Ranging from late 30 s to early/ mid 40 s. It’s a young group in many ways, and we’ll certainly have to see how it all works out.

I remember during the summer talking to Tim Stillman on the Arsecast, and expecting him if the direction the organization dealt with the departure of the hugely popular Joe Montemurro has manager of Arsenal Women might grant us some notion of how this manager squad controls. So far, you have to say the signs are predicting. New manager Jonas Eidevall has had an incredible start to his Arsenal career, and the recruitment has been very impressive.

When it comes to the first team, certainly there were things we need to be convinced of, but for the first time in a very long time we met a definite policy when it came to our incoming business. It was almost as if people sat down, earned from some of the mistakes of the past, and decided to do things differently. Again, it’s early days, but there have been encouraging signs there too.

It is a very difficult thing to quantify, but there is clearly a link between how good you are at executive level and how good your unit is. Liverpool are a great example of that in recent years, and while its easy to dismiss the success of Chelsea and Man City as a simple consequence of their fund and natural resources, they have very smart beings in charge and have done for years. That dallies a big part. On the flip side, you have Man Utd who are massively prosperous but they have been run by a human who looks like a tiny digit, and it’s now heading towards 5 year because they were acquired a major trophy and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this season either. Let’s be honest, people laugh at them in a way they never did before.

So, for the current Arsenal team to achieve what we want it to achieve on the tar, this other squad- which builds large-scale decisions about every aspect of what this organization does and will do- has to be good too. I like the introduction of Richard Garlick, who has plenty of football suffer from his time at West Brom and with the Premier League, and he sounds like a smart chap from the interrogation. But we can only wait and see how it all goes out. Like the playing team, “theres been” measures along the way, challenges and adversity, and it’ll be mesmerizing is how they cope and how long they stay together.

Mikel Arteta’s pre-Newcastle news conference makes region this morning, so we’ll have all the tales over on Arseblog News. For now, let’s leave it there, back tomorrow with more on the blog and a brand new Arsecast too.

Take it easy.

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