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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training for Real Estate Agents

A career in real estate isn’t smooth sailing for many who enter the field -- there's an aged precept that over 75% of brand-new real estate agents leave the industry within their firstly 5 year. But if you dream of having a successful career in real estate properties, you shouldn't make that figure throw you off.

Though employment for real estate agents and brokers is simply projected to grow 2% from 2019 to 2029 -- according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics -- the field is still exciting and potentially rewarding. But succeeding in it is easier said than done, and if you want to thrive in real estate, your skills need to be in tip-top shape.

To help you get there, we've put together a guide on the ins and outs of real estate training and a list of the best curricula for it.

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Real Estate Sales Training

Here are the key skills we recommend honing in on when pursuing continuing training as a real estate agent.

1. Negotiation

Whether you are facilitating the buy or sale of a dimension, having strong arbitration sciences is indispensable. Seek out training opportunities that interpose you to new dialogue proficiencies and give you clear examples of effective negotiation that can deepen your grade of understanding from all sides.

2. Writing strong follow

When selling a belonging, good photography alone does not make a strong listing. You want to learn how to write follow that sells, exploiting search-driven keywords so your leans can be seen by those who are looking for them.

Additionally, you want to ensure you can write making imitate that stretches possible purchasers in. Look for teaching or continuing education courses that allow you to hone in your writing skills so you can create stellar materials.

3. Working through objections

Handling objections is a common part of your job description as a real estate professional. Nonetheless, objections don’t ever have to lead to an immediate "no."

When organized properly, oppositions can get you closer to making a sale because they can help you learn what your buyer is truly after. While hold oppositions is likely to be challenging at first, with pattern you can effectively resolve many purchaser dissents to establish the sale.

4. Presenting

Whether you are delivering a pitch or testifying a owned, having strong introduction sciences is critical for success in the real estate profession. Many training programs offer public speaking and/ or representation resources that can help you feel more confident and in-control pitching a sale or brand-new property.

5. Local country acquaintance

Knowing your local busines is essential. While some distance education programs cannot speak to your geographic location, you can learn best practices that allows you to successfully navigate and stay on top of what’s happening in the real estate market in your area.

Here are some online training courses that can help you strengthen your sciences to be successful in real estate.

1. Real Estate Express

Pricing: Contact for Pricing

Real Estate Courses Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a multifaceted schooling program that extends the requisite law and certification-oriented elements of virtually every stage of professional real estate properties -- both pre and post-license. It peculiarity platforms specific to the laws of 36 states and volunteers opportune and coherent access to high-quality educational content and instructor support.

Best for Someone Interested in Getting or Upgrading Their Real Estate License

Real Estate Express is dedicated primarily to aspiring and current real estate agents as an instrument of acquiring and refurbishing their real estate properties licenses. Its curriculum tends to be about navigating professionals through the technical, legal requirements of being a real estate agent -- as opposed to providing insight on more abstract, strategic elements.

If you're interested in a program that will prepare you for your real estate exam or the various aspects of either going or improving your license, Real Estate Express might be for you.

2. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Pricing: Varies by Program

Real Estate Courses Kaplan Real Estate Education

Like Real Estate Express, Kaplan offers industry-leading real estate courses and quiz prep for those attempting a real estate license or continuing their education. It offers real estate education sources specific to each state, so you can attain relevant education for your locality. It also has courses on important subjects such as appraisal, home inspection, wholesale real estate properties, and contractor licensing.

Best for Current and Aspiring Real Estate Agents, Seeking General Knowledge

Kaplan gives a wider array of services than most other options on such lists. It has trends that volunteer concrete exam-prep -- on top of refreshers for current negotiators to help advance their vocations and more effectively apply its own experience. If you're interested in having access to a broad range of penetration for any stage of your real estate career, consider looking into Kaplan.

3. Udemy: The Modern Real Estate Agent

Pricing: $49.99

Real Estate Courses Udemy

Udemy's "The Modern Real Estate Agent" course is a cost-effective resource for any licensed real estate properties professional, looking to kickstart or revitalize their job. The course offers insight on effective goal-setting, relationship-building, clanged financial decision-making, and several other ingredients that make for a long, successful career in the field.

