‘This is a safety issue’: TikToker films her flight full of Brazilian butt lift patients, sparking debate


A now-viral TikTok from last week images an airplane full of patients who recently received Brazilian buttock face-lifts( BBLs ).

The video, announced by Andrea Gallegos (@ wildcard3 13 ), presents her sitting next to a woman who is facing backwards with her laughingstock sticking out. The bride doesn’t appear to know that the TikToker is recording.

“So I got to get my flight today and everyone set around me merely had surgery, ” text overlay on the screen speaks.

Gallegos then goes her phone’s camera over to other women near her–who too apparently got a BBL.

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“They didn’t know each other, ” reads more screen text. “Remember ladies if you’re getting a BBL don’t forget about the flight dwelling. Pack something comfy for your knees.”

It’s not immediately clear from Gallegos’s video where the flight is headed to, but she stated in a comment that it was flying out of Miami. According to some online reports, specialists recommend shelving roam for as countless eras as is practicable after coming surgery to minimize the risk of complications. One website said that cases shouldn’t travel by plane for at least 10 periods since it utilizes pressure on the buttocks and hips.

Commenters, meanwhile, were shocked by the clip. While some scolded Gallegos for recording strangers without their authorization, countless is confident that the TikTok was mortifying.

The video has more than 11 million views on TikTok and thousands of comments.

The top comment on the announce, with at least 148,000 likes, speaks: “This is what happens when you don’t spend the extra money on the recovery mansion after the BBL.”

“This is SO SO sad to me …, ” read another comment.

“We are a lost person, ” a third viewer said.

Still, others were less judgmental of the surgery and more concerned about the safety of the patients, imploring tribes to spend the extra money for a suitable recovery.

“As a Flight Attendant, I entreat yall to please spend the extra $$ for improvement House! This is a safety issue! What if we have to evacuate..” person or persons wrote.

“What happens when there’s turbulence and you HAVE to have your seat belt on ???? ” another questioned.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gallegos via TikTok comment.

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