Young Sheldon Acknowledges TBBT’s George (& Almost Fixes Its Plot Hole)

Young Sheldon ultimately accepted The Big Bang Theory‘s original depiction of Sheldon’s dad, George Sr. Long before CBS greenlit the spinoff prequel, Sheldon’s family was already established in the franchise thanks to him always telling storeys about his childhood in Galveston, Texas. Eventually, all of them made an appearance in The Big Bang Theory as they toured him in Pasadena throughout the years, except in cases of his daddy, who died long before he moved to California.

Despite this, George Sr. has the most inconsistent portrayal between the evidences. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon described him as a bad papa; their relationship turned for the worse when Sheldon accidentally caught his father having sexual relations with another woman one day when he came home from college. So it’s understandably confounding when Young Sheldon’s version of the character is a focussed papa and husband who proved several times in the show that he’s willing to sacrifice his personal demands for his family. Granted that he has his bad eras, overall, he’s a good daddy, even facilitating Sheldon in convincing Mary to let him go to college early.

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Throughout its lope, Young Sheldon has deposit with this version of George Sr ., but it seems like this is finally starting to change. In this week’s episode, “Cowboy Aerobics and 473 Grease-Free Bolts” Sheldon got a lab assistant job at East Texas Tech after incessantly badgering Dr. Linkletter for one. But after he realized that the work wasn’t what he envisioned well, Sheldon decided to quit and ranted about it to his dad on their ram home. George Sr. get mad, saying that Sheldon should learn to keep his term, which lines with the Cooper patriarch’s belief in responsibility. The recital, nonetheless, is what made the scene very interesting. Adult Sheldon said that his father searched so cranky at this point that he didn’t argue with him anymore. Since the recital for Young Sheldon is essentially the titular courage withdrawing his childhood, this was a sign that the prequel is finally reconciling the character of Sheldon’s dad with the depiction of George Sr. from The Big Bang Theory.

Throughout the two sitcoms, Sheldon’s actions are very rarely altered by other people’s humors, specially when he’s not straightforwardly announced out on some of his most outrageous behavior. In the car argument scene, George Sr.’s turned mood appeared to be about something else exclusively which might have to do with his recent revelation that he’s not happy, both at work and at home. Adult Sheldon starting to talk about this is an indication of where Young Sheldon is going when it is necessary to George Sr.’s arc. Considering that Sheldon is already in college in the CBS prequel show, it may very well have been the beginning of his downward spiraling leading to him cheating on Mary.

How Young Sheldon handles a darker and sensitive topic is unknown at this spot, but they can’t move forward without undertaking such a big formative know-how for the socially-inept genius. In his tale, Sheldon revealed that after catching his dad’s infidelity, they never truly talked about it, signifying it was an feelings gale that he quelled for years. It’s the event that colored so much better of his action in The Big Bang Theory, like Sheldon always thumping three times. Granted, the producers have previously declared they’re more concerned with storytelling than with conserve connection, but this arc in Sheldon’s life is too important to be interpreted over.

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