There’s now a ‘Squid Game’ cryptocurrency – and it’s jumped nearly 25,000% in under a week

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Netflix smacked “Squid Game” has inspired a SQUID cryptocurrency. SQUID has surged nearly 25,000% in the past few weeks. Incumbent of SQUID can take part in online plays inspired by games in the demonstrate.

Netflix pop “Squid Game” has extended its reach into the cryptocurrency domain with the SQUID token – and it’s previously up well over 20,000% this week, according to CoinMarketCap .

“Squid Game” is a South Korean dystopian sequence about parties playing for prize money in remorseless existence tournaments. The hit sequence is a runaway success and has become a global culture phenomenon.

SQUID was selling around 1.2 cents on Tuesday, but it’s now at $3.05 – a flow of almost 25,000%. Its busines cover is now nearly $240 million.

Pre-sales of SQUID started on Oct. 20 and, distributed according to its white paper, “sold out in 1 second. “

It’s a “play-to-earn” cryptocurrency. SQUID owners can take part in online tournaments inspired by sports in the support. Entry costs are charged in SQUID – 10% of which go to the developers, and the rest is invested back into the reward pool.

“The more beings join, the larger reward pool will be, ” according to the white paper. “More importantly, we do not afford deadly results apparently! Your experience will exclusively reflect on the charm of acquiring payoffs and sorrow of losing money when the game miscarried, ” it adds.

SQUID attaches meme coins such as the shiba inu in post massive premium rallyings seemingly stimulation by no particular reason.

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