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‘The ugly truth’: from rags to riches

The Dental Business Coach& Mentor, Grant McAree, launches a new business commerce trend learn dental crews how to go from rags to riches after selling his own practise for millions recently.

'Doing something once is blessing, doing it twice shows your worth'.

That’s the adage of The Dental Business Coach& Mentor, Grant McAree. He made a career out of transforming diddly-squats into multi-million pound practices and selling them for a tidy profit.

McAree just closed the sale of his latest practice to a corporate companionship. Along with it, he's pocketing a cool PS3. 5 million for the sale. This included the goodwill, freehold value and cash modesties of PS500, 000.

He believes transforming dental rehearsals from zero to hero come to one key factor. That is knowing how to utilise marketing implements effectively.

Harnessing the influence of market

The self-taught marketeer, who even set up a chiropody hunker pattern to pay his space through dental set, has instinctively exploited the power of market since his early days in practice when he targeted upside-down adverts in the Yellow Pages to stand out from the crowd.

This led him to build and sell five diddly-squats, thriving from one to eight surgeries in five years and likewise deregister 16,000 NHS patients to pursue a private contract among other achievements.

He has considered everything there is and has the T-shirt. Now he wants to pass all that wisdom to others to support their efforts to on their journey.

With today’s marketing all-encompassing so many different channels, including social media and online, countless dental rehearsals feel like tackling their own marketing is just too overwhelming.

But that doesn’t need to be the case, according to McAree. In fact, he is so confident that anyone can learn how to do it that he’s propelled a new course- The Dental Business& Marketing Course. Now he will share his insider learning built up over more than 20 times on how it’s done. In his utterances:' It ain’t rocket science'.

Mastering selling

The goal is to help delegates cut through the smoke and mirrors that make marketing unnecessarily confusing. This highway they'll are certain in tackling their own marketing. They're drilled when outsourcing. No more confounding reports, victimizes, or con artists.

The course reports everything from website layout, SEO, what to post on social media, paid and free pushing to nailing the patient pilgrimage, discovering your USP, tracking enquires utilizing free CRM systems that are available online, and open days.

McAree too shares his insights on his 5,500 -strong dental marketing Facebook group. Here his' ugly truth' videos have become his calling card.

The straight-talking business coach and mentor is fierce in his drive to help other dental traditions achieve the financial success they deserve by mastering marketing tools and techniques.

The course launched in May, sponsored by Richard Sproston' dental SEO experts' and the first three months were a sell-out.

Courses will range every month with groups of four to 15 beings per direction. To self-assured your place on the next available track and fire up your business, inspect dentalbusinessmentor.co.uk/ business-coach-for-dentists.

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