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You can file post office fraud claim via email

The Department of Upright has issued a standard operating procedure( SOP) for the handling of claim suits in the event of forgeries and loss in post office intrigues such as post office savings account, currency authorizations( like National Saving Certificate ), money order, postal life insurance/ Rural Postal Life Insurance etc. The district spelt out the SOP in a circular dated May 27, 2021. At present, there is no standard procedure for filing a claim with the post office in the event of fraud. As per the circular issued, an individual filing a claim can do it either by see the residence post office branch or via email, rate affix or cross-file berth. Unlike in case of banks where an accounting incumbent is required to report the unauthorised deal within three workings daylights to ensure zero obligation for all third-party transgress , no such time limit has been mentioned in case of reporting of scams in local post office programmes in the circular.The circular specifies that no claimant should be put to any kind of inconvenience and all possible help should be made at every stage from replenishing up the chassis, find the statement to place of starting payment.Here is the index of documents that are required to file the amount claimed and how an individual can file a claim in case of fraud as per the SOP issued by the Department of Posts.How to file the claim with the post office and documents needed1. Claim form: A standardised claim form has been issued by the department which will be used for filing of claims related to fraud/ misappropriation of coin in post office savings bank accounts, cash certificates such as Kisan Vikas Patra( KVP ), National Savings Certificate( NSC ), postal order/ electronic money orders( EMO) etc. The assemble further invites an individual to provide justification for the claim represented. The pretension application form can be accessed now. 2. Photo ID and address proof: Along with the properly crowded sort, an individual is required to submit self-attested photocopies of photo ID and address proof. One can refer PAN, Aadhaar, Voter ID, passport or any other valid proof. 3. Passbook/ Certificate/ Deposit Receipt: The individual is also required to submit self-attested copy of passbook/ certification/ sediment acknowledgment etc ., as the bag perhap. Do ensure that you carry the original record at the time of submitting certificates or else the claim will not be accepted by the post office official. The claim form will be accepted only if the original ones have been seen and verified by the officer. In case of casting non-physical demands, do ensure that you have mentioned your email ID/ portable quantity or address precisely. This will help the post office branch official in contacting you for further information related to verification of original documents.Processing of claimOnce the claim form has been accepted, the post office branch is required to process it within seven days from following. If any further information is required to be obtained from the individual, the same must be done within seven days.Within 10 epoches of acceptance of the structure, the word will be either submitted to the Divisional officer with further recommendations or will be returned to the claimant for deferring more specific information or documents, if any. If sent to the Divisional Office, then a Unique Registration Number will be issued to the claim case for monitoring determination. This enrollment quantity and appointment of a registered( which is 10 th period from the year of acceptance of form; equipped "were not receiving" shortcomings in the form and requisite information has been provided) will be informed to the individual as well. The registration time will be treated as date of deposit of claim. Claim sanctionThe claim will be sanctioned within 25 daytimes from the appointment of registration( depending on the financial influences) and the amount of claim will be credited/ restored in the note within 30 dates from the enrollment date. The claimant will be required to submit relevant original passbook/ certificate to make payment. However, the circular states that physical vicinity must not be enforced.In fraud cases where forensic examination is required, the above process must be completed within 90 daylights from the appointment of registration Pitches to note while filing a claimDuring the investigation or at the time of final colonization, the united states post office can ask the individual to submit the original certificates. However, don't forget to ask for a replication fake of the original documents issued for such a scenario. Further, the repeat transcript will be issued to you free-of-cost. In case a reproduction facsimile is not issued to you, then do make sure you get the proper receipt from the united states post office for the submission of original certificates. If the claim is submitted via e-mail, then an acknowledgement will be sent by the official/ man is authorised for the specific objectives. The officer can seek further clarifications via email as well. However, for aims of verifying original receipt/ passbooks etc, the claimant may be required to produce the same.

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