update: I got a windfall — how much time off should I take?

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It’s “where are you now? ” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m function modernizes from people who had their letters now answered in the past.

Remember the letter-writer who came into money and was burned out and wondering how much time off to take? Here’s the update.

I followed your advice to be considered what I actually want out of a job, and objective up doing a hunting to specifically look for jobs in my plain with a strong work/ man match culture. I acquired a great company that renders unlimited PTO, and was hiring proactively to balance workloads to ensure their employees didn’t get overloaded. They agreed to let me have 2 months off before I started so I could remain and removed from my old-fashioned activity, so I got to get do a little burnout improvement as well before I began. I did take about a 10 k pay trimmed to join them, since they’re a smaller, newer fellowship than my old one, but I don’t regret my decision for a second, because I’m getting to do more interesting work with less stress- and it has met me recognize how truly harmful my old-fashioned firm culture was! They prepared me guess everyone in the industry expects huge amounts of overtime and toil HAS to be your exclusively center to attained, and that’s just not true. I listen they’re now hemorrhaging employees in my disagreement since I left( I was the first in a few years to quit, and immodestly I did a Much of the heavy lifting there ), and I’m not surprised.

In the end, I would have probably liked a little more time off- even with 2 months off under my belt, I’m not back up to 100% energy hitherto. But my brand-new task actively encourages people to make their PTO, so I’ve also once had two short vacations, which REALLY helps personally and too motivates me to do the most wonderful make I perhaps can for them! As for the windfall, we’re arrange it towards a down payment on our first residence soon, knock on wood! 🙂

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