We tried all the dog products from Wild One’s latest drop


Dogs have gotten way more fashion-forward in recent years. Pups who used to be dressed in kitschy light pink, paw-printed garb are now decked out in simple downplayed collars, harness, and reins in muted colors. You’ve probably “ve seen them” on Instagram if not in real life.

These doggie accessories are often from Wild One, the symbol that brought the minimal millennial aesthetic to dog parents. And yes, there is a harness and leash set in Millennial Pink.

The monochrome dog concoctions can now be found at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Target, and Petco, but the seduce that got Wild One on every domesticated parent’s radar is the combination of minimalism and insanely good commerce. All of such products are simple, stylish, and can be matched with nearly any personal aesthetic. Everything on their site and their social media pages is well-photographed, and of course, working together with likeness of charming puppies. The label absolutely gratifies to the fashionable pup proprietor — after all, if you’re going to have dog stuff disbanded all over your suite, it can at least be charming, right?


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Over the past three years since Wild One launched, the products have moved from the proverbial streets of social media to the streets of major cities, and have even caught the eye of quite a few celebrities, influencers( and dogfluencers ), and tastemakers. There are even a few firebrands who leaned heavily into the minimal baby produce activity after Wild One broke the internet( looking at you, Fable Pets ).

But the real question about this brand is: Is the Instagram hype around Wild One real? Are the products worth the money?

I set out to test everything from Wild One’s recent produce sag with the help of my trusty auxiliary, Miso( my very best bud and one of Mashable’s resident bird-dogs ). Our obtains? Most of this dog paraphernalium is not simply looks good, but too nurses up to everyday use and is worth the price tag. Read on for its consideration of the Wild One Treat Pouch, the Everyday Carrier, the rinseless shampoo, and the brand-new cocoa colorway of the Walk Kits.

Wild One Treat Pouch


I affection wearing the give sack as a crossbody because it impedes me hands-free on treads.

Ascribe: Jae Thomas


Miso too adores the consider sack( mainly because it’s full of snacks, but still ).

Approval: Jae Thomas

Our rating: 5

Price: $44

Pros: Stylish, minimal scheme; Roomy enough for plows, turd handbags, and your phone/ keys; Magnetic closure for easy access; Can be worn as a fanny pack, over the shoulder, or crossbody

Cons: On the pricier side

I’m working on reactivity training with my dog, Miso, which basically will be required I pass feed her treats on our part foot. I was previously squandering a clip-on treat pouch from our regional baby supermarket, but the cinch-top saw it hard to grab considers fast enough to dole out wages for good behavior, and the time on article would perpetually fell out of my throbs or whatever case I was wearing.

The Wild One Treat Pouch is my new go-to and I won’t be switching to another treat carrier any time soon. The magnetized closure is a genius ability, and Miso would like to give a huge doggie smooch to whoever was just thinking about it. It preserves you totally hands-free, hinders considers from falling out( even though they are you turn the crate upside-down ), and it allows you to grab a analyse fast, without having to fiddle with any zippers or secure endings. There’s also a hidden place for turd bags in case you don’t require the whole world to know that yes, you do have to pick up poop every day.

I love that you can wear it as a crossbody or as a belt bag, and it has enough office for my phone and keys, too. I opted for the pitch-black pigment, but it comes in lilac and cocoa as well, so you can match it to your dog’s leash, collar, or harness. Oh, and it’s made of 10 recycled plastic bottles, for all you eco-friendly kinfolks out there.

Wild One Everyday Carrier

You're sure to turn heads with a cute bag and an even cuter dog in it.

You’re sure to turn fronts with a cute pouch and an even cuter dog in it.

Recognition: Wild one

Our rating: 4.25

Price: $150

Pros: Competitors any clothing; Padded, waterproof freighter; Durable material; Comes with a time to keep your dog secure; Lots of pockets; Top zipper

Cons: Very small dogs might be able to jump out, even when attached to the clip; Heavy; Pricey

While I care I could propel my own dog in this bag and take her with me everywhere, Miso weighs in at a cool 45 pounds and isn’t precisely keen on being carried around. To test the Wild One Everyday Carrier, I enlisted the help of a friend’s dog — a little gremlin named Leo. He’s a 7-pound, 8-year-old Japanese Chin and is a pro at being carried around on the street of NYC.

When compared to a regular zip-front puppy luggage, the Wild One Everyday Carrier is obviously a lot more aesthetically satisfying, but is also significantly heavier. I researched the cocoa emblazon, and it’s a great choice for tribes who dress in neutral ambiances or who don’t require their carrier bag to clash too much with their cupboard. Above all, it’s super stylish and looks like a designer handbag — any puppy riding around in this carrier is definitely the it-girl( or son) of the block.

Leo the Japanese Chin in the Wild One Everyday Carrier.

Leo the Japanese Chin in the Wild One Everyday Carrier.

Recognition: Jae Thomas

It’s make use of 80 recycled plastic water bottles more, so you can feel good about your acquisition( even if you are spending $ 150 on a puppy baggage ). There are three exterior pockets and one interior one for storing both pup nonsense and personal stuff. The canvas-like material is heavy-duty and feels extra durable, and the interior of the luggage is strung with a removable water-resistant, washable basi( in cases where of an on-the-go accident ). It too features a fabric-guarded zipper that won’t catch your dogs fur, and an interior clip to keep your pooch attached to the bag while they extend errands with you.

