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Trump says he is ‘beyond seriously’ considering 2024 presidential run, but can’t discuss it for legal reasons

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Former President Donald Trump said he is' very seriously' considering a 2024 presidential move But he said he can't talk about it for legal grounds. 'I am looking at it very seriously. Beyond gravely ,' Trump said. See more narratives on Insider's business page.

Former President Donald Trump said he was "very seriously" considering a presidential run in 2024 but claimed he was unable to talk about it for legal rationales.

"I say this: I am looking at it very seriously, beyond earnestly. From a law position I don't want to talk about it more, " Trump told Fox News Monday when asked about a potential 2024 run.

-Acyn (@ Acyn) April 20, 2021

Trump remains highly influential within the Republican party and would likely win the support of multiple elderly GOP lawmakers if he did aim the Republican nomination for 2024.

He has repeatedly suggested that he could run again in 2024, telling the audience at the right wing Conservative Political Action Conference in February that "I may even decide to beat them for a third day, " a sign to his false-hearted contend that he triumphed re-election to the White House last year.

"I stand before you today to declare that the incredible pilgrimage we began together four years ago is far from over, " he told the audience.

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell and Nikki Haley, a producing Republican routinely tipped for her own 2024 run, are among those who have said they would support Trump if he self-assured the 2024 GOP nomination again.

McConnell said in February that he would "absolutely" aid Trump again if he won the GOP nomination in 2024, despite having condemned the former chairwoman as being "practically and morally responsible" for the Capitol insurrection in January.

Trump would likely face a challenge for the nomination from other GOP lawmakers whose affect and esteem are growing if he did aim a race. Those include Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose opposition to lockdown sets across his commonwealth has attained him popular with republican donors.

Nikki Haley, the former UN ambassador, said she would not run in 2024 if Trump decided to.

Trump's niece Mary told Insider last month that her uncle would only pretend to run for president in order to spawn more coin out of his supporters.

"It's important to remember that Donald couldn't care less about politics, he couldn't care less about home countries, he couldn't care less about the Republicans, " Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist who last year published a tell-all book on her family, told Insider.

"It's all about maintaining the grasp on ability. He contemplates on some stage it's going to allow him to continue to operate with impunity as he has done his whole life, and also it's going to allow him to keep grifting money off of parties, " she said.

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