Why We Have a 6-Hour Workday

Why We Have a 6-Hour Workday

When I firstly requested my daughter, Megan Hyatt Miller, to join our firm as then COO, she agreed under one condition: she had to unplug from production and leave every day at 3:00 p.m. to pick up her children from clas and experience her night at home with her family. I concurred, she took the job, and she’s been working some copy of that planned ever since.

But then something else happened. Because of circumstances outside our hold, our firm went through a trying season. Our employees were devoted, and burnout was on the horizon. We needed to act. Instead of operating a traditional 8-hour day, we decided to cut our time by 25% to 6 hours. The reactions stunned us. Not simply did we transcend our company points, but we found that our employees were just as productive, if not more, than they were before. So we decided to embrace constraints and procreate the 6-hour workday a permanent one of the purposes of our culture. Now is what we’ve learned–and why we’re sticking with it 😛 TAGEND

It requires us to come clearly defined what matters–and what doesn’t. One of our values at Michael Hyatt& Co. is doing work that is High Leverage. We vest our corporate and individual the resources available to opportunities with exponential return, measured by profit, significance, or both. This signifies it makes us less experience than normal to achieve amazing outcomes, because we maintain laser focus. It drives invention. To raise the same makes in less meter, we’ve had to think differently about our part and come up with artistic answers. We’ve become ruthless about eliminating, automating, or delegating tasks that either don’t need to be done, don’t need to be done by a human, or don’t need to be done by someone who should be focusing on high-leverage work instead. It enables us to prioritize life outside employ. Not only do we want our clients to achieve the Double Win, we want that for our employees too. Making work the primary direction of our lives unleashes havoc on our state, our most important affairs, and our spirits. But having 2 added hours per day–or 10 extra hours per week–gives us term back. Time for exercise, doctor’s appointments, planning healthful clas snacks, picking up teenagers from clas, volunteering in the community, or pursuing a diversion. It improves achieve sustainable success. Like most organizations, “were having” points and a vision to get us there. But their own bodies and sentiment need time to rejuvenate. If we want immense doctrines, we need to have huge meditating. And that conveys having rested attentions and forms to repeatedly, consistently, and sustainably fetching our greater contribution. It gives an example for others. We live in a life where workaholism is rampant. Its negative effects are unable to be ignored, including things like early death from stress-related illness, divorce, loneliness, and burnout. We want to demonstrate that there’s another option. There’s a hopeful course forward different from the status quo.

Constraints around the workday contribute to success. It induces us to think differently about what’s important both at work and at home, and enables us to achieve the results we really want without compromise. What are some ways you can embrace the power of restrictions?

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