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Diddy Calls Out GM, Wants More Money Spent on Black Businesses

Diddy is calling out General Engine ... saying the company needs to step up and open its purse for Black professions, claiming GM's promise to shell out big bucks has [...] '

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Get Maximum Value out of a ‘Thrift Shop Day’

Shopping at a thrift storage for something you’re precisely looking for is a great frugal approach. It’s a style to save quite a bit of money on things like clothing, small-minded kitchen devices, recipes, furniture, hobby items, and other odds and ends. One of the best ways to turn frugality into even more of a [...]

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5 Simple Ways To Cut Expenses in College Without Cutting the Fun

It’s not a secret that the cost of college is incredibly high-pitched. U.S. News and World Report slicings up the cost of college in several ways, pointing out that in-state tuition and costs alone median more than $ 11,000 per year for a four-year public university. Much of that is financed through student lends. On top [...]

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