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You might already be paying for the software you need

You probably know someone who pays for some absurd combination of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney +, ESPN +, Discovery +, Paramount +, Peacock, and Amazon Prime. It &# x27; s not the best use of coin as they were &# x27; s so much overlap, and cause &# x27; s be honest--they &# x27; re just going to end up re-watching the same show for the eighth period anyway.

And you know what? The same shall be valid for the application dues you use for your business.

The apps you might not know you &# x27; re paying for

Most enterprises pay for at least one large-scale software bundle, generally for email hosting and other core part apps like command processing and spreadsheets. Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are probably the biggest sheaves, so I &# x27; m going to focus on those, but there are others out there( Zoho Workplace comes to imagination ).

A screenshot of Google Workspace offering

Whatever bundle you have, there &# x27; s a good chance there are apps in there you don &# x27; t only knew. And that might mean that you &# x27; re additional for software that you already have access to. For example:

Video call apps. Millions of companionships pay for Zoom, and I &# x27; m willing to bet a number of those companies likewise pay either Google or Microsoft for their wraps. Which is interesting, because every business version of Microsoft 365 comes with Microsoft Teams, which offers really great video call quality. Google Workspace comes with Meet, a video fit app that offers various pieces Zoom doesn &# x27; t.

Team chat apps. Plenty of companies pay for Slack even though they already too pay for one of the large-hearted wraps. Google Workspace presents Chat, which is a same service to Slack, and Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing team chat app on the market. Both of these apps are among the best team chat apps, but a good deal of firms don &# x27; t realise they &# x27; re previously paying for them.

Email hosting. Google Workspace &# x27; s and Microsoft 365 &# x27; s business plans both come with email hosting and are arguably the best email emcees for small and medium-sized companies, so "youre supposed to" don &# x27; t need to pay for another host.

Cloud storage. You might be paying for Box or Dropbox, outside of your main software bundle, but Microsoft 365 renders 1 terabyte( TB) of OneDrive storage across all hopes. Google Workspace volunteers 30 gigabytes( GB) of Google Drive storage in its cheapest propose, 2TB in its standard propose, and unlimited storage for initiative clients.

And there &# x27; s more.

Google Workspace come here for Forms, which can replace all kinds of apps.

Microsoft 365 has OneNote, which is an excellent alternative to Evernote.

Google Workspace come here for Sites, which can build quick( if simple) websites.

I could go on.

Now, this can sometimes work in the other direction. For example, Dropbox offers Paper, a Google Docs alternative that can also handle task management. That means you might not need a project management app if you &# x27; re once paying for Dropbox.

It might still be worth paying for things

There are rationales you are able to opt to pay for a apparently redundant app. For example, it might seem like no Google Workspace customer should pay for Slack or Zoom, but that &# x27; s not inevitably the case.

Here at Zapier, we pay for all three. Slack is core to how we do work, offers plenty of facets that Chat doesn &# x27; t, and at this moment, migrating would be a Herculean task. We &# x27; ll be paying for Slack for the foreseeable future, even if we also pay for Workspace. The same exits for Zoom: it toils better for us than Google Meet as they were &# x27; s less slowdown in gigantic meetings.

So my part isn &# x27; t that it &# x27; s nonsense to pay for an app if you &# x27; re previously paid under a bale. Really that it &# x27; s worth looking into what the hell are you &# x27; re once paying for before you start paying for something new.

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