update: the boss who fired me got hired at my new job — and she’s joking about how bad my work was

This post, update: the boss who burnt me came hired at my brand-new task — and she’s joking about how bad my job was, was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

It’s “where are you now? ” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m gush revises from people who had their characters here answered in the past.

Remember the letter-writer whose boss get him shot come hired at his new job — and started joking about how bad his make was? Here’s the update.

Let me begin by saying I really appreciate of the corroborate and opinion you and your readers “ve been given”. It was nice to know I wasn’t acquiring too much out of it.

Two things maybe I should be noted that I should not before. First, I am a somewhat laid back guy, and when folks have a laugh at my overhead, that usually doesn’t bother me if I think it is coming from a residence of affection. I can laugh at myself, and Lord knows I enjoy taunting the person or persons I affection. I make I have pretty good bounds generally, and I enforce them if I feel it’s not coming from a region of tendernes. But I think in this instance my frontier preparing radar went embarrassed because this generally has not been a problem at work, and because I so wanted to give Jane the benefit of the doubt.

Secondly, Jane’s behavior in all of this tracks, if you know Jane. She is, let’s say, hyperrational. Petitions to her sensations, or telling her how things induce you feel, generally don’t work. But if you can quantify your point, if you can back up your polemic with data, she is very persuadable, up to and including changing her behavior or backing off on objects she’s made in the past.

As you cautioned, I took the issue up instantly with kinfolks who seemed to be considering me differently, announcing out what I saw and asking them to please judge me on my record since they’ve known me. Most denied any modification at all, and that was enough to shock them back into their pre-Jane behavior. A small number acknowledged Jane’s narrations had made some impact, and agreed that maybe was not entirely fair. For the best part, they very have returned to pre-Jane behavior.

Then I went back to Jane and started my site; the legends were unflattering and unjust, they were harming my honour with my co-workers, and it needed to stop. She again said she was just kidding and doubted it forced anyone at all .. I confessed she was just kidding and had no ill-will, but that wasn’t the point. We went through some emails I had with co-workers that I had print a copy( including the exchange with the coworker I mentioned in my first memo ). The object I drew was even if it was just this one guy( and it wasn’t) surely she would agree that if the floors restrained coming more parties might start imagining like this guy.

Having seen the evidence, she agreed. She predicted she would stop, and she has. She even ran so far as to email a marry tribes we discussed( and cc’d me) defending for her demeanor and saying she should not have settled me in such a bad light-footed. That was good enough for me.

And that has been it. We’re pretty much back to normal. The chap from the first e-mail is still double checking me, but less than he was before. Personally I think he’s just trying to cover his tracks.

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