Best for a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Looking to Add Some Spark to Their Career

Udemy's program is primarily geared towards real estate professionals who have already breached the field. It doesn't feature much in accordance with the rules of the various kinds of technical knowledge that will show up on a real estate exam.

Still, the three or so hours of video programming it offers -- coupled with downloadable resources and a credential of finish -- can be a big help to agents with any degree of experience.

If you're a licensed real estate agent, looking to add some new being to your busines, consider checking out Udemy's course.

4. Cornell Commercial Real Estate Certificate

Pricing: a one-time payment of $3,600 or $650/ month

Real Estate Courses Cornell Commercial Real Estate

Cornell's Commercial Real Estate Certificate is one of the more concentrated, rigorous options listed here. As you can assume from the list, the serial of courses is dedicated to helping agents better understand and approaching elements of business real estate properties -- including property administration, owned valuation, and financial planning.

The instructor-led program lasts roughly three months and is conducted 100% online. The curriculum is structured to fold into your existing work schedule -- though it's relatively labor-intensive, the certification isn't a particularly tireless weekly period commitment.

Best for Current or Aspiring Commercial Real Estate Agents

Shockingly enough, Cornell's commercial-grade real estate program is accommodated towards commercial-grade real estate agents. It's an excellent rich for those kinds of professionals to improve their skills, bolster their resumes, or simply get a refresher on the field's fundamentals. If this succession of courses includes your specialty and any of those perks appeal to you, you should look into the Cornell Commercial Real Estate Certificate.

5. The National Association of Realtors

Pricing: Varies by Course

Real Estate Courses The National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors gives an extended suite of courses, tailor-make to help real estate agents better understand the subtleties of the field, develop brand-new skills, and stretch their businesses.

With close to 100 class and presentations accessible, The National Association of Realtors is one of the better, most comprehensive sources real estate professionals have at their disposal.

Best for Real Estate Agents Seeking Continuing Education

The National Association has one of "the worlds largest" -- if not the most -- robust libraries of online real estate courses of any program listed here. Its curriculum strays from exercising Excel as a monetary calculatorto diversity and inclusion in the field to selling to buyers by generation.

Its courses and presentations cater primarily to working real estate agents, looking to expand their industry knowledge and personal skill set. It's not adapted to suit non-agents interested in learning more about the field or trying to get their real estate license.

6. Mbition

Pricing: Varies by Course

Real Estate Courses Mbition

Mbition offers a collection of courses that cover topics related to real estate, appraisal, and home inspection. The company's programs are designed to fully educate real estate agents at any stage in their careers without distracting too much from their personal and professional lives.

Best for New and Aspiring Agents Interested in All the aspects of Real Estate

Mbition mounts itself apart from similar platforms through its content diversity, give assignments that are beyond conventional real estate. Students can leverage the company's content to obtain permissions in home inspection and appraisal.

It also provides routes for continuing education in all three fields. If you're looking for a resource that can help you better understand every facet of the real estate business, Mbition might be for you.

7. 360 Training Online Real Estate Training

Pricing: Varies by Course

Real Estate Courses 360 Training

360 Training is an excellent resource for aspiring and current real estate agents to bolster their professional acquaintance and progress their occupations. The program includes courses related to preparation for numerous state-specific real estate exams -- as well as continuing education class about elements of the practice like environmental the dangers and fair housing.

Best for Workers Who Need to Fulfill Continuing Education Requirements

360 Training distinguishes itself from same platforms with its continuing education courses. While other reserves on this list too give similar kinds of material, few have a bank of lessons as thorough and high-quality as 360 Training's.

Its curriculum reports requirements for virtually any state and is eclectic enough to give agents the flexibility to pursue the subjects they're most interested in. If you're an operator looking to cover your CE requirements, take a look at 360 Training.

With an effective training plan in place, your potential in the real estate industry can reach new heights.

Editor's note: This berth was originally published in December 2019 and has been revised for comprehensiveness.

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