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Watch Ed Sheeran field difficult questions from kids: “What’s the last lie you told?”

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Ed Sheeran has answered questions from children as part of a BBC Radio 1 feature.

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Questions for the pa luminary wandered from the innocuous (" what's your favourite food ?") to trickier topics, such as whether he's worked with person he doesn't like.

When invited" what's the last lie you told ?" Sheeran said that he tries not to lie but admitted it was probably a white lie to do with parenting.

" I try to be very, very honest in my life, because I feel like with lying, you always get caught out. There's never a phase where you don't get caught out, so I can't remember the last one, but it was probably a white lie to do with parenting ," he said.

Elsewhere, he revealed that he's "definitely" worked with parties he hasn't got on with." I would say 99.9 per cent of them are really great, but of course there's gonna be one bad egg ."

Other questions from the 9 and 10 -year-old boys in the clip that was uploaded to YouTube on Friday( June 4) included how much fund does Sheeran have and whether he has plans for more cameos in movies.

To the latter question, he refuted:" I actually got asked to do a cameo the other day for a movie, and it's quite funny, so I might do it...I'm not an actor, so if someone disappears,' Hey, do you wanna be in a movie ?' I will always say yes ."

In other information, Sheeran announced last week that he will play-act his new, unheard single at TikTok's UEFA Euro 2020 episode.

The gig, which will only be available to stream via Sheeran’s TikTok channel, are likely to be filmed at Ipswich Town football club on June 25. It will be streamed from Ipswich at 9pm BST and will be free-to-view on TikTok. It will also be shown again on June 26 and July 9 for global audiences.

Sheeran's last-place recording was 2019' s' No. 6 Collaborations Project'.

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