The only real downside to the Everyday Carrier is that it’s not machine washable. Because the base isn’t actually attached to the bag, you might end up with a mess on your hands that you’ll have to hand-wash. If your hound is generally clean, this isn’t a problem, but if they get bumpy at the dog park, munch chaotic snacks, or are known for nervous-peeing, it might be an issue.


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I plunked Leo in the bag and carried him around in it to see just how well the bag’s pieces direct. His long coat was the perfect experiment for the fabric-guarded zipper — and I’m happy to report that it won’t catch your dog’s hair, even if they’re on the shaggier place. In words of actually carrying a hound in this bag, I feel it would be ideal for pups a little bit bigger than Leo. He’s on the smaller side at 7 pounds, and even when his collar was attached to the bag’s inner clip and the zipper was closed, he was able to hop out of it while it was on the floor. Dogs might not be able to let themselves out of the carrier if the clip was attached to a harness instead of a collar, but this is definitely a consideration if your small dog doesn’t regularly use a harness. The pouch is safe for carrying up to 20 pounds though, so if you’re working with a dog between 10 and 20 pounds, you’ll probably been wonderful.

Overall, the baggage was easy to carry, has wide comfortable buckles, and features batch of pockets for holding all the daily doggie crucials. While the price tag is a bit high-priced at $150, it’s made of recyclable plastic bottles so you can feel good knowing you cured divert single-use plastic waste. Looking good and saving countries around the world? A total win-win.

Wild One rinseless shampoo

Keep your dog smelling good between baths.

Keep your hound reeking good between showers.

Ascribe: Wild One

Our rating: 5

Price: $14

Pros: Bouquets immense; Ideal for in-between showers; Easy to use

Cons: Represents your puppy soggy for a little while

Giving dogs a tub( peculiarly bigger hounds) is sometimes a two party enterprise. If you time don’t have age for the affliction that is bath time, Wild One introduced the perfect solution — rinseless hound shampoo. While it’s not technically a dry shampoo, it works in the same way by giving your pup’s fur an extra refresh between showers.

To use it, all you need to do is shake the bottle, scatter it onto your dog’s coat, and rub it in. Obviously it will oblige your dog’s fur wet for a little, so you are able to not want to let them onto the couch or the bed immediately after applying.

A immense thing about this shampoo is the fact that it perfectly removes any bad flavors from your dog’s coat, instead of time masking them. The balm smells like lemon and clean-living laundry, so your dog will reek like they’ve been rolling in freshly-washed membranes — even if they’ve actually been rolling in the mud.

Miso is not a fan of bath time( she goes wholly rigid in demonstrate formerly I threw her in the bathtub ), so this is a great product to reduce the amount of soaps I need to give her. It only takes about a hour to scatter her with the shampoo and rub it in. She doesn’t desired it, but she digests it — and it’s exclusively a time of her being slightly disagreeable vs. 20 minutes of her detest animation in the tub. I found that using the rinseless shampoo saves Miso reeking good and her hair feeling clean-living for an extra one to two weeks between uses. It’s not a terminated substitute for a shower, but it’s great in a tinge and will make for fewer trip-ups to the groomer.

Wild One Collar Walk Kit in chocolate

Just a very good girl showing off her very good Walk Kit.

Just a very good girl showing off her very good Walk Kit.

Credit: Jae Thomas

Our rating: 4.25

Price: $88

Pros: Sturdy; Easy to empty; Minimal design; Dirt- and water-proof

Cons: Collar widths lope a little large-scale; A big fragment of the collar hangs release when it’s stiffened to the smallest hole

Say you miss your hound to be the most stylish pup on the block, but you likewise don’t want to invest in collars and reins that are just going to get destroyed. That’s where Wild One comes in. Their flex poly coated webbing leashes and collars are dirt-proof, odor-proof and are insanely easy to wipe clean-living. I had one of the internet-famous harness Walk Kits myself before testing this Wild One drop-off, and I love and use the leash and poop bag incumbent to this day( they both still appear brand-new ). But shortly after buying, my pup teach recommended we use a premier bridle connected to a collar for Miso’s marches, so testing the collar Walk Kit realise more gumption this time around.


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I opted for the brand-new cocoa color, and it’s a superb alternative to buying a pricier brown leather collar for your puppy( and it will probably last longer, too ). This collar and rein specified is ideal for pretty much every kind of dog. For pups who tend to get soiled, owners often gravitate away from pricier, trendier accessories for nervousnes of injury them, but you won’t have that issue with the collar Walk Kit. Every component is easy to mop down, the collar and the leash can hold up to rough doggie play, and it comes with a cute matte poop purse purchaser( because no owner is exempt from poop scooping ).

When tightened all the way, the end of the collar doesn't sit flush with the rest of it.

When stiffened all the way, the end of the collar doesn’t sit flush with the rest of it.

Recognition: Jae Thomas

On first try-on, I was also noted that the collar rolls a little large-hearted. Miso was exactly between the immensity medium and big with a neck measurement of 17 inches, and a Wild One rep suggested I size up just in case. While the collar fits Miso when lodged to the furthest hole, theres a big piece of it that hangs loose and isn’t secure on her cervix. I obviously wish that the D-ring was a little farther back on the collar to hold the extra length in place. If I were obtaining again( which, I would ), I would size down — and I likewise recommend sizing down if your pup is between sizes.

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