Your Daily Focus: May 15-21

Your Daily Focus: May 15-21 | California Psychics Understanding Your Daily Focus

Color is one of the simplest ways to influence the vibrational intensity around you and connect you to different aspects of both yourself and the intent macrocosm. Color can be found across a multitude of cultures and spiritual rehearses, and often there are commonalities in accordance with the arrangements that these emblazons are connected to the divine. Eastern medicine and practises involving chakras and force healing accompany shades with different parts of your body. Auras, which can be seen by certain spiritually astute someones as well as those with the medical case synesthesia, are often associated with certain personality types.

In numerous doctrines, divinities and goddesses likewise have shades that they regard, and which are still used in worship rules today. You can use candles, colored cloth, the nutrient you eat–anything you wish as long as your intention is set while you’re in action. If you’re looking to make a difference in any aspect of your life, try writing a simple mantra you can repeat and find something with the complexion that best suits your needs to hold onto while you manifest. In this week’s Daily Focus, we’re going to look at each color and how they can be utilized in our daily lives and patterns.

Saturday, May 15

Red and Pink

Red for lust, copulation, and fury. Pink for affection, adoration, and bonding.

When we think of red, we often think of Fire, rage, lust, vice–and blood. This is the color of passion, ingenuity, and erotic desires. If you’re having trouble with your libido, vigor, or ability the coming week, then try wearing a red patch of string around your wrist. Pink, unlike red, is all about long-term stability when it comes to love and love. It’s about sustainability and soul connection. You can use it to connect with friends, genealogy, and collaborators. If you’re feeling lonely, try illuminating a pink candle on Friday night.

Sunday, May 16

Orange and Brown

Orange for Mercury, communication, safe travelling, and luck in court. Brown for anchoring, seed energy project, and sort use.

Orange is the color of communication, first and foremost. Peeling and feeing an orange is a great way to connect with the shade and its vigour. If it is necessary to a boost when it comes to critical reckon, important gathers, court cases, or if you’re going to be traveling, keep an orange stone, such as Calcite, in your pocket. Brown is great for grinding, so if you’ve felt disbanded and unplugged lately, try hindering a piece of timber in your pocket instead.

Monday, May 17

Yellow/ Gold

Yellow for prosperity. Gold for fund.

If you like gambling, games, or really acquiring in general, yellowed is the color for you. A yellowed attractivenes will bring extra luck to you this week. Gold, as you might expect, is all about money, but it has a luck element to it as well. It’s about ascertaining or acquiring cash or coming upon good fortune in some other way.

Tuesday, May 18


Green for abundance, growth, birthrate, and sustainable income.

Gold might let you earn big, but if your goal is sustainable revenues and fiscal rise, then you require green. Green is the color of growth, creation, Earth–it is good for fertility as well, so if you’re trying to get that brand-new responsibility or to get your garden ripening, wear dark-green invests.

Wednesday, May 19


Blue for healing, allay, centres, and study.

Blue is a calm color, the color of Water–and like water, it is well positioned to dry us scavenged. Blue stones can assist you centre and study, and blue-blooded candles can help soothe your stress and loosen the memory.

Thursday, May 20


Purple for influence, self-confidence, dominion, and control.

If you are feeling voiceless or taken advantage of, then purple is the color for you. This is the color of royalty, of strength. If you’re in a detention engagement, a bad breakup, or you crave someone to leave you alone without causing harm or getting further involved, try fetching more purple into your day-to-day life.

Friday, May 21

Black and White

Black for flavour employment, securing, and crossing. White for protecting, sanctifying, and leader.

Black is often associated with the darker parts of Spirit, but it’s still a natural and important part of our own personal color spectrum. I implement color when I need to set frontiers or obstruct someone injurious away from me. You can burn a pitch-black candle to forget someone or help them forget you. White, on the other hand, is all about protecting and sanctifying. The hue of salt, of snow, there is something clean and pristine about this color’s energy. If you want to keep your residence safe, protect children, or clear out negative vigor, then white is the way to go. Try putting white flowers in a vase by the front door.